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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finding Joy

(10th of April??? Really??? How did a 1/3 of the month pass by already! Time is going SOOO extremely fast!)

Welcome to the weekend! Although I don't really like weekends with Captain America gone. Too much time alone with the kids. ROFL! They used to be my favorite times :)

Anyway, I woke up at 6:45am, wanting to make sure that Jake got up for school. A lot of the kids were already awake. Then, I realized that it was Saturday. And that we could sleep. ha! So I told the kids to go turn on the TV, and I went back to sleep. LOL!

I finally crawled out of bed around 9:30 or 10am. hehe. That's a perk about Saturdays and older kids!

We did a few chores, and hung for a while. I worked on my bills, and printed out a grocery shopping list. Then went through it, and decided what all I needed to buy. I got ready, and picked a shopping buddy. Joe was coming with me today :)

We headed out around 11am. First stop, post office. But it was closed. Sorry, Captain America, I'm gonna have to go up there on Monday to send your package....

This was a home fill job. I took a 44 oz cup and 2 Diet Sun Drops (or whatever those are called), and some ice from the freezer, and viola! Homemade Howdys drink. hehe.

Joe and I went to the commissary, and shopped for the week. Unfortunately, I left my list at home. Good thing I'd just gone through it, and knew what I needed, and the quantities. Here's the dude unloading the cart onto the conveyor. Joe wanted to help him, but I think Joe was slowing him down - ha!
Joe got a few sips of my soda, but by this point, it was empty - just ice.
We paid, made a quick Circle K run for a DDP refill (only 44 oz) (cause it's close) and headed home. The kids all helped unload the groceries, and I put them away. And started on lunch. And the kids did their chores.

Here's me taking a quick break
I used the El Taco Tote creation from yesterday, and remade it into something else - ha! 3rd meal out of that! I used it as a filling, and stuffed 10 flour taco shells. Then put them in a casserole dish.

And mixed 1 can of cream of chicken soup, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup milk, some shredded cheese, and a dash of Garlic Onion seasoning, then poured it over the burritos, and shredded more cheese on top. And baked at 400 until done.

THey really did smell good when they came out. And the kids actually ate them, too!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy. Kids had finished up their chores, so they got free time. Wii, Gameboy, Laptops. Yeah, Saturday turns into electronics day in our house. Because they're at school all day long most of the time, and Sunday is no gaming electronics...

Jake asked to be taken to the Youth Center around 2pm, and I said that I'd come pick him up between 9-10apm. Works for me :) I chatted with my mom on the way home, and stopped for Gas in the Saturn. Then home to the kids. I was online for a while, and was really bored. I'm usually not bored. But I didn't wanna focus enough to design, so I just screwed around on Facebook and email most of the afternoon.

And around dinner time, Terra texted and said that she could play! YEAH!! Grown up interactions!!! Just what I needed :) She came and picked me up around 5:30pm, and we headed to L&J's restaurant. Where we went on St Patricks Day. LOVE their salads.

AND they have DDP!!! But not in this picture. This was me after eating the SUPER yummy, but SUPER spicy red salsa with chips. I was DYING! My lips and mouth were literally on fire... Dang, should have got a picture of the flames, huh? This will have to do.

Oh yeah, and I HAD to show you the cool sinks in the bathroom. For a hole in the wall restaurant/bar, it sure had a fancy sink!
Here's the red salsa..... EN FUEGO!
So when the waiter dude walked by, I asked if he had any "White People Salsa". He laughed, and said that he'd bring some Green Salsa, that was milder. Good, cause this White Girl was DYING!

And here's my salad! I got the Beef Fajatas and Terra got the Chicken Fajatas. Neither of us like avocados, so we have the "yucky" plate...

After we ate, we headed out to Walmart.

Terra had bought a sewing type kit at walmart to make a purse. And I wanted to make one too! So we went to the Pirate Walmart where she'd gone earlier in the day.

And I found the kits, and yeah, the only one I liked was hers. And we didn't want to have the same one....

So I bought some fabric that was black and white and red, and I decided that I'd just use the pattern from hers, and make mine. And I'd figure something out for the handles... I'm creative, you know...

And I found some camo pants for Jim for only $3 a piece. And a pair of khaky slacks for Jake for $2. And a shirt for Eme for only $2. And a few $0.50 bandanas for me. Because I don't have enough, you know... I'm gonna count them one of these days... In fact, I think I"ll count them now, and make a Facebook game out of it....

Anyway, we paid, and headed home. But not without stopping at Howdys first. All she had in her van were 32 oz cups....

I bought myself a new 64 oz cup!

And got a 64 oz drink for Ryan, because he'd never had one before - hehe. She let me come home with her so we could deliver his drink and get a picture. Then she dropped me off at home.
I put the kids to bed when I got home, and Tom and I hung for a little bit. At 9pm, I left the house, and went to get gas in the suburban. And then went to pick up Jake at the teen center. Earlier when Terra and I were out, she showed me an app that she uses on her phone called FourSquare. It's a game, of sorts, that allows you to "check in" places, and you get points from it. But you can make it where only your approved friends see where you are. And, since I go EVERYWHERE, I figured it would be fun!

So I checked in at the gas station, and at the teen center, then again when I got home. Sweet! I can really rack up the points, me thinks. hehe. Watch out, Terra, I'm gonna beat you, my dear!

Anyway, got Jake at 9:30pm, and headed home. And I relented, and Tom and Jake and I watched an episode of Chuck. But they promised me that they would get up on time in the morning and have NO complaints about going to church. I'm gonna hold you to that, you guys!

And then I finished blogging. It's now 11:05pm. I thought I'd be done faster... I wanted to take a bath and read for a while. Oh well. Maybe I'll just read in my room for a little bit. I'm gonna go get one last sip of my Howdys drink that I'm saving in the fridge for tomorrow (since I don't shop on the Sabbath, I was smart, and stocked up - ROFL!), then go to bed. Night, all! Sweet dreams :)

I made this WordArt for my sister a while back, but I can't remember what she needed it for. But I figured that it was cute enough to share with y'all! Hope you enjoy!

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Layout by Sharon :) Super cute, hon!


Marilou said...

Thank you so much for this touching sentiment. It's so true!

Stater said...

Just lovely... ty!

deb said...

Awesome word art! Thank you!

Mary said...

I enjoyed reading about your day.Thank you for te wonderful WA.


semoharty said...

love you pig tails Babygirl!!!