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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Every Life is Precious

First off, Trina, one of my CT girls, reminded me last night that it's my 1 year anniversary of getting a CT. Dang! Time sure flies by when your SUPER busy, eh? hehehe. Thanks so much, girls, for all that you do for me. For proofing my WordArts (yeah, I know - my spelling sucks - LOL!) and for finding me GREAT material and ideas to work with, and for making the BEST layouts EVER with my products. You girls rock.

I woke up on Tuesday morning, feeling ok. My kidneys (I still think it feels like my back) was sore, but no where near the pain of the night before. The nights rest must have helped. I got up, got the kids going, but I was moving pretty slow. I cooked sausage and eggs and toast and apple slices for the kids for breakfast. And no, I didn't decide to go all out just because I was sick. We were out of cereal. I had to make something - hehehe.

I got the kids off to school, and went back to lay down. I was starting to feel a little bit nausious. Not a grand feeling. Still no burning when peeing, though. That's always good. I was a little bit light headed too. I just stayed in bed. In my pajamas. Jake did school, and Jimmy watched cartoons with me in my bed. It was a nice morning.

BUT, I knew that I wasn't gonna be getting better without my medicine. SO, I gave Captain America the prescriptions, and he said he'd do his best to get to the Army Pharmacy. He thought he might have time between 10 and 11 am. So, he headed up there. BUT, he needed my ID card, which was at home, so he swung back by the house, dropped off the prescriptions, said sorry, and went back to work. Dang. Now I was gonna have to go get them myself.

It was almost 11am, and my plan for a jammie day wasn't going so well. At least I wasn't feeling terrible. Just kinda icky. SO, I leave Jake in charge, and drive up to the hospital pharmacy. There's no parking, so I have to park forever away and walk. Not the best thing. I go slow, but still, I'm hurting by the time I get there.

I take a number, and sit and wait. And wait. And wait. It's not like Wal-Greens or Wal_Mart where you drop off your prescription and wait to be called. You take a number, and wait till they call you, then they fill it right then and there. Soldiers in uniform have their own shorter and faster line. All us other people have the mondo massive long line to wait in. And some people say that national health care would be SO good. hmpf! I think not. Anyway....

I turn on my MP3 player to Muse, try and not squish my kidneys the way I'm setting, and doze. I can still hear the obnoxiously loud spearker calling out the numbers (I'm 149 and it started at 120), but it drowns out all the kids/talking/background noises. I'm really not feeling good at this point.

Finally, they call my number, and I go on up. They give me the antibiotic and the pills to help with the ouchie pee. Of course the drinking fountain is out of order, so I go and take my pills in the bathroom. I've gotta get some drugs in my system fast - hehehe.

I'm still a little put out that I had to go and get my own drug (but not terribly mad), so I decided that I might as well go grocery shopping while I'm out. It's not like anyone is gonna take care of poor sick me. (Insert "feeling sorry for yourself" tone). I decided to go to Wal-Mart first to grab the few things I need from there.

The walk back from the hospital to my truck was long and brutal, and the drive to Wal-Mart isn't helping. I park, and walk in, and who knew how heavy my purse was. Not a good sign. I see the new Dan Brown book, "The Lost Symbol", and decide to use my own money to buy it. I also buy a CARS playset for Jimmy with the last of his Birthday money. I get a plug for my MP3 player to hook it up to the truck's CD player. Also, I bought X-Men Wolverine Origins. It came out on Tuesday. GREAT movie. I think I may actually like it best out of the 4. But then, maybe I just like to look at Hugh Jackman.

I get a few more essential things that we need, and realize that I'm not doing so well. My kidneys are starting to really ache, and I'm feeling sweatie. I need to sit down. I'm gonna skip the shopping at the Commissary, and go straight home. As I'm in line, Captain America texts me. He's at home, and realizes that I'm not there. Jake told him I was shopping. He's not pleased. I tell him that I already decided to come home, and wait the 20 minutes in the Wal-Mart line, then drive the 20 minutes home. I"m exhausted by the time I get there.

THEN, I have to make my food. I ask Captain America for help, but he's really not very helpful when it comes to sick people. Sigh. He's good at SO many other things, but not so much with this one. He ends up sending Jake to help me, and honestly, when it comes to food, I'd rather do it myself than let the 12 year old mess up the only carbs I get to eat for the day. Know what I mean?

I finally get my lunch all ready, take the X-Men movie, and go and lay down in my bed. I didn't see much of it. I slept through most of it. But I'd already seen it. Jake watched it with me, and Jimmy spent the WHOLE afternoon playing with his CARS track. He just loved it.

I woke up (well, I was really just dozing) when the kids got home from school. I helped Joe learn some of his spelling words for the week. We have one of those LeapPad refridgerator things where it plays a song with letter names/sounds. We just took the letters, and I gave him all the letters for the spelling words, and he formed the words. I think that visual part helped him out. He did a really good job with it. He still has troubles hearing the difference between A and I and E. Really, they are pretty similar. AND, he can never remember the name of the sound /g/. G. We'll keep practicing.

As I was coming in the Army Gate today from being off post, there was a Papa John's lady passing out fliers. $3.99 for a large one topping pizza. Sweet deal. It was military appreciation day. 12-6pm. Unfortunately, Captain America didn't leave the house until 5:40pm, and there was a HUGE line. He didn't want to wait in it, and drove to Little Ceasears and spent $10 something and got 2 medium pizzas instead. Either way, I didn't have to cook.

I spent a little time designing, but couldn't get comfortable on my bed. When I'd twist or reposition myself, my kidneys hurt. Dang. BUT, I did get 2 WordArt packs designed for this week. Only 3 more to go.

I read chapter 2 of The Hunger Games to the kids in my room, and I think they liked it. I can see a great new tradition starting :)

I asked Captain America to cook my dinner for me, and he drug his feet. He didn't want to do it, because everything had to be measured out just exactly. I mean, I don't like doing it either. It's a pain in the butt. He wasn't really paying enough attention to my directions when I tried to show him what to do, then when he messed a part up, he tried to say that I hadn't told him right. Sigh. Mom's just shouldn't be sick. That's all I can say. I don't know what we possibly would have done if I'd ever been put on Bed rest. It would have been bad. I do appreciate him trying to help, though. He wasn't really too helpful, but I know that deep down, he wanted to be. It's just not in his personality type to be a "caregiver".

I tried to watch TV for a while, but couldn't find anything entertaining. I looked for a movie online, but coudln't find anything I wanted to watch. I decided to blog/design for Wednesday, and then read a bit in the new book. And I'll probably go to bed early tonight. Rest is what I need. Lots of rest. Especially since one way or another, I've gotta go grocery shopping first thing Wednesday morning. We're seriously out of the foods that I eat. And I'm not messing up my deit when I only have 3 or 4 more refeed days left. And Wednesday is the day it says "ADD 1 PLAIN COOKIE". I'm SO not missing that day - hehehe.

I made this one for ya, and like how it turned out. I love this font. It's called Selfish. There's another one called Porcelain that's very similar. I just think they're cool. Anyway, click HERE to go to Scraporchard to grab the download, and remember, leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Carol B said...

Hey Bethany. I'm so sorry to hear how awful you've been feeling. Most people I know, that actually stick to a diet, end up getting bladder infection. Apparantly it's because of a build up of keytones in the urine(the low blood sugar+detoxing side effect).Hope you get better soon xxx

Sharon Kay said...

so sorry to hear how you are feeling! ...and that you don't have more sympathetic males in the house... mine are actually pretty good! ...but when the males get sick you would think they are on their death bed... (rolling my eyes)

...too bad on Brent not being pleased you weren't home...it's his fault for not getting your meds! He should take better care of you {{{hugs}}}

xashee's corner said...

so sorry that you are feeling so poorly. no fun being sick or in pain! big HUGS to you for still thinking to share with us! thank you too!! feel better soon, Bethany!! :)

mscstephens said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Kidney problems are no fun! I love this word art. I think I have a very good idea on how to use it...

Sharon-shutterbug said...

I can't believe you are still blogging away and posting your wonderful art while you are feeling so sick! Men think they're so tough . . . hmph . . . they couldn't do half the stuff we do while we're sick! Hope you feel better by now!!