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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Day: Sunday!

I didn't get a chance to talk with Bethany on the phone today. I chatted a bit with Captain America before he saw her. He dropped off her blog post but I didn't see him when he had. From the sounds of her post, she still is doing well and is excited to be coming home tomorrow. So thank you for letting me fill in for Bethany as she will be taking her blog back tomorrow. Now, now, don't applaud too loudly! I wasn't *THAT* bad! hehe



Hola, ladies! Greetings from the funny farm. Hehe. Just kidding. Oh wait. That's where I am! Ha! But you still love me, right?

Things are good here. Looks like I'll be able to go home on Sunday! I told my husband to take the kids to church, and line up rides for them to get home, and he could come here and pick me up. Probably after breakfast they'll start working on discharge papers. That's what I've seen so far.

I ended up with a migraine last night, and it's still here today. I'm trying to get some meds for it, but it's like pulling teeth in this place. It's a cross between being treated like a little child and an inmate! LOL! Good thing I'm a "go with the flow" kind of person, right?

My old roommate, Karon, called me this morning to see how everyone was doing. She's a very nice lady. We chatted for a few minutes.

I got called out of the beginning of group to be seen by the doctor, but am still waiting. 30 minutes, so far. I wish they'd left me in group, but it has given me a chance to write. And I'm loving writing my feelings and thoughts. It's really been helping a lot. To organize and express what I think and feel. A chance to reflect and ponder on things. It's been real good.


Anonymous said...


WELCOME HOME! Be sure to take care and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask. We are all here for you. Love you and you and the family will always be in my prayers.


Deanna said...

Glad to hear you're coming home! Hugs from Savannah!

Diane said...

YAAAAAAY!!!!!! God bless you all for your diligence in updating us all. Free at last, free at last!

Now, be good to yourself, Bethany. You are one of God's blessed children and he expects you to be no one other than yourself.

We LOVE you as you are & SO very glad you're well & back home! Ah, comfies & a couch!

D :)

MemoryKeeper said...

YIPPITY SKIPPITY! Take it easy, enjoy life and don't bow to pressure. Lots of love sweetie! Still praying for you!

Hugs from the heart,

Briteiis said...

Super glad to hear that you are on your way home. Don't push yourself too hard at first just enjoy all the love from your family and friends. Tell Hilary that she did a fantastic job of filling in for you and keeping us all informed on your progress and to Brent who also wrote to let us know how you were. We will always be here for you and love ya.

Denise said...

Hillary you've done an awesome job at keeping everyone updated and I think Bethany is lucky to have such a great friend.
Bethany, I wish you all the best as you come home and take care of yourself!

Shauna said...

So glad to hear you're coming home, but even more happy that you feel better. Remember what you've learned there and keep up the good work!!!!!

Libbi said...

Keep being good to yourself even when you are home!!

Allanna said...

Hilary, you've done a great job and an EXCELLENT service in keeping us updated. It's easy to see why Bethany adores you. ^_^

Bethany, OF COURSE we still love you!! You're our Bethany! You're unique and wonderful and funny!
Glad to hear that you're coming home! (SO GLAD that you're feeling better and more like yourself again.) Hope your migraine is all gone!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing this most private event with the rest of us. Your courage and generosity is amazing. I wish you a joyous homecoming Bethany and thanks again for sharing bits of your life with us. Families ARE FOREVER and you have an amazing one!! Lots of blessings and love to you! Dawn

Kel said...

Hilary -- you have done a great job of keeping us updated

Bethany -- thanks so much for sharing such a private issue for you, glad to hear you are coming home today, remember don't try to be "super"mom all at once and take time for yourself, and your online family is always here to listen

Marilou said...

Hilary, thank you for doing an excellant job of keeping us up to speed on our gal Bethany. We really apreciate all that you've done!

Bethany, WELCOME HOME!! Now, please take care of you, cuz you're the only YOU we have!!

Sarah C said...

Hope you are able to get home. Prayers have been answered. I'm sure your family and friends will love you being with them again. Keep strong and don't go overdoing it. Hope your headache's gone by the time you see this. Much love xxx

Hilary, thank you again for stepping in and keeping us filled in on how things are. Maybe Bethany will take a break from blogging every now and again and you could step in? :D You've been fantastic and such a great friend to the whole family. Love to you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are home and reading this Bethany. So WELCOME HOME. Give Hilary a big hug, enjoy your family, and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you get to go home today. Take care of yourself. I hope you keep writing. It's so therapeutic for me too.

deb said...

Glad to hear you are coming home! Take it easy and remember you are loved!

Cherri said...

Yes, glad you are coming home. I'm sure it was enlightening and frightening but you have many friends and followers so keep your head up and know that we all have our battles. Glad you are better and will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for all you do on behalf of others and take care of yourself!

Bec said...

Welcome Home Bethany! Thank you for allowing Hillary to keep us informed. Please take care of yourself and don't ever hesitate putting yourself first when you need to. Your well-being is very important to your happy home. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Bethany! Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. And thank you Hilary for posting updates on the blog.

Anonymous said...

TY Hilary & Brent for keeping us updated, and supporting our sweet Bethany. She's so lucky to have you both in her life. :)

Woooohoooo she's bustin' out today! lol So happy for ya girl. Remember to hold with you all that you have learned during your stay when things get challenging. We want you well. ;) Enjoy your family, friends and home-coming.

Hugs, CanadaDiAnna

Rufus said...

Welcome home, Bethany! So glad that you can be back with your loved ones. Now remember to take care of yourself! You are worth it!!

Celticbabe said...

Welcome Home, Bethany!! I am so glad that you are feeling better. I hope things will go much, much better for you now! Take care of yourself and your beautiful family!

Thanks Hillary for keeping us in the loop! You are awesome!

Mom2mykids said...

Oh, I so hope you are home now!! Thanks so much to Hilary for taking care to keep us all updated -- it's been great to know how you're doing! Still sending hugs and prayers!!