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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Softball Rocks

Another long day to add to my belt - hehe. I woke up with a migraine AGAIN! What's up with that??? SOOO not cool. I had breakfast with the kids, took a pill, and went back to bed. I texted Kari and said that I wasn't gonna go swimming (my workout routine is SO thrown off), and went back to bed until 8:30am.

And felt OH so much better when I woke up. I straightened up the house just a little bit, and then got myself somewhat ready for the day. I totally should have showered. But I ran out of time. So I threw on some clothes, and before I knew it, it was time to run and pick up Eme and Joe from school to make it in time for their physicals at the doctors office.

Jake was to get Jim on the bus. And off I headed. I went inside the office, and signed out Eme and Joe, and the office had me take new contact information cards, since our number had changed. And I added that to the huge pile of papers I had with me.

And we headed back on post, swung by the house to pick up my important documents folder, and went to the TMC. And I filled out papers while we waited in the waiting room. Eme was an angel, and Joe was a little turkey, but not too bad :)

And then it was our turn, and they weighed and took the heights of the kids, then did a vision test, then blood pressure and family history stuff, then it was time to see the doctor. They both seemed healthy! Eme did get a referral to the dermatologist, since she has a few dry patches (maybe eczema) and a big mole on her face. They said we might hear from them on Monday.

And we were out of there by 11:20. BUT, the kids had already missed lunch. So we swung by the On Post Burger King. I got myself a large diet coke, and the kids each got a burger, fries, and soda. And I was a super nice mom, and got one to take home for Jake too. See how nice I am??

And we headed back to the school. And I went back inside, dropped off the updated contact information form, signed the kids back in, and headed out to the car. And Jake texted to say that he forgot to get Jim on the bus. Whaaaaat? Crap. So I hustled home, picked up Jim, and had to give him Jake's lunch. Because he'd missed school lunch too. Yeah, Jake was NOT pleased. Natural consequences, I guess....

So back to school one more time (I'm sure the office lady got a kick out of seeming me 3 times today - hehe), and then back home. And it was 12:30pm. And I cleaned up as fast as I could, because the repair guy from housing was due at the house between 1-5. And I wanted it to be at least passable in the rooms that he'd be in.

So I straightened up the kitchen, and my bedroom, and my bathroom, and the downstairs bathroom, and the dining room a little, and Jake helped me with the living room, and I called it good.

And Andrea called to chat for a few minutes. I've come to really look forward to our chats! Especially since I haven't heard from Captain America in a few days. They've been SUPER busy at work, and he hasn't had an opportunity to call :( So talking to Andrea was pretty nice :) Grown up interaction is always nice. I'm afraid that I"ll turn into one of those little old ladies at the grocery store that stops you in the isle to chat. I can SO see myself as one of them - ROFL!

Anyway, we chatted for about 30 minutes, and then I remembered that I hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I went and got myself lunch, and Jake and I watched the end of the movie that we started the other day. And at around 2pm, the repair guy came! Sweet! I was afraid that I'd have to change my afternoon plans to fit around him, but it appeared that everything was working out according to plan!

He fixed a drawer in the bathroom, and a drawer in the kitchen, took a drawer from the kitchen to fix and bring back later, fixed the doorbell, decided that someone else was gonna have to come and fix the carpet, and the molding, and then looked at the caulking in the bathroom.

And said that the reason that it sucked was because they weren't using the right kind of caulk. So he had me sign all the papers that I needed to sign, and said that he was gonna go back to the shop and grab the right kind of caulk, then come back.

He headed out, and I went to the bus stop to get Jim. And my NOOK came!! I was SOOO excited. I grabbed Jim from the bus, chatted with Maggie for a few minutes, and headed back home.

Jake washed the dog, because he was getting super dandruffy. What do you do to fix that???

And since I like to take treats to the library, and I'd found this recipe inside my latest issue of Family Fun Magazine, I decided to try it out! Book Worms - LOL! But Jacob informed me that worms don't have antenna. Whatever! LOL :) They're not made of Rice Crispies either. So there! ha!

Using buttered hands, form fresh rice crispies into this shape, add a little fruit by the foot, and a few M&M's, then wrap in plastic wrap, then attach the pipe cleaners. They kids absolutely LOVED them :)

Jake and Jim and I made them in the 30 minutes before we had to get the kids to go to the library.

We got to the library, and the poor librarian couldn't figure out how to get the movie projector working. I think the DVD player was broken or something. But we decided to hang out and eat snacks in the library anyway :)

The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, and Laurie and Kari and I got some social time in :) And around 4:50, we all headed out. I took Elise with me, and dropped her and Tom off at babysitting class, then headed back home.

And I left detailed directions for Jake about chores and food and bed times and homework, and I changed my clothes, and got ready for "Old Lady Movie Night".

What's Old Lady Movie night, you ask? Well, a few girls in the ward started having Movie and Dinner night, and their hubbys started referring to it as old lady movie night. Because they were over 40 or something. I don't know exactly.

But I asked if I could come, even though I wasn't technically old yet (they told me that 40 was old - ROFL! 5 more years to go!), and they said that I couldn't pass as old - ha! So I promised to look old when I came (hehe - we were just joking around).

But, true to my word, I didn't fix myself up. In fact, it's been a while since I showered - ROFL! I'm sure you all wanted to know that :) I'll spare you the details of just HOW long it's been :) It's a good thing that I'm not smelly - ROFL!

Anyway, I headed out, and drove across town to Applebees. Until I realized that I was supposed to go to Chilis. So I turned around ,and drove the 2 blocks to the correct restaurant. HA! And Charlotte pulled into the parking lot the same time as me! Sa-weet!

So we headed in together. And let me tell you, that girl can suck down the soda about as fast as me! She told the waiter that she just wanted a pitcher of Diet Coke left on the table. And yeah, I think between the 2 of us, we went through 3 pitchers... I know I refilled my cup 5 times....

It really was a ton of fun. I'd seen most of the girls at church before, but hadn't really gotten to know some of them. And there were a few really fun ones! hehe. I think there were 10 ladies there in all!

I ordered the Quesidilla (apparently spell check doesn't know Spanish...) Explosion salad, and loved every bite of it!
We had fun chatting and laughing and drinking diet soda. And I seriously had to leave twice to go to the bathroom! ha! And then it was time to go, and Charlotte headed home to her family, and 5 of us headed on to the movie.

We went to see Unknown. With Liam Neeson. Oh yeah, it was a GREAT one. Sit on the edge of your chair kinda movie. Lots of action. Interesting plot. Low on swearing, high on violence. Little bit of smut (just to warn you), but all in all, I'd definitely recommend it! (Not for kids, though)!

Here's me before the movie started. Yeah, the phone didn't like to take a picture in the dark. Well, here's 1/2 of me, anyway...
After the movie, I headed home, and Jake and Tom met me at the garage door. Yeah, the were TOTALLY Supposed to be in bed, but since they were awake, I made them help me take the trash to the curb - hehe.

And we went back inside, and I had them help me do the chores that some of them failed to do. And after about 15 minutes, the house was presentable again. I sent the boys to bed, grabbed my computer ,and started blogging.

And here it is, 11:20pm. Next Old Lady Movie night, I'm blogging before hand! Then I only have to fill in the end part, not all of it - hehe :)

So tomorrow I have Jim's physical, and I'm done with Doctors appointments for a while! Thank goodness! Then, I have to take all of the paper work and go re-register the kids for CYS. I was totally gonna put Eme in Volleyball, but I saw a paper today that said that they have to be 10. Sigh. Maybe she'll wanna be in baseball? I know that Tom wants to...

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Awesome, Sharon! Hopefully I'll have some pics like this of my kids this spring!!!


Mary said...

Whew! I am exhausted just reading about your day. Glad it was a good one. :)


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [24 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

weva said...

Thank you!!!

deb said...

Great word art. Thank you!