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Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Bored

Howdy hey, guys. How was your Sabbath day? Mine would have been a lot better had I been able to go to church. Sigh. I went to bed at around midnight, after watching "The Prestige", and starting "The Illusionist", but realizing I was WAY too tired to watch a movie.

Jimmy had fallen asleep on the couch, so he and I went to my bed to sleep. Captain America was gonna be gone till 9am, so we were good to go.

I woke up at 7am, and Jim was gone. He'd moved back to the couch at some point. I went out and snuggled with him for another hour, then everyone got up at 8am.

Jake and Tom and Eme and Joe fed themselves then got dressed. Karin was at our door at 8:40am to pick them up, and off they went.

Jim and Ella and Lily and Maddie and I watched some kid shows with the kids. Yeah, it was a LONG morning. I would much rather have been at church, let me tell ya :) I like going to church :)

Captain America got home at around 9:30am. Look how tired he is. He's trying his best to stay awake long enough to crawl into bed :)

And Jimmy eating! He decided he was hungry today, and has been eating ice cream and popsicles and yogurt and such. CONSTANTLY. hehehe.

Kids came home around 12:30pm, and I had lunch all ready and waiting for them. We watching movies quietly so Captain America could sleep, and that's about it. Eme went home with the Nouhan's after church, so it was just me and the boys. And Maddie and her girls.

I cooked dinner at 5pm, and took a bath at 6pm. Here it is, 7pm, and I'm gonna feed the kids some pudding pie, and send them to bed. Cause I'm done with kids for the day - ROFL! Too much family time, i think :) I wonder when Captain America is gonna be up. He did get up at 4pm, but went back to bed by 5pm. Staying up all night working really messes you up...

So tomorrow we're going to register Jimmy for preschool in the morning, and Captain America has some doctors appointments in the afternoon. For his stomach/digestion issues. Some cat scans or MRI's or something. I don't know. He's not supposed to eat after 10am, I know that much. And I think his appointment is at 2pm.

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The Evangelista Family said...

Hope your little man is all better soon. Thanks for the wordart. Perfect for us this week. School starts in 4 days :).

deb said...

Glad your baby is doing better! Thanks for the great word art. I hear that A LOT around here.

Deanna said...

Lol! My daughter NEVER says "I'm bored." because that is just an open invitation for new and unusual chores! lol

Lulutoo said...

So glad the little guy is starting to feel better. :) Thanks for the WA!

Anonymous said...

Loved seein' Jim's happy smile today!!! Thanks for the wordart chickie. :)


Laura said...

Thanks Bunches

linnie-818 said...

I have had computer problems and a very hectic spring-summer. I am finally able to make the time to go back and catch up on my favorite blogs. I hope your son continues to do well and your life continues to be full and joyful.

Thanks for the great word art. Our children are all grown so I haven't heard that in a while. LOL But grandchildren are on the way!