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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Howdy girls :) Welcome to Thursday :) My little Joe Joe's bday is today. He's 6 years old.

But lets talk about Wednesday - hehehe. Wednesday was a long, but good, day. Started off around 8am. I got breakfast for myself and the kids, hung on the back patio with Captain America for a while, then around 9am decided to go to Biggs sprinkler park with my friends and sister. They texted and said they were going. Woohoo for playdates.

We got on our swim clothes, and headed out. I left the big 2 boys at home. The sprinkler park isn't so much fun for big kids - hehehe. Plus, they fought last time, so I made them stay home.

Me in my swim clothes

We met Hilary and Teri and Laurie and Julie at the sprinkler park, and stayed for about an hour. Jimmy could only sit on the edge, and Lily's a bit crazy (hehehe - she's 1, what can I say...).

But here's a few pics from the sprinkler park:

Jimmy and I

Rowan, Jimmy, and a Porter kid
Teri and Laurie (and a few kids)
Jimmy and I and Maddie in the background
Ella showing us how she can put her tongue UP her nose - hehehe

We went to free lunch, hung out with Danielle there for a bit, and headed back home. We got the kids all situated, and got ready for the day. I needed a shower - hehehe. Hilary and Maddie and I and the little kids were gonna go to the West Side to go shopping for Joe's birthday.

Here's a pic of me in my new shirt I took off the mannequin last night - ha!

So Hilary came over, and we pulled out the car seats, and got all ready to go, and the strollers, and the kids, and there was screaming, and crying (not from the grown ups), and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (oh wait, not that...), and we decided to skip the trip. The little kids were having nothing to do with it, and we hadn't even left yet. Hilary went home, and ended up going to the West side with her man after work, and Maddie and I and the kids came back inside, spent about an hour or so getting people calmed down, then headed out.

We drove to the East Side, and went to Walmart. We found some GI Generic (hehe) soldiers to put on Joe's cake. From my mom. It's gonna be a cool cake, I think. We're eating cake Thursday at 4pm, I think, at home. Mmmmm, cake. Oooo, I think I'll get some ice cream to go with it. Chocolate Fudge cake with German Chocolate cake frosting (the nuts and coconut, you know). What kind of ice cream would go best with that?

Anyway, I got some school supplies, so copy paper, and those GI Generic guys, and we headed out. To Savers. Cause it's close to the Walmart over there. I love Savers.

I thought they had a different colored tag on sale each week, but apparently it's only every Thursday. Sigh. Fortunately, today was Military/Senior/Student discount day. 20% off (but the lady accidentally gave us 30% off). I wonder if it's every Wednesday, or just this one. I'll have to call and ask.

I found this shirt, and thought it was funny, but didn't buy it - hehehe.
I got a new hoodie (O'Neils - brown), and Hurley shoes, and some red dressy shoes, and a purple shirt, all for $19. Pretty good :)

We hurried home, fed the kids, and I had to head off to a Cub Scout committee meeting, and Jake had Young Mens. Here's a pic Jake took of me in the car. See my new purple shirt?

The committee meeting went FABULOUS! We had the primary president, the 2nd counselor in primary (who's the committee chair), the cubmaster, our 2 den leaders, the bishopric member over scouts, and 2 parents. It's amazing what you can do when all of your key leaders show up - ha! I'm excited about the year in Scouting. Should be a good time :)

Jake and I headed home, and stopped by Circle K to get sodas for the grown ups at home. Mmmm, soda :)

Maddie and Captain America and I sat down to watch a movie on the couch, and I started blogging. Here's Maddie and I, both with our new thrift store hoodies on. Aren't we cute :)

Tomorrow at 8am I have a doctors appointment, then we're doing McDonalds for lunch for Joe's bday. Captain America has another softball game playoff Thursday night, and Maddie's husband Joe flies in at 10pm. Should be another good and fun filled day :)

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WhitneyR said...

Love it and love all of your designs! I look forward to what clever thing you're going to come up with every day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your beautiful shares & stories...hope the lil guy is feeling much better :)

Marlene said...

Oooh - I love this sentiment!!! Happy birthday to your son!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

NittyPearl said...

Thanks for the pretty word art

Slow said...

Thank you very much for sharing