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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Each Life

My, oh my. It was a bad night Friday night. Most of the day was good. The majority, actually... I think the problem was that Jake was home ALL day long. And he got bored in the evening. And started being mean to people. Well, I'm sure he wasn't being mean in his own head, but he was everyone else. Hurting feelings, hurting people... Sigh.

I sent Joe and Jim to bed, and Jake wouldn't get out of their room. And I snapped. Between the stress of having family come to visit, trying to keep my house clean, and just stress from deployment in general. I was the yelling mom. And I tried to drag him out of the room. One benefit of picking up a little weight is that I did a better job of getting him from one place to another. hehe. Well, I wasn't laughing at the time...

Anyway, we went back and forth, with me pulling him out of the room, then him going back. He said a lot of mean things, and I said a lot of mean things, and I eventually locked myself in my room, sobbing. I wasn't dealing well...

I made sure that the other kids were all in bed, and I popped an Ambien, and laid down. I texted with Terra for a bit until I driffed off to sleep. Apparently, I was texting some random letters to her. LOL!

So I woke up at 6am, feeling MUCH better emotionally. But I had a killer headache. I grabbed a protein bar, some meds, and went back to sleep. And by 8am, it was almost all better. I got up, and we cleaned for a little while, and hung out for a bit, too.

The kids came in like every 5 minutes asking if it was time to go and get grandma. hehe. At 10am, I put on a fresh layer of make up and got ready to go :)

All the kids and I loaded up in the truck, and headed to the airport. We parked, and walked up to the main terminal, then found the arrivals lounge. The kids has a lot of fun watching the airplanes.
And they were SO excited when Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Sue got there! And we headed to baggage claim :)

My mom and dad
My dad

My mom
We gathered up the bags, and headed back to my house. And the truck was SO squishy! hehe. We unloaded the bags, my parent's "freshened up", and we headed out to lunch. At the PX food court. Oh yeah, we're big time. hehe. But my kids LOVE Taco Bell, and we usually don't go there.

I didn't really want Taco Bell, so I got Subway.

Here's Joe
Me and my Dad
Aunt sue and the 3 big kids :)
Aunt Sue and me
Jacob and Aunt Sue
Joe SO didn't want his picture taken. hehe. Joe and Grandma
All 9 of us...
Me and my mom
We walked around Freedom Crossing for a bit, then headed back home. My dad and the kids relaxed and watched some TV or played computers, and my mom and aunt and I (and Joe) headed to the commissary to get some groceries and stuff for the cookout tomorrow.

Check out the GREAT deal on Bananas I got! That whole bag for only $1.29.
She's so funny!

We were there for about an hour, and grabbed all the groceries we needed for a few days. We paid, the bagger helped us out to our car, and we headed home. We got all the groceries put away/locked away (hehe), and changed into our swim clothes. And headed to the pool.

My dad
My mom
We were there for about an hour, and called it quits. Not friends for the kids to play with, and they were bored...

Here's me in the truck. Yeah, going down the slide with a ton of make up on isn't such a great idea. hehe.

We got home, changed clothes, and started on dinner. My mom made this YUMMY creamy pasta stuff. We boiled 2 packages of pasta until done. Then, in a separate sauce pan, we melted 2 packs of cream cheese. Then added in 2 cans of pasta sauce. Then some Parmesan cheese. And melted and combined it. Oh yeah, SO good!

We got 2 loaves of french bread, and split one and smeared it with Butter and garlic, and baked it. The other one was just normal. So yummy and tasty!

After dinner, we sat down to watch a movie. And yeah, it wasn't happening. It was way too loud in here to pay attention. This is when we first turned it on. They watched for like 10 minutes...
Stop, Boxer! I just wanted a nice photo with the dog, not slobbers!

We sat inside and visited for a bit, and sat outside and chatted and warmed up for a while. hehe. Then Mom and Aunt Sue and I went inside to make Banana bread. 4 loaves. And it was SOOOO yummy!

At 9pm, we put the kids to bed, and dad a final round of chores. Once they were asleep, my mom and dad and I went on a walk. And I took the dog. He's crazy. hehe. But towards the end of it, he figured out how to walk nicely by me.

We just did a short loop, since my mom didn't have walking shoes. And the walking trail is gravel. And she just had sandals. Yeah, gravel and sandals and walking is NOT such a great combo...

We were gone for about 30 minutes, and headed back home. It's now 11:16pm. My dad and I are watching a movie. Mom went to bed, and Aunt Sue is sleeping on the couch.

My head is super hurting at this point. It went away during the day, but come back around dinner time. Ouch! I get to pick up more migraine meds on Monday. Unfortunately, I'm out. Boo! Here's to hoping that tomorrow is a fabulous day :)

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Awe, Sharon, LOVE this one. Those oranges/blues/greens go PERFECTLY together! Great job :)


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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Jul. 17, 2011. Thanks again.

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