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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who I Am

I was very proud of myself this morning! When my alarm went off, i actually woke up - hehe. No sleeping in for me today :) I decided that I was going to Savers once the kids were on the bus. So I got ready, and gathered my donate stuff, and got the kids ready and out the door and on the bus.

Kari and Amanda wanted to come with me too! More fun with friends, right? Amanda came to my house, and she and I and Jim went to pick up Kari. In the Saturn. Yeah for the little zippy car :) And we made it to the West side Savers by 8:30am. And yeah, it opens at 9am. Oops. I always thought it was earlier than that... my bad.

Amanda suggested going and looking for soda, and I thought it was a GREAT idea. There was a Circle K up the road a bit, and I was pretty sure it had DDP. Cause the 24 hour, big Circle K's have DDP. So we went to check it out.

Yup. DDP. Sweet! I got a refill in my Howdys cup, let Jim make a mix in the 32 oz Circle K cup, and Amanda got a soda. Kari doesn't drink Soda so often. But she found some sour Mike & Ikes that she bought :)

And we drove to Savers. 10 minutes left before opening. That we could handle. We sat inside the car and chatted. Not lined up like the other people. hehe. Can you believe that? They actually went and lined up to get in. ha!

Hi Howdys! (Even if you are really Circle K Today...)
And finally, it was open. And we headed inside. And all went our own directions. I headed to the skirts. And found 2 or 3 that I liked. And found a pair of shorts for Jake for school uniform, and 2 polos. And some Sunday slacks for Tom, and some swim shorts for both Tom and Jake, and a few tops for me, and a bunch of pants for Jim and Joe. All in all, it was a good find day! I even got a new bathing suit! I looked it up online, and it's a Magic Suit from Nordstrom, retailing for $168. Yeah, I got it for $8. Much more my speed...

We paid, and headed back to post at 10:30am. And made it in time to drop Jim off at the bus, then Kari off at her house, and finally back to my house and Amanda's car. We'd decided to go run errands together day.

I grabbed the package that I needed to mail for Captain America, and dropped my stuff off in the house, and we headed over to Amandas house. And dropped off her stuff, I used the bathroom, and we headed to the bus to pick up her kid.

We made plans to meet with some of the girls tomorrow at Souper Salad. And invited a girl from Amanda's bus stop to come too! Nicole. Her hubby is deployed with mine, so I already knew her. Super nice girl :)

And then we headed to the Post Office. I got my box mailed, and picked up some more shipping supplies. Customs forms, and boxes, and labels. And then headed to the PX. First stop, prescriptions. I got my migraine meds. See, FORM LINE HERE...

Next stop, Food Court. Burger King for a McFrugal Salad. Yeah, nasty. But cheap. I got 2 side salads and 2 dollar burgers. Took off the buns, and crumbled it into the salad. I'd rather have a cheese sandwich, but I wasn't thinking far enough ahead to do that...

It was funny, cause when I was in line to get my food, I asked for a crown. And the people in front of me laughed. I was like, Hey, I need a new profile pic for Facebook. And they laughed even harder. LOL.

Next stop, the Exchange. Amanda had a few things to get, then we wandered for a bit. I found this cool broom thingy and dustpan. Yeah, if it had been Zebra, I SO would have bought it - hehe.

It was 1:30pm, and we headed back home. She dropped me off, and continued with her errands. ( when we left the PX, I filled up my Howdys cup with soda. I'd bought a soda from Burger King, and it was free refills, so I figured that I was allowed)

At home, I let Boxer out, and started cleaning. I did a load of dishes, and swept the kitchen and living room, then mopped. It really looked a lot better when I was done. And then it was time to get Jim from the bus.

We came back home, and I made a box of cupcakes. Chocolate Marble with vanilla frosting. And then I made 3 homemade pizzas. Mmmm, yummy!

And the kids got home from school, and because the pool was closed because of mechanical issues, we decided to go to the park for a picnic. So I cooked up the pizzas, and headed out to Kelly Park. And got there, and it was closed. But that was ok, because Amanda was at Biggs. We'd both thought a different park. LOL!

So I drove on out to Biggs, and she and Austin and my 4 youngest and me had a nice little picnic. Jake was at the youth center (REAL close to Biggs park). And Terra and her twins and 12 year old came too! We really had a fun time in the sunshine with the kids. We'll have to add something like this to our rotation. FUN times at the park :)
We stayed till around 6pm, then headed out. But made a new friend at the picnic table next to us, and ended up talking for another 20 minutes. hehe. She seemed pretty nice. But she lives off post, so the likelihood of running into each other is kinda low... Who knows, maybe she'll come to the pool with us like we suggested :)

Finally, we headed out for real. And stopped by the Youth Center to get Jake. And i snapped a few pics while I was there. Here's the XBox room he likes so much.

Here's the Lego room
Jake logging out
And back to home we headed. After chores and homework, I let the kids have free time. I had dinner real fast, then designed some freebies. Joe played outside with his friends and their sprinkler. Yeah, in his clothes. hehe. Not swim clothes...

Jim rode the scooter for a bit, then watched some Kim Possible. Tom went with Noah, Leigh's boy, to his last game (whatever sport it was) and party afterwords. Jake played on his computer, and so did Eme. It was a nice and quite evening. I put the little kids to bed at 8pm, and Jake and I watched an episode of Chuck.

Then I put Jake to bed, and Tom got home at 9pm, and he finished up some homework, and headed off to bed. And I realized that I hadn't blogged yet. Darn, that was freebie designing I'd been doing, not blogging. hehe. I totally convinced myself that I was done for the night, and that I was gonna get to read. Oh well. So I started on blogging.

And it's now about 15 minutes before 10pm. I'm gonna finish this off, then go read my book. Book 4 of the Mortal Instruments series. Seems pretty good so far :)

Tomorrow, I'm getting Jimmy to childcare at 8am, then I have the appointment for Jake with the Autism Doctor at 9am. Then take him back to school at 10am, get Jim from the childcare center, on the bus at 11, and lunch with the girls at 11:30.

And remember my good friend Leslie who moved to Hawaii? Well, she's gonna be back in town for a few days, and we're doing lunch on Wednesday!!! SO stinkin' excited!

I haven't heard from Captain America in a few days. Maybe he'll be around to chat tonight... I should email him and see how he's doing...

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Lovin' the pictures, Sharon! Great layout!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Apr. 12, 2011. Thanks again.

deb said...

Thank you for the great word art.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [13 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

BeachBaby said...

Love the art work. Thanks!

BeachBaby said...

Thanks for the great word art.