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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing Cards

Hi! So, I remembered to blog today - Yeah me! LOL. It's 11pm, and my house is almost quiet. CPT is getting all ready for bed. He's back to work early squirly in the morning. The kids are already asleep. The in-laws have gone to bed. I'm out here on the couch blogging, and then I'm gonna watch a show on the laptop, I think. Then it's off to beddy bye for me :)

Anyway, the house was up super late last night. I went to bed at around 11:30pm, or midnight. I don't quite remember. It was late. And I was out of it. I think I heard that it was around 2 that they all went to bed. They were playing darts when I went to bed. I think it switched to a rousing game of Uno. hehe. They were all having fun.

When I went to bed, the plan was to wake up early and head to New Mexico to Ruidoso for Sight Seeing. Well, I woke up at 10:20am. That's not early. And CPT wasn't budging... I was confused. I crawled out of bed, and went to see what everyone was doing. And the people told me that the NEW plan from last night was to skip sight seeing. Because of the lateness of last night. Works for me. Plus, Jake had a therapy appointment at 11am. So now we can make it! I cranked it into high gear, and got ready!

Jake and I headed up to the Therapy appointment, and were a bit late. I called to let them know, but we still made our session. We talked about what was going well, and what needed improved on. It was a good transition point. From 2 weeks meetings to 3 weeks meetings. I really like this lady as a therapist. She's pretty good with Aspergers kids!

We finished up, and headed back home. CPT was awake and getting ready to go and lift. It was noon, and we got Hot Dogs on the grill and cooked for everyone. After lunch, I spent some time designing and hanging out with my Mother in Law. The kids played cards with their grandfather, and there were a lot of electronics played today.

After CPT lifted, the guys did a project in the backyard where they cleaned it up. It looked SO much better when it was done! It took a few hours, though. I'm not sure what all I did, but the afternoon eventually passed. hehe.

I know that my Miche order came today. I'd bought a Classic bundle for my Mother in Law, and the replacement bundle came in the mail. I'd given her 2 shells from my collection, and replaced one of them with an Ashton. I didn't have her, but LOVED it in the catalog. And she didn't disappoint in real life! What do you think???

Beautiful colors, huh? We had creamy spaghetti with sausage for dinner, and corn, and homemade breadsticks for dinner. Then, in the later evening, we had a bonfire. And all sat around, and CPT read the kids a book. Last time, it was an owl book. This time it was a book about Turtles. I think Eme was in charge of picking the books. LOL. We learned all about the life of a turtle. So sad, that that mama turtle had hundreds of eggs, and only one made it.... Not good odds....

We roasted marshmallows, and ate the whole bag. Super yum. That's the only way that I like marshmallows. Roasted to a nice, crisp light brown color. Preferably with chocolate. We didn't have any (bummer), but it was still good :)

We came back inside, and started up a game of Rummy. The little kids played on electronics for a while, and the older kids and the adults played Rummy. Soon, it was bedtime for the little kids. And the rest of us played Rummy until bedtime. We really did have a good time.

I'd like to say I won. I'd like to say that I finished with my hand in the positive. Sigh. I think I ended with a -15. ROFL! I've never lost that bad before. hehe. Oh well. It was fun :) I was playing for Jake who had a head cold, and took a Sudafed. It made him a bit loopy. hehe. It was comical :)

Can I just say how much I LOVE having my in-laws here. They are the most AWESOME. They enjoy EVERYTHING that we do. They are truly grateful for everything. They love every second that they get to spend with their grandkids, and are content to just be here with them. Paul spends most of his time playing cards with the little ones at the table. And Carol would be content to lay in the bed and get snuggles from them all day long. It's the most precious thing I've ever seen.

I wanna be JUST like them when I grow up. Humble, and patient, and loving. Just like them. Thanks, you guys, for being a GREAT example, of what a grandma and grandpa should be :) Love you guys!!!

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