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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

L (Love)

Hola, my friends! Valentine's Day, right? So how did it go?

So after I put the big kids to bed last night, I hopped back on the computer and reworked my taxes. Because I had found my mom SO many business deductions, I knew I could find more. I'd bought fonts last year. And an EHD. And a computer. And paid 15 CT girls $10.00 a month in coupons. AND sent them all my new packs, which makes $10 a week. And I paid 2 other girls $10 worth of products a week. And I have internet access. And phone access. And a subscription to Photobucket. And hostmonster.com fees. And all sorts of stuff. And by the time I added it all up, I didn't make anything last year. hehe. That's the point of taxes and very small businesses, right? Make it so you don't make anything?

Anyway, I got another $3000. Yeah, that was SO worth my time!!! I filed it, and headed off to bed, a happy girl :)

I woke up at 7am, and got the kids all ready for school. And out the door and on the bus at 7:30am. Jake took Boxer on a walk, and Jim woke up around 8am. I applied new make up, fixed my hair a bit, and was ready to go around 8:45am. Kari and I were going to Savers! Jake wanted a few new hoodies, and Eme said she needed some longer shirts.

So off we went. I was giddy with excitement. ROFL! She had a box of stuff to donate, and I grabbed a few things out of it so that I could have something to donate too (hehe), and we both got our 20% off coupon. To use on the non-$0.99 items. Because I ALWAYS seem to find a few that I can't live without.

And we looked and shopped and browsed and tried on clothes and had a GREAT time. And went to get in line at 10:30am. See my cart? Yeah, I got a little carried away...

But they had SO many great things! Most of the stuff I bought was on sale, but most of Eme's shirts were not. But they were still only $2 or $3 a piece. Not too bad. And, I found her a few dresses that were on sale.

And for me, it was TOTAL jacket day - hehe. I don't even wanna count how many I ended up with... It's kinda embarrassing! LOL! But for $0.99, right? I got a few things for Tom, and for Jake, also. The little boys have more than they could ever use...

And we paid, and headed home. Kari dropped me off at my house, and my lunch date bailed on me. Hmpf! Sure, sure, sick kids trump lunch dates, right? hehe. Just kidding, Charlotte! Love ya, hon, and hope the little Stew gets better soon!

I was SO wanting El Taco Tote, but settled for cheese sandwich and cucumber. And a bag of microwave popcorn. And some sugar free chocolates. And an apple. And a soda. Yeah, I thought I was STARVING because I was gearing up for more food. You ever do that? We watched an episode of Fringe, and he continued with school.

And I tried on all my new clothes, and made space for them, and hung up all my laundry. So my laundry man is gone. I was getting used to him. I rolled over and bumped him the other night, and actually apologized out loud. Yeah, it was time for Laundry man to go, I think. hehe.

Yeah, TONS of jackets, huh? hehe. And then I spent WAY too much time on Pinterest. Have you played on there yet? OMHeavens, it's addictive. It's a visual way to keep track of all of the cool pictures you find on the internet. Like if you find some super cute cupcakes at a blog, you can pin it to your board. Or if you find some cute shelves on another site, you can pin that. Or if you find a SWEET vintage skirt, you can pin that. And you can make different "boards" to pin things too. Like "Fun thigns to Bake" or "I want this for my house" or "This is my style". Really, it's pretty fun. And you can waste, spend, a TON of time there. hehe. You have to know someone in it to invite you, but after that, you're good to go :) SO much fun :)

And then I walked to the bus to get Jim, and headed back home (yeah, apparently I wasn't getting little Jake, because his parents were there to get him from the bus...), and finished up with my room. I had all of the clothes on hangers, but they weren't all hung up. Maybe Laundry Man WILL be back another night. hehe.

Soon, it was time to go and get Tom from AQ. Eme skipped, and came home on the bus with Joe. So off I went. I picked up Tom, and we headed to Big Lots. I wanted to look around, and get out of the house for a bit. We found some dog treats, and some supplies for a WordArt project for my wall that I was kicking around.

And then we headed home. But I stopped by 7-11 to see if they had any DDP. If my kids were gonna be home eating every kind of candy imaginable from their Valentine's party, at least I deserved some soda. hehe.

We went in, got the BIGGEST one I could find, and went to wait in line. But it branched off in what I thought was 2 directions, but I guess it was just everyone elses direction and mine. hehe. Eventually I sent Tom to wait in the real line, and I stood where I was and sipped my soda. And waited. Yeah, it was a long line. About 2 from the end where Tom was, this dude looks at me, and asks if the soda is all that I have. Yup, I say, thinking that he's gonna let me cut in line.

"I need to pay for gas on #3, and I want to pay for her soda too". Really??? A stranger JUST paid for my drink! What a sweetheart! I tried to give him a dollar, but he wasn't having anything to do with it. I grinned SO big all the way home. Thanks for making my Valentine's day special. hehe.

And then we headed home. And the house was utter chaos. Valentine's and wrappers and junk EVERYWHERE. Seriously? Did you just throw your crap all around the house when I was gone? Yeah, I wasn't pleased.

So we spent the next solid hour cleaning. Kids did their chores, i helped the little kids get their room cleaned (I KNOW! it's always messy!), we folded all the laundry on the table, and put it away, hung up Eme's new stuff, and the house was looking SO much better when it was time for dinner.

Eme cooked French Toast, and I worked on my project. Wanna see??? I took my LOVE series wordart from this week, and printed it out. And then took an 8x10 stretched canvas that I bought at Big Lots, and some scrapbook paper from Big Lots, and glued it all together. And I thought it turned out pretty cool! I hung it above my TV.

And then I made myself dinner (a little too late, cause I was starting to feel a little sick...), and put the little kids to bed, and Jake and Tom and I watched an episode of Chuck. And then Jake informed me that he still had school to finish (nice). Tom went to bed, and I'm blogging, and Jake is working on school. I'm doing my laundry (cause I was out of underclothes - ROFL!), and then will think about putting Laundry Man away. I don't know if he'll fit in my closet, though... Cause everyone needs 14 zipper hoodies, right?

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks! This is the first part. You'll get the O tomorrow, the V the next day, and the E on Friday! Be sure to come back for each of the parts! It makes such a nice little poem :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all of the jackets, LOL! and Thanks so much for the fabulous Word Art. It was a blessing to me today.

Sandy_in_MD said...

Great bunch of jackets! Your wall wordart project looks fantastic - thank you for sharing the wordart that you used to make it.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [16 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Gwen said...

Love the L, can't wait to get the rest. What you did with the canvas and paper looks fantastic!

And I think it's neat that you have the same expression in almost all of the photos. I don't have that consistency at all.

Mary said...

I loved looking at al of you in your new jackets. They are all awesome. Great score! Red seems to be a wonderful color on you.And you are really teeny tiny! Thaks for sharing all of the photos of you it was fun. I have been wondering.......do you have a huge closet to keep all of your clothes? :)

Love how your project came out. It looks so pretty up on the wall. You are a very creative woman.


deb said...

What great word art and super project for the wall! Thank you! And super jackets!

Dee said...

Thanks for the freebie, and the blog! Your blogs are fun to read. BTW, how did you make that awesome jewelry hanging board? Or where did you get it? I so need one of those! My email is denimdreamer@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Neet said...

You looked great in everything and THAT makes it all worth it :)
Also, how much do you LOVE random stranger chap buying your soda? Too neet... kinda like dropping by the blog and seeing "newfabulousfreebiewordartyoucandownloadforfreerightherecomegetit"

Have a good one :)

Losing 100 said...

I'd like to see a photo of your bulging wardrobe!! lol
That red/white t-shirt you had on is awesome! And it looks great on you :o)

Meliza said...

beautiful WA ! thank you !