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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Morning already? Gasp. I guess I'll have to get up, right???

I got Jake out the door at 7am, and I got Tom, Eme, and Joe out the door at 7:30am. Then I spent the next 30 minutes getting ready. Shower? Nah, I just put on new make up - hehe. And a new skirt and jacket from Savers from yesterday.

Oh yeah, see where I keep my hair flowers?

At 8am, I headed to childcare to take Jim. I dropped him off, then headed back home to grab some sunglasses and my ID. It had fallen out in the bathroom. Oops. And at 8:30am, I headed to Ross middle school to pick up Jake. I signed him out, and headed to his appointment.

Here's Jake playing with my big sunglasses :)
Me singing

At least the place is on post now. Not all the way to the hospital. It's over by the bowling alley now...

We got in the office of the Children and Family Behavioral Health clinic, and I had some papers to fill out, and Jake went back to talk to Dr Myers. For about 3 minutes. Then he was tasked with drawing a picture of his friends at school, and of his family.

And I went back to talk with the doctor. He got some background information about us, and I caught him up from September to now. I asked him about the "vitamins"/sleeping pills, and he said that I did a GREAT job with that one. Good! I'd been feeling a little bit guilty. hehe.

There was some confusion as to where the paperwork when when I dropped it off last month, and I called the school and had them fax over some new papers. He filled those out, and at the end of the time, he asked me how I do it. Do what? He said that I was doing a damn (his word, not mine) good job parenting a 13 1/2 year old autistic son by myself. Awe, thanks, doc! That made my day! It was really really what I needed to hear.

He sent me on my way with my paperwork, and Jake and I headed home. He wanted to get a jacket for school. And I had to pee - lol~

We headed back to school, I dropped him off, and the paperwork off at the special ed department. Then I headed back on post. And picked up Jim from daycare.

We had a few extra minutes before the bus, so we swung by the commissary. I wanted some more sugar free puddings, and Jim wanted "Home Lunch". Sure, I could do that. He got a lunchable with a drink, a bag of chips, a bag of peanuts, a can of mandrine oranges, and a little serving of dippin dots. Holy crap, that was a TON of food! hehe. I put it in a grocery bag, and drove him to the bus. And off he went, with his HUGE grocery bag of food. Sigh. I wonder what the teachers thing. LOL!

And then I headed to Terras house. I tried to help her fix her computer, but couldn't figure it out. It was acting like the wireless switch was turned off, but I couldn't find a switch anywhere. So we shelved it, and headed to lunch. We were meeting the girls at Souper Salad between 11:30-12:00. SO much fun!

We got there, and had about 15 minutes to kill. So we went to Big 8 Sport Store to look around. Me and the punching bag...
Need a shake weight? LOL!
Next, we went to the health food store (It's a little strip mall with lots of stores). And there was a TON of gluten free foods! Now I know where to look if I need something :)
And the yogurt store. See, Terra and I play this game on our phones called FourSquare. Where you check in at places and get points. And I WAY passed her today. So we're trying to get the most checks in we can. So I had to pop my head inside the store to get it to count...
And oogle the sign...

And taste it - ROFL!

OK, so I didn't really taste it. It looked like I did, though :)

Soon Maggie was there, and it was time for lunch. Amanda was still on her way, but we were done waiting - hehe. We paid, and grabbed our salads, and sat in the back. It was pretty busy today. I don't remember it being this busy last week. Oh well. Amanda came, and we had a fun time chatting and visiting.Sugar Free Jello.... MmmMmmMmm...
Terra had found this really cool lipstick that was like a marker! How cool is that!

My mysterious refill. I didn't even see the girl bring it! It just MAGICALLY appeared there!
I'm not normal... Maybe that's why I'm so "good" with autistic 13 yr olds?

Maggie and Hannah
After lunch, Terra and I headed back on post to they CYS to pick up her twins. And we headed to her house, and worked on a sewing project. And got her laptop to work. It was the wireless switch. But it wasn't a switch, it was a button. You push control and like F2 or something like that, and it turned back on. Thanks goodness! Terra had classes to do online...

And the project we sewed was a Hobo Purse. The directions were pretty easy. Basically, it was a 27 inch square, 2 different fabrics, finished, then put pleats in 3 of the top sides, then attach the handles. It was pretty cool when it was done.

I got Jim from the bus, and brought him back to Terras so we could finish the project. I failed to take a picture of Terra's finished product, though! Dang.

I headed back home in time to meet the kids from the bus at 3:30pm. We decided to skip the library. I needed a relaxing evening off. And the kids didn't seem to mind too much. They did chores and homework, then played outside with friends. And a little bit of computer.

And I made a purse for myself! I need to get some new handles, but these will work for the moment.

It was sandwich night for dinner, and I sat out front on a lawn chair for a while getting some warmpth. It was a beautiful evening. Here's me in the sun. AAAAHHHH, blinding!
That's better :)

At 6:30pm, I went to pick up Jake and the neighbor boy, Zach, from the teen center. And made sure that all of the kids were in the house, the friends were gone, and everyone was accounted for. And headed out. I got Jake and Zach, and drove back to post, singing loudly all the way. I asked Zach if his mom sang loud in the car, and he said no. Bummer. Maybe that's just a "me" thing...

At 7:30pm, I made the kids come inside and get ready for Bed. Jim and Joe took a bath, then went to bed. Eme read in her room for a little while. Tom and Jake and I watched an episode of Chuck at 8:00pm, then I put them to bed. It's now 9:10pm, and I'm gonna take a bath and read some in my book. And have a nice relaxing evening. And go to bed early. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?

Tomorrow, I get to have lunch with Leslie. I'm pretty excited to reconnect with her!

UM, yeah, as I was saving this, and blogging from my room, I hear someone screaming BLOODY murder out in the main part of the house. Jim had jumped off of his bed, and a drawer was out from his dresser, and he bonked his nose on it. Yeah, WORST bloody nose EVER! Dripped on each and every carpeted stair and on the hardwood and on the linolium. LUckily, Jake caught him first and gave him a sock to stop the flow. And he bled through a hand towel and a wash rag before it stopped gushing. GROSS!

I got it to stop bleeding, washed him up, put new jammies on him, and brought him back to his room. Yeah, they're SO grounded until it's clean. That room was HORRIBLE!

And I started cleaning up the blood. From all the steps. Yeah, it's gonna take a little bit more work. I'll use the spot remover thing tomorrow. I got most of it up with wipes. It's a good thing little boys are sturdy... And that I have google on my phone to figure out how to get bloody noses to stop bleeding. Cause seriously, it was gushing. SO nasty!

OK, NOW to go and take a bath and read my book. Even though it's now almost 10pm... Grumble, grumble, grumble...

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I just LOVE this one :) Thanks, Sharon! Awesomeness :)


Stephanie said...

If you ever get tired of those earrings I know a good home for them! ;)

Ma Altoastral said...

Morning dear Bethany!Hugs from Brasil!
Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing!Much appreciated! =)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Apr. 13, 2011. Thanks again.

More of Mom's Special Moments said...

You should have told your doctor that its the Gospel that helps you do the great job you do with Jake! Missionary work baby!! :)

deb said...

I'm glad Jim is ok from his "jump." Nosebleeds can be horrid! Thanks for the great word art.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [14 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Marilou said...

Thank you.

Perkypine said...

When my younger son was in high school, he had nose bleeds ALL the time. We tried all the things we'd been told to do, with limited success. Then our youngest daughter came home from BYU on a break, Son had another bad one. Daughter sighed at our feeble attempts, went up to her room, grabbed a tampon and gave it to Son. It worked great! Fortunately, Son & Daughter were the only ones home so no one was around to tease Son... I don't think I'd try that with a bunch of kids over playing with the Siblings because I think that the teasing could get WAY out of hand...

semoharty said...

Babygirl...you looked great today! I could tell you were feeling pleased with yourself because you took lots of pictures of yourself smiling! Also, you were all fixed up. It looked like a really cute outfit. Make sure you have Jake or Tom take a few of you from time to time so I can see your whole cute outfit! Great job on being a super Mom...I don't know of any woman anywhere who is better at it than you!!!! your doting husband....