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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picky Little Fart

First off, I never did show you my toes from my manicure the other day. Rainbow colors. hehe

And now that you've seen my foot, I'm sure your day, no week, is complete.... ha!

Hola :) Hope this post finds you all well! I woke up at 6:35, 6:45, AND 6:55 am this morning, then got up, read scriptures, said prayers, and went to get kids ready for school. Captain America was home from PT, and getting ready for work. We said family prayer before sending kids off, then I hung with Captain America as he got ready for work.

Jake and Jim were getting dressed and fed and junk, and then started school and whatever it is that Jimmy does :) Captain America went to work around 8:30am, I did some laundry, and debated going back to bed. And at 9am, I did go back and lay down for a little nap. I figured if I dozed until 9:30am, I would still have time for a walk or jog or something before Jim's bus. And yeah ,I woke up at 10am. hehe. I guess I'll exercise tomorrow :) I've already got my 3 runs in for the week, so I'm good :)

I took a shower and got all ready for the day, got Jim ready for the bus, and walked him to the bus stop. I was on my computer for a few minutes after Jim went to school, and then cooked lunch for Captain America. He was supposed to be back home at 11:45am, then we were going to couples counseling at noon, appointment at 12:30.

And I totally cut the tip of my thumb while chopping onions for Captain Americas lunch!!! Ouch! That's the bad part of new knives, huh? It didn't bleed, but it is sensitive when I push on it... But my zebra ring is cool, huh? hehe.

And I was totally gonna wear my cute black sandals, but it was SO chilly at the bus stop that I came home and put on boots. Brrrrr. LOL! I think it was only high 70's today. Sounds like winter to me! ROFL! But I did get to wear my new (to me, anyway, Savers..) black fake leather jacket...

I had lunch, got lunch for Jake, Captain America ate, and Captain America and I headed out. We made it RIGHT on time to our appointment. Good deal!

We talked about how we were doing, how our communication was going, and such. It was a good session. Our homework for this week was to write down things that "fill our bucket" personally, and then as a couple, and record what we do this week to fill our couple bucket... Sounds like a plan.

We headed home, stopping at Howdy's for a Diet Dr Pepper first. And we took a few pics of ourselves before he had to head back to work. Aren't we cute :)

I did some more laundry, and got Jim from the bus at 2:30pm. I cleaned and reorganized Joe and Eme's room, since it was trashed, and the rest of the kids were home at 3:30pm. I facebooked for a while, and really, it seems like I've been refereeing arguments between kids for hours and hours. What's up with that. I should just sent them all off individually to their rooms and let them have a quiet evening by themselves. hehe. OK, so maybe I won't.... ha!

I made dinner at 4:30pm (stuffing bake), and it should be done any time now. It's 5:06pm, and I'm waiting to see if Captain Americas gonna make it in time for us to go to dinner, or if we should eat here and do a movie, or what. I'm not sure what I want to do for date night tonight. So many options living in a big city, you know :)

Oh yeah, you want my Stuffing casserole recipe?

1 box stuffing
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 lb ground turkey
1/2 pack diced/cooked turkey bacon
1 small package frozen veggies

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, then pour into baking dish. Top with shredded cheddar cheese, cook at 400 degrees until cheese is browned. My kids like this one. Well, they liked it better before I started putting the veggies in it. ROFL! Picky little farts....

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!


MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

ccynden said...

Now this WA is adorable, thank you so much.

Leslie said...

I've been enjoying your word art for a few weeks, but I had to share with you now that this one, picky little fart, made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the giggle. :)

TitanThirteen said...

These are great! Thanks :o)
[And the toes look awesome]