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Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Desserts.

Hey guys :) It was a good Sunday. We were up and going, and suddenly, an hour was missing!!! How did that happen??? Oh yeah, Spring forward... Drat! Curses on you, Daylight savings! I love you in the Fall, and hate you in the Spring... Funny how that works. LOL.

We got ready, and headed out to church. Today was the first Sunday of all 4 wards meeting in the same building. So we had the block a bit different than normal. Priesthood/RS was the first meeting. And, of course, we were late. So Carol and I had to sneak in, and the chairs were all taken. Someone moved so we could sit together, luckily.

Then, I had to leave class to talk with Joe. He had a sub, and the sub said that he was being rowdy. Joe? After talking with him and threatening death, I took him back to class. And looked where he was sitting. Inbetween the two naughty boys from my Cub Scout den. Yeah, I'm thinking that that sub just got taken. I don't think it was Joe. I think it was those other 2 boys...

Sacrament was good. And soon church was over, and we were headed back home. We had a little meeting after church about how EFY has a stop in El Paso this summer, and they are encouraging all of the families with Youth ages 14 and older to go and buy a ticket. What a great opportunity!

Family photos when we first got home from church! Before everyone had a chance to change out of their Sunday clothes :) Aren't we cute!

We got home, and I had all of the kids do their chores, and we had some popcorn for a snack. We changed out of our Sunday clothes, and started up the grill for some chicken. I boiled it for a while, so that it wouldn't get burned on the BBQ. That always seems to happen.

We ate dinner at the table, then everyone did some chores, and we hung for the rest of the evening. We had a campfire in the backyard, and the kids played some games at the table, and we had brownies that Eme made for us. I remembered that I had a Miche training that I had to complete before midnight, and Carol read the 2nd book of the Hunger games. I got her hooked!

At 9pm, we watched "The Master of Disguise", then we put the kids to bed. And I worked on an invitation for my Miche lady, Barbara. I forgot how much I like doing invitations. Makes me wanna have a party JUST to do the invite. hehe.

And here it is, after midnight, and I'm sleepy. Time for bed. Not sure what we're gonna do tomorrow. CPT has Monday and Tuesday off. And it's Spring Break for my kiddos. Surely we'll do something glorious!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Mar. 12, 2012. Thanks again.

Av said...

Many thanks :)