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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pity Party

OK, girls, I SOOOO wasn't gonna hit publish on that post. Well, maybe. Or not. Ahhh, I hadn't made up my mind yet. I was just blogging, and was gonna save it to decide later. And I guess i put the wrong date in, because it sure published itself.... *shrugs embarassedly* (and yes, I can use that word... ha!)

Anyway, if you have no idea about what I'm talking about, you can find the "post that was never supposed to be" HERE.

Anyway, this post is gonna pick up where that one left off. Me getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheese with the family, showering, so I don't look like this. hehehe.

Me after my shower. Much better, right? hehehe
I made dinner for the kids at home so I didn't have to buy pizza at Chuck E's. Because I'm cheap. And I'd JUST gone grocery shopping. Frugal. Maybe that's a better word...

Anyway, I started some homemade mashed potatoes, and some pork. I bought some thin pork steaks, and cut them into bite sized pieces. Then, I made up a Basil and Tomato marinade, and poured it over the meat, and cooked it in a cast iron skillet. And added a diced can of stewed tomatoes, and some more basil. OMHeavens, it smelled yummy :)

So when food was done, I dished up my weight serving of meat for myself, then split the remaining between the 7 kids and Maddie and Uncle Joe. I measured out my portion of potatoes before I put the real butter in them (sigh), but it was SUCH a small amound I could have eaten that I decided to forgoe the Mashed Potatoes for a WHOLE bag of diet kettle corn. Yeah, much better choice - LOL.

I had salad with my meat, and it was SO yummy. I'm gonna have to keep that Basil and Tomato marinade on my shopping list. :)

After the kids and grown ups ate, we headed out to Chuck E Cheese. And we should NOT have taken I10. Cause it was backed up. And me missing my exit didn't help. Hey Andrea, if you're reading this, remember when I missed the exit for the Tiger Cub party at Chuck E's? Yeah, I did it again - hehehe.

Anyway, the Nouhans were there too, and Hanilary had printed out coupons for us. Maddie got some tokens for her family, Hilary bought for her family, so I didn't have to buy as many as I was originally gonna get. I figured the $25 for 180 tokens would be enough. But the lady said she could give me an even better deal. 200 for $25. OK, I'll take it :) And then the coin counter ran out of coins so she had to switch the bags of coins mid stream. It sure seemed like we were getting a lot.

I went to our table, sent a kid to get me a diet soda, and started separating our 200 coins into 7 piles. We each got 39. Yeah, that SO doesn't add up to 200. But whatever. I just went with it :) We got a better deal than we were supposed to, me thinks :)

Captain America didn't get to Chuck E's until quite a lot later than the rest of us. His platoon was having a meeting, or something. Something about a meeting was all I heard. I hung at the table and chatted with Hilary and Paul while my kids had fun wasting all their tokens. hehe.

The Nouhans gave Joe this AWESOME cowboy hat for his birthday. He was SO happy about it :)

And here's Maddie and I. We both had on skinny jeans and "hooker boots". Knee length boots. We just call them that for fun - hehehe. And I was wearing a shirt that had a built in belt. You know the kind. Yeah, I felt a bit silly, but I think I played off the "young" look ok. hehehe.
These pics are TOTALLY out of order, but I don't care. hehe. I'm tired, it's late, and they're on here. That's all that matters. This is the roller coaster ride I like. It's a 2 person ride, and only takes one coin. Sweet! BUT, I can't sit on it like a normal person. It KILLS my butt bone. So I have to sit sideways almost :) Yes, I'm a bit odd...
Maddie and Joe and Ella at their table
Joe and his Hat
Captain America playing basketball toss (I think he likes Chuck E's better than the kids - rofl!)
Captain America again
Ella and I got this picture taken
Tom playing a game
Jimmy and I
OK, usually, my 2 favorite things in Chuck E's is the drawing booth, where you get that photo like Ella and I had done, and the roller coaster ride. I think I found a NEW favorite. For one token, you can have your picture put into one of these little cards. It was SOOO much fun. I literally could have spent the WHOLE night and ALL my tokens on this booth. But yea, other people wanted to use it too. How rude...

Maddie and her girls
Ella and I
Me and Captain America - aren't we funny!
Tom and I. No, I'm not flipping you off, that's my ring finger...
Eme and Joe (I think she liked this booth just as much as I did. She came away with about 12 cards)
Maddie and I
Joe ( and yeah, Joe is 7. I think I kept putting the wrong age on my post from yesterday...)
Tom and I on the roller coaster, and Captain America jumping in the picture - hehehe
I guess Tom didn't the get memo that we were pretending to be scared. Ha! I obliviously did - hehhe.

Captain America and I on the roller coaster ride
So Hilarys kids took all their tickets up to get prizes near the end of our time, and Joe gathered up all of our families tickets, and got himself a prize. WHAAAAAT? Usually we pool all of the tickets, divide by 5, and that's the prize you got. So Joe got a SWEET prize compared to the rest of my kids. Sorry guys, I guess Joe IS the birthday boy...

Jannie, Joe, and Megan, with Hilare in the background

Jimmy holding Jannie's prize
Eme, looking WAY older than her 8 years...
Joe with his WAY better than it shoudl have been prize.
Eme and I. Yeah, looks like my face melted or something :)
So we stayed till about 9pm at Chuck E Cheeses, then headed home. The adults were going to see Eclipse on post for $2 per ticket. Can't beat that.

We dropped off the kids (Jake was babysitting), and headed up to the movies. Leslie and John were already there saving us seats. Hilary and Paul, and Maddie and Joe came too :) And Danielle, and her oldest daughter (her hubby stayed home with the little kids). It was fun watching the movie with such a nice group of friends :)

We got home late, and I started blogging/designing late. It's now 2:10, and I'm super tired. Goodnight, digiland :) Sleep tight :)

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LifeAsDinkers said...

hi bethany! i always enjoy reading your posts, but havent been able to since my newsletter is text and not html..will need to change that. and thank you for the freebie WA you post..i collect almost everything(who knows when il need them, right?LOL) -ava-j

helen scott said...

Oh goodie, you found your smile. Good for you girl, looks like a fab nite - just what you needed.

deb said...

Thank you for the great word art. Everyone has one of those days (or even two or three). I know I do.
Chin up!

benziengirl said...

Thanks Bethany! I think you are right, maybe there is someone out there that needed to hear that. Glad you are feeling better. Keep it real!

ScrappinQT said...

You got 273 coins..so yeah..A LOT better then what you originally got! You lucky duck you! ^_^

ScrappinQT said...

You got 273 coins! So, you are right, you got A LOT more then what you would have gotten originally!
Love your blog and all your word art! I have just about every one of them!