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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Am Blessed

OK, goal for tomorrow. Be done with blogging BEFORE 8:30pm. Not just starting it at 10:48pm! Cause I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow!

So I went to bed after 1am on Friday night, and slept in until around 9:30am. Which felt real good, except for the fact that we had a birthday party to be to at 10am. Oops! hehe. Good thing it was just at Laurie's house in the neighborhood! Her son Pehrson and my Eme are both in 3rd grade at the same school. So all the kids and I were gonna go.

And, of course, when I woke up, the kids were on the video phone with Grandpa (my dad), chatting and having a good time. And then my mom came on too, and I chatted for a while, and then my mom was like, So, what time is this birthday party? And I looked at the clock, and it was in 2 minutes. Oops, we were gonna be late!

We hung up real quick, all changed clothes, threw on some shoes, grabbed the Lego's present, Kenneled the dog, and out the door we ran :) We were only about 10 minutes late. But not the last ones there - hehe. And that's really all that counts, right? ROFL!

The moms hung and chatted, and the kids ran and played with the dollar store ninja swords. Thank you SO much, Laurie... I now have 5 Ninja swords in my house..... hehe :)

And she made cupcakes and a round cake for dessert, and had veggies and calzone for the kids for an apetizer. Pretty cool!

And then it was time to light the birthday candle, and sing to the birthday boy. So they tried to take the lid off of the cake tray. ROFL!

Laurie's hubby, Spencer, shook it a few good times, and out it plopped, good as new! It was hilarious! Here's Pehrson blowing out his candle (actually, it blew itself out 1/2 way through the song - hehe)
Pehrson opening presents

And then the party was over, and we headed home. And it was 11:45am. And I decided to take Tom and Eme and go look for the laptops. Cause I'm just a nice mom like that. Ha! I informed them that this would be birthday AND Christmas this year, but they were fine with it.

We grabbed some quick lunch, left Joe and Jim in the capable hands of Jake, and out the door Eme and Tom and I went. First stop, the Jaurez Walmart (So apparently it's really the Cielo Vista Walmart - I like my name for it better...) No Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch netbooks. But I did get some apples and cucumbers, because I needed them. And 2 wireless mouses for the kids, which they were gonna pay me back for when they got home.

See, kids, this is why we go to school - ROFL! :) Just kidding! Kind of! hA!

And off we went to the Pirate Walmart, on Yarrrrrrrrrrborogh. And they had 1, in red. So we grabbed it! And then looked at cases. And they all sucked. And were expensive. So no cases at Walmart.

And then we drove to the Far East Side Walmart (Alamedia Ave/Americas Ave), and they had 1, in red. So we got that one too! Dang, those little babies were going fast! And they had blue and white and black and gray and red online, but the stores only received red. So red is what the kids got :)

And then we headed towards home. But stopped at Dollar General, to see if they had laptop cases. Nope. So we kept on driving. And saw a KMart! But it was on the wrong side of the road, and I couldn't get turned around fast enough, but then saw a Dollar Tree, so we just HAD to stop there. And we grabbed a few things (like disposable pans for my 12 layer cake I'm making soon!), and saw A JEWELRY BOX I didn't know about!!! So, of course, we had to go in there.

We didn't buy anything, but I now know that it's there! And, there was an Eve's in the back of the Jewelry box. So you could buy cheap jewelry and cheap lingerie all at the same place -
ROFL! That's part of the reason that we didn't stay in there too long, though. I didn't want Tom eye's popping out of his head with some of the outfits hanging up in the back of the store - hehe.

And then, we went to Big Lots, because it was in the same parking lot! Yes! And looked for laptop cases. Nope, only big ones. They did have some little coolers that I think would have worked, but it seemed even too hoakey, even for me...

So we headed back out on the road, and decided to swing it around to KMart. And found 2 more laptop cases like Jakes. Because, for $20, it was the best I'd seen ALL day... And we found 3 camera cases, that were SUPER cute, and that would hold their mouses perfectly, and had caribeaners to attach to their cases. And they were all in different colors, so we could tell who's was who's.

And we walked around KMart WAY too long. And I can't even remember what I was looking for now. I know that I got some new foundation makeup, but that's not what I was looking for.... Oh yeah! I wanted to see if they had wall sticker things, so we could put them on the laptops. Because with 3 red laptops, it may be hard to tell them apart. And, of course, I could find nothing of the sorts. I know that Walmart has a decal section. But not this KMart, apparently...

So we paid, and headed back home. And I just HAD to stop by Howdys to get a drink. A 64 oz drink. Because after 3 hours of shopping, I was POOPED!

And then we headed home. And had to go 15 MPH on I-10. There must have been a wreck or something. So we inched along. All the while, knowing that I had to leave the house around 3:30 to get the kids to hockey on time. And that it was 3:00 right now....

We finally got to the congestion head, and there was a 4 car pile up, no cops on the scene yet. Kinda scary! Both sides of the interstate were slow (because of gawkers in the east bound lanes, I'm sure...), and once we got past the wreck, it was smooth sailing all the rest of the way home.

I changed my clothes into something warmer for the hockey rink, got Joe mostly dressed in his uniform, grabbed Jim's bag, made sure they had socks, and got Tom and Eme ready to go. They wanted to come so that I could use my flash drive and install a few needed programs for them (like Firefox and Avast AntiVirus).

And off we headed, a mere 15 minutes after we'd got home. Jake didn't wanna come, so he stayed home. We got to the rink, I got the boys dressed, and got their skates. Well, sent Tom to get their skates. 2 pairs of size 3. And Jims were NOT fitting. No way, no how. So I went back up to trade them in, and the dude was like, yeah, we're out of size 3, those were a size 2. No WONDER they didn't fit! Sheese! So he gave us a size 3 public rink skates. Whatever, Jim isn't the kid who skates hard, anyway...

And then I helped the kids set up their laptops and get them all started and installed and such. And I chatted with Kari's hubby, Brian, and had a pleasant time. And by 5:30pm, we were done with Hockey, and headed back towards post. But stopped at the drive thru McDonalds first. And got everyone a burger and a fries and I got a burger (I just wanted the meat) and a few side salads. And Ice creams o te little boys, because I'd promised them. Mostly I'd bribed Jim, that if he stayed on the ice the whole time, he'd get ice cream after. hehe. I guess it's a reward if you give it to them after, and a bribe if they get it BEFORE they earned it. So I gave him a reward, not a bribe. ha!

Here's me with my Howdy's drink, in the McDonalds drive-thru.

Eme and her new laptop, while we wait for our order.
Tom and his
Jim - what's up with his poor eye again???
And Joe. They'd told us that if we filled out some paper, we could get a free jersey and a free waterbottle for the little boys! Oh yeah, I'm ALL about free!
And we got home, and I fed the ravenous bunch. And waited until the last kid was done to tell the kids to start their chores. And wouldn't you know it, my mom calls, with her Video Phone, from my Aunt's house. And we spend the next 2 hours on the Video Phone with Grandma Lyn, Papa Steve, Aunt Sue, Chrissy (Sue's grandsons mom), and baby Austin (sue's grandson).

So of course I was distracted, and not a lot of chores got done, but we sure had fun. And then it was 8:30, and WAY past bed time! We had church in the morning. So we hung up, and did a lightening fast chores, and put the kids to bed. And Jake and Tom and I watched 1 episode of chuck, and instead of blogging like I was supposed to do, I looked online for Netbook Skins. And they have some SUPER cool ones. They really do. But I wasted SO much time on it.

And I found the PERFECT one for Captain America ,and then I forgot that he'd gotten a Toshiba Netbook and not an Acer one like the kids. So they didn't have it in his kind. Hmpf! It was a Cardinals Baseball one! He would have LOVED it. Sorry, hon. I really was thinking of you :)

And here it is, 11:17pm. I'm gonna turn off all the lights, kennel the dog, retreat to my room, and read my book. And then sleep. And hopefully, after church, I don't do anything else besides sit on the couch and snuggle with my kids. Cause I'm tired!

So I just KNOW that Sharon is gonna fire me. Or would that be quit? I don't know, but for 2 days in a row, now, I haven't got her the WordArt in time. I just wanted to say, publicly, I"M SO SORRY!!! 20 lashes with a wet noodle, or something akin, right?

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [21 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

deb said...

Thank you! Awesome word art as always! Glad someone else names there Walmarts! We have 3 within 5 miles of our house. GhettoMart, NavyMart, and BlueAngelMart. :) LOL

Laura said...

thank yo this is lovely