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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is Freakin' Awesome!

Morning, Girls! Another week almost over. How the time flies... I remember when I was a little kid, how it took FOREVER for time to pass. Seemed like forever between holidays and summers and anything fun. And now that I'm an adult, it's flying by SUPER fast! I wonder why that is?

Anyway, it was a good day. I got up 10 minutes earlier than normal, at 6:35am, said prayers, did morning routine, read scriptures, and headed out to get the kids ready. Got them dressed and fed and out the door at 7:30am. Then Captain America came home, and the two of us got ready for the day. I showered and fixed myself and was ready for the day :)

I left the house at 9:15am and went grocery shopping. Kid free. See, I'm taking it easy. We DO need to eat, after all.

Check it out, I had to wait for all these troops to pass before I could make my way to the commissary. ha!

I got a weeks worth of groceries, and headed home. Jake helped me unload everything and put it away.

Captain America was meeting with the LDS therapist at 11am, and we needed to leave at 10:40am to get there on time. He came home and was ready to leave once I got the last bag put away. Perfect timing, right?

Jacob agreed to get Jimmy to the bus, and Captain America and I headed to the West side together. I texted and read my book, and even finishd it off. It's "The Mockingjay", the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Dang, it was a good read. I won't say anything else for those of you who haven't read it yet. Fitting ending to the story, though.

Captain America was done in about an hour and 20 minutes, and it was after noon. So he and I went to El Taco Tote, which was near where we met the therapist, and had lunch. I LOVE El Taco Tote :)

But let me tell you, it was SPICY! I wasn't used to it being so hot. Probably because I wasn't used to eating much of anything. I seriously thought my lips and tongue were going to burn off! But it was soooo good, I couldn't stop myself - hehehe.

Here's me in the car after lunch
Since I was already on the West side, and since 2 of my friends had a mini shopping trip planned on the West side, I decided to join them. Captain America dropped me off at Savers, and continued on to work. My friends picked me up :)

Here's Aimee and Hilary and I, wearing crazy Halloween hats at the store. And I just have to say that it really did fit on my head. Hilarys hat just bumped mine when I took the picture. I know my heads big and all, but it DID fit - hehe

And I tried this one on, and they snapped a picture of me while I was on the phone with my mom :)

I walked around a bit and looked at a few things, just taking it slow. I think I was tired today too, which didn't help. I'm sure my friends thought I was kinda boring - hehe. I did find a few long sleeve shirts, and got them both for under $7.

Next, we went to the Outlet mall. Old Navy for Aimee to look at a few things. Yeah, Hilary and I decided that it was WAY too expensive. $4 for a shirt? Not when I could go to Savers on 50% off or $.99 day! hehe. I know, I'm cheap :)

So Old Navy was a fast trip, then on to the Jewelry Box. I found a few things that I liked, paid, and we were done. See, we can do a fast shopping trip.

We dropped Aimee back off at her car, and Hilary dropped me back off at my house. The kids were JUST getting home from school. Perfect timing :)

I got the kids a snack, and tried to lay down for a nap, but couldn't fall asleep. Even as sleepy as I felt, I couldn't stop my brain. So I grabbed Captain Americas laptop, and started blogging and fixing my Facebook pictures. I helped Eme with some homework, and let the kids play outside for a while.

It's gonna be leftover night for dinner, because we have 3 different leftover in the fridge. hehe. I'm gonna eat cheese and cucumbers, because I had a HUGE lunch. And all the other stuff I'm supposed to eat, too. My fruit and such. Don't worry, I'm eating what I'm supposed to :)

We have Scouts tonight at 7pm, and I think Captain America has a work meeting at that same time. I hope I stay awake until then - ha!

Well, I had a few minute to pop back on here after scouts :) I ended up chatting for about 45 minutes with my neighbor Leigh, then Veronica dropped by some leftover birthday cake from her sons birthday for my crew to have. Cause we need cake - LOL!

So, because the kids were DYING to eat the cake, I placed all 3 containers of leftovers on the counter, cut the cake, and said "You can eat the cake AFTER you eat some dinner". Yeah, they all chose what they wanted, ate it quickly, and dug into the cake. Ha!

Hunter and Braxton (Leslie's kids) were over, and had left overs with us, and cake too. I guess even cake was leftovers, so it fit with leftover night, huh? ha! Captain America came home around that time, too.

I ate my cheese and cucumbers with crakers, and an apple, and a few carrots, and I even had a little slice of cake. About 4 bites were more than enough for me. It was SUPER good, but too sweet for me. Tasty, though.

At 6:45pm, we loaded up all the kids and Braxton and Hunter and Captain America (apparently he didn't have a meeting after all!) and headed to Scouts as a family. It was a pack meeting for Cub Scouts, so everyone but Jake and Hunter went there. It was a good meeting. They're trying to get their year of scouting lined up, and met with the parents while the boys went and played games with one of the leaders. It was pretty good. Except for the fact that the air conditioner wasn't on, and it was a SUPER humid day for El Paso. I KNOW! El Paso is NOT supposed to be humid. What's up with that, huh?

We loaded up all the kids and drove home after the meetings. We made the kids do their chores again, and I designed my freebie. Here it is, almost 9pm, and we need to do family prayer and put those rug rats in bed. I'm sleepy, and I haven't even taken my pill yet. I switched it to the evenings. I think it helped with the daytime tiredness, a bit. I may have been more sleepy today because I decreased my caffeinated soda consumption. ha!

So while at the outlet mall today, I saw this sign, and I don't know why it impressed me as funny. I guess because it might be something that I say, but I don't expect other people to think/say it too. ha! So, I decided to WordArt it up for y'all! Enjoy!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Diane said...


Your links don't click...??

Thanks much - I'll be back! D :)

Deanna said...

That IS freakin' awesome! lol What a great sign. I would've thought it was funny, too! Looks like you had fun out tryin' on hats again!

Ms. Jen said...

Great day for you huh!?! You look adorable in those pinks girlie. And that pic of you and Brent is "Freakin Awesome"!! Please tell me you've made a little scrapbook of all those cutesy snapshots. If not you better get on it. Have a fab day today and remember one day at a time!

Hugs - Jen

Kel said...

too cool with the word art today -- wonder if we have anything like Savers out here on the East Coast, I have never seen anything like it around, but our local Goodwill and one other that is not too far away has some great stuff. Glad you had another day that was fun and went smoothly.

Peg said...

Love the word art! Thank you so much! Glad to see you're doing well!

wesnshan said...

Thank you!! I love that word art. I also love that Army cake!!! I have two soldiers in my family also, one being my son and I love that cake!! Have an awesome day and keep up the pics. You always have such fun pictures on your blog. I love it!!


helen scott said...

Love the WA - when you think about evrry day is freakin awesome with such fab friends and family (sometimes we just need to stop and remember it) Glad you are still eating and are getting more sleep, means you will have more energy for playing with the girls and your family.

Love and prayers

deb said...

Awesome artwork! sounds like you had a lot of fun out!

Anonymous said...

and I think YOU are Freakin Awesome!!! Thanks for the great wordart!

Marilou said...

Lovin' this one today. It's good to see you out with your BFFs having some fun. Take care and thank you!!

Rita said...

thanks - my daughter says this all the time :)

Rufus said...

Glad that you are "taking it easy" LOL! Love the word art and that you are doing well and eating!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Kirsten said...

Thank you so much!