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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blessings Bloom

Lookie, lookie! I designed! Aren't you proud of me! I can't even remember when I last had products new in the store - ha! Anyway, here's my new stuff! Click HERE to go to my store to check it out :) $2.00 per WordArt pack :)

And these adorable layouts were made by some of my Facebook Fans. Didn't they do a FANTASTIC job!!

Layout by Kimberly

Layout by Erin

Layout by Robin

So today was the first day of our LDS Marriage counseling. I know, LOTS of counseling as of late. I was first, one on one, then Captain America, yesterday, and today, us as a couple. I woke up at 6am, prayed, scriptured, and got ready. Yeah, no shower for me. I didn't have time. Yeah, next time, remind me that I REALLY wanna take a shower. Cause day old hair and make up isn't cutting it... hmmm.

We got the kids ready for school, and Captain America and I headed to our appointment. And we'd had a stupid little argument on the way over. Oh well, it lended itself well to an example of the squabbles we get into.

The guy talked to us about typical marriage problems, and said that we were right there with the group. OK, so at least we're not a-typical, right?

And he gave us some tips for better communication, and ways to get closer together. Part of my problem, with my transient lifestyle up to this point, is that I don't make many deep connections with people. I've had a few over my life, but not many. And my connection with Captain America isn't as deep as it should be.

SO, the doctor recommended that he and I work on our emotional connection. Which is gonna take a lot of time. So I need to focus on him more, and less on my friends. Which I know will help our marriage. And I really want my marriage to work. So don't be surprised to see less of my buddies, and more of my cute husband :) hehehe.

We stopped at Howdy's for a soda on the way home, and further discussed the things we'd talked about with our doctor. Sharing feelings and junk. That's good stuff.

We got home, got Jimmy ready for the bus, and drove him over to the bus stop. I know, it's only 1 block away. But it was raining, and I didn't feel like getting wet. And, of course, when I let him out of the truck, he ran STRAIGHT for a puddle and jumped in it. Sigh. He was dry when he left the house, at least.

I came back home, and started work on my designing. And was distracted, but got some work done. Captain America came home for lunch, and I hung out with him AND designed at the same time. I had fun showing him all the many steps that go into designing a WordArt pack and uploading it to a store. It's quite a process, let me tell you. I think he's glad he has HIS job and not mine.

I had 4 of the 5 WordArt packs designed (but not packaged) by 2:30pm. Captain America got Jimmy from the bus stop, and I picked up the other 3 kids from Elementary school, swung by the house and picked up Jake and Jim and Captain America, and we headed out to Jacob's appointment with Doctor Harvey. For the Autism thing.

He asked how Jacob was doing, and we answered honestly that he was doing a lot better. I think once we realized that Jacob was just Jacob, and stopped having unrealistic expectations of him, things went a TON more smooth. He was able to thrive in a better environment, and really is doing good. Dr. Harvey wants to meet with us every few weeks, and he'll keep giving us more tips on how to help Jacob.

We decided to eat in the Hospital cafeteria for dinner. Well, I did. I didn't wanna cook, since I still had designing to do, AND Joe had Cub Scouts to go to. Yeah, maybe we should have just gone home. hehe. It stressed me out, taking ALL these kids to the DFAC at the hospital. hehe.

He looks sweet and all, but RIGHT before this picture was taken, he farted so loud it vibrated the seat and EVERYONE in the cafeteria could hear, I'm sure.... sigh. Little boys...

Andrea had commented on this photo on my facebook account, that I looked somewhat smart and innocent. Um, yeah, I don't know how to take that - hehehe.
Yeah, those chicken bones are NASTY! They shouldn't be in my "somewhat smart and innocent" picture...
I got chicken and a salad, and Captain America got chicken, a salad, and some cooked spinach (ewww). Jake and Tom split a piece of pizza (because Tom took it before I could stop him, and once you touch it, it's yours...), had a cheeseburger and fries, and the other kids had grilled cheese and fries. Everyone got a soda, and had a cookie for dessert. And all that, for $20. Not too bad, to feed a family of 7...

We got home a little after 5:30pm, and I started designing. Captain America and Joe got ready to go to Scouts. Aren't they cute? It's Joe's first meeting with his Wolf stuff...

Kids played nicely among themselves, and did their chores, and let me design. I got the last WordArt pack designed, everything packaged, uploaded, products loaded, linked, and all was good.

I texted with Andrea for a while, and got a few Facebook Fans to make layouts to go with my new WordArt products. All in all, it was a VERY productive day.

We put the kids to bed before 8pm, and Captain America and I hung out for a while. And we even went on a walk. Check out me in my workout clothes. Amazing that it was still warm enough outside for me to wear this. hehe.
My therapist said that starting to exercise was one of my "homework assignments". So here's my proof that I own cute workout clothes, um, er, exercised! No really, we walked for about 25-30 minutes. That's not too bad, to start.

I grabbed a laptop after the walk, Captain America went to sleep, and I started blogging. I already had the pictures loaded, and the WordArt designed and linked. I just had to add the words. It's now 11:31pm, and I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow won't be such a crazy day. No doctors appointments. No plans. No work deadlines. Just a relaxing day :) hehe

Oh yeah, and on the medication front, I've decided taking the Prozac in the morning is not good. It makes me sleepy during the day. BUT, taking the Prozac at night is not good, either. About 6 hours after I take it, I get a BUZZ. Yeah, I totally woke up at 4am last night, and COULD not fall back asleep. It was horrible.

So I took it at noon today. And there was a little bit of drowsiness, but not horrible. And around 6pm, I hit a BUZZ time, and it served me well for designing. And now it's late, and I'm feeling sleepy again. I'll let you know how I sleep tonight. I'd really like a sleeping pill, so I get a good nights sleep, but I wanna see how taking the pill at noon affects me, and I don't wanna taint the experiment. hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Bethany for the WA - finding the right time for meds is a pain but once you have it figured, you'll be fine. Your wee man looks so smart in his wolf pack outfit. Have a super day and relax when you can.

deb said...

Thanks for the great word art. As for the medications, if you keep having buzz/sleepiness, maybe it's not the right medication for you and the doctor can adjust. Have a wonderful weekend.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Sep. 24, 2010. Thanks again.

Allanna said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well.

And I did snicker at the mental image of that HUGE fart in the cafeteria.

Good luck with figuring out what time it's best for you to take your medicine! I'm rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could buy every one of your wordart packs...I LOVE THEM!!
Thank-you for always sharing your talent with us and for sharing your ups and downs through this thing we call LIFE!!! You are an amazing woman. Don't forget that!

Miss Renee said...

Oh my goodness,

Your little cub scout looks so adorable, I could just eat him up with a spoon!

I left a comment previously about tweaking and listening to your body and head - it will tell you what aint working, be still and listen to what your body says, its talking all the time.

It is quite normal to pair an anti-depressant with not a sleeping pill (which can be addictive and just make you feel dopey the next day) but a medication that works like it, but more relaxing the mind rather than shutting it off.
These medications are called anti-pyschotics (don't be alarmed by the name, it doesn't mean you are a pyscho!)

Your Dr may need to assess the progress of the Prozac once it settles down, it takes about three weeks for the serum levels to really be substantial. I know you think you can feel the effects now, I think you do as well, but apparently it takes three weeks for the brain chemistry and wiring to change, eh!

Now, depending on what Dr says about helping you unwind at the end of the day - I can really help you with the information on the anti-pyschotics as this is rather important and dr's kinda gloss over it. Are you ready for it?
Well, SOME (notice the big some, that means not all, and I am now on one that doesn't) make you put on weight. In fact, they all do to a degree, because they stimulate apetite as when we are sad sacks we often eat poorly.

I know you are a little bit concious of your weight (gorgeous woman!) so make sure your DR knows about this. It is really annoying that in order to feel level, you have to forgo a couple of pounds but the drug companies are working on this. I have found one that doesn't do it all. However, every brain is different, and what is good for mine, may give you headaches and vica versa.

Miss Renee said...

My best advice, (and this comes from 15 years in mental health experience) is start to become your own health advocate. Ask for the drug information leaflet, and ask about side effects BEFORE starting a new med - this is a really good habit to get into. I would say look the drug up on the internet, but you can basically find horror stories of all head meds online,
and a lot of panicked people.

So, stick to the information made by the drug company, your doctor and most importantly - your head!
Keep a mood diary. Just note when mr sad comes - what were you doing before? Who was there? How long did it last? After a week, you will begin to see patterns, of when you are wheeeeeeeeeee! and when you are GRRRRRRR!

That's all for today, I don't want to cram too much info in as you are already got lots to absorb and counselling. I think couples counselling is good, just remember to work on you still, a happy mummy is a happy household - agreed?

Lots of Love

Miss Renee said...

One last thing, if you want to be penpals, and write on email - that's great for me :) My email is on my profile, and I have a blog now :)

wackywages said...

Bethany, you amaze me at what all you do in a day. Thank you so much for the word arts, they are amazing. Have a great day!

Marilou said...

Thank you for this beautiful sentiment today.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list