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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Morning, ladies! Can you believe it's Wednesday already??? How did THAT happen - hehehe.

Tuesday went pretty fast. I was up at 7:15 am, luckily, since my alarm didn't go off. It's my wristwatch, and maybe it was under my pillow? Who knows. I'm just grateful that I woke up - hehehe.

I gave the kids pancakes (I'd saved some from the other day, and had them stashed in the fridge), and got them out the door and in the truck. The construction guys put up a fence around the area where we drive/walk to school, so we had to take the long way. Apparently they're putting in 2000 new housing units (4 plexes) in that space. Dang!

After dropping the kids off at school, I came back home, saw my husband off to work, got Jake started on school, and started to clean my room. It was SUPER messy. I grabbed everything, and put it on my bed, then sorted it into piles. Clothes, and bills, and papers for church, and papers for FRG, and kids stuff, and trash, and electronic stuff, and lotions, and DANG, I have too much stuff - LOL!

At 9:15am, I realized that I had a bit of FRG paperwork for my 10am meetings. Crap. I hurried and got it done, but not until 9:50am. No time for a shower.... again! I threw on some clothes, a bandana, gathered my things, and headed out the door. The last 2 times we'd tried to meet with the commander, he was 45-60 minutes late. Of course the time I show up 10 minutes late, he's on time. Such it is.

He LOVEd the flier I made for the Unit, and had only a few minor wording changes. We were still waiting on some info from the Red Cross before we could print them. The FRG leader was gonna call me around 4-5 when she talked to the Red Cross, then I could make the changes, and email it back out.

After the meeting, I met Andrea at the Post Thrift Shop. I got a new pair of "goal jeans" (size 7), and some VHS videos ($0.50 a piece) for Jimmy, and some Horse books for Emeline. Next, it was off to GoodWill. Andrea needed a Hawaiian shirt for Sam for school. She found one, and a new outfit for Luke, and a sweater and skirt for herself. I didn't need anything, so I just browsed. I just LOVE thrift shops :)

I wanted to keep on shopping with Andrea (she had a few more stops to make), but was good and headed back home to work. Jimmy watched his new movie, Jake was already done with school, so he played, and I worked on WordArt packs. I got all 5 designed, and the fonts text document worked up, and was ready to make the previews when I realized it was already 3pm and time to get the kids.

I drove up there, picked up the little ones, and waited while Tom finished Extra PE. It's called AQ. Yeah, don't know what that stands for, but whatever. AQ. hehehe.

We got home at around 4pm, and I finished the previews, and loaded the store, and was all done by 5:45pm. Aren't I good! I made Spaghetti for the kids, and my regular diet dinner, and realized that I hadn't seen JOe in a while. I looked in his room, and he was sleeping under a big pile of blankets. Poor child. He didn't look so good. Even more white and pasty than normal.

I brought him in my room, and we watched a movie together. The others kids filtered in an out. He puked a few times, and had the chills. Poor child. But at least he made it to the toilet every time. I must say, life is SO much better when you don't have kids puking on the floor/carpet/beds and such. SO much better :)

I folded a GIANT amount of laundry while watching the movie with Joe, and had the kids put it away before bed. Then sent them to bed. Captain America came home at 9ish, and was in bed by 9:30. He was SO tired. I let Joe sleep on the couch, pushed close to the bathroom, with the light on and the door cracked. Lets home he makes it to the bathroom each time...

I'm all done designing, and blogging, and it's only 9:40pm. I think I'm gonna catch up on some of the TV shows that I've gotten behind on. Like Lie To Me and Fringe. I'm REALLY behind in Survivor, and Heroes, but that'll take too long, and is a project for another day :)

I don't remember now where I found this saying, but how true it is! I thought it would be a perfect WordArt to go with a baby talking, or two little people chatting with each other, or a little person chatting with their daddy/mommy. SO cute :)

Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to get the download, and remember, you need to be logged into the GALLERY. Not just the forum. And leave some love if you like my work :)


Connie Babe said...

i love love LOVE your work!!!

thank you!

Kathi B said...

Thank you! This freebie has been posted at All Things Digital Scrapbooking.