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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whole Lotta Love

Hello, again :) Sorry about the lack of links yesterday. I could have sworn that I did that... but I guess now. It's totally fixed now, so if you missed it, just click on yesterdays post on the blog, and it'll be there now :)

Joe wasn't feeling well yesterday, so he slept on my couch last night. And then slept in in the morning too. Poor kid. He wasn't really sick, but was feeling a bit puny. He drank a lot of gatorade/poweraid, and I think it was helping.

Jim came in to snuggle for a bit in the morning, and we were all awake at 9am. Aunt Sue was still feeling ichy. Even more so than yesterday. There's such a thing as Sun sickness, right? After you get a sunburn? Gives you flu like symptoms? Diarreah, vomiting, feeling nasty? Poor Aunt Sue..

We spent the morning at home, relaxing and watching TV and chillin'.

That's a happy face for being as sick as she was!

My generic family. Still. I SO need to get some pics of Captain America and I in there!
At 10:30am, I went to Costco with Amanda and Terra, and Aunt Sue decided to stay home to rest. Tom watched the kids. Thanks, Tom! You're the best :)

Amanda picked me up, and we drove over to Terras house, and waited for her to get back from Daycare. Then we went in her van, and headed to Costco. Amanda wanted to get supplies for the birthday party.

We found this when we first walked in. Um, ok. My favorite part was "No More Toilet Paper". ROFL! I guess it washes you off, then dries you off.... ok.....
Um, yeah, after seeing some of these pictures of myself, tomorrow is TOTALLY shower day. Even if we are going to the splash park. ha! Here's Amanda and I
This shagg rug was SOOOO soft! I could have felt it all day. hehe.

I think I was hungry... Everything looked FABULOUS!

OK, so maybe he didn't look fabulous, but he looked cool. hehe.
This guy was HUGE and super soft! Some older ladies saw me, and were giggling at me. hehe.
I told you I was hungry!
I have 3 melons...
Amanda got fruit, and hot dogs, and hamburgers, and buns, and plates, and cups, and chips, and napkins, and potatoes, and a whole cart full of stuff, and we headed to the front. The check out guys were SUPER fast!

We paid (I saw we - hehe. i didn't get anything) and headed to the van. And back to post we went. We unloaded the van at Amanda's house, and Terra and Eryn went off to lunch, and Amanda and I headed to the commissary. Our kids were still at my house, and we decided to buy stuff for hot dogs and have a cook out at my house.

Check out the wagon wheel bench out front of the commissary!
We went to make sure that the commissary still had the cake order for Austin's b-day party, and I snapped a photo of this cake they were making. It was pretty cool.
We grabbed the few things that we needed, and went to the self checkout line.
And headed back to my house. Jake was awake by then, and everyone seemed to be doing ok. We cooked the hot dogs, and fed the kids. Yes, I'm weird. I eat miracle whip on my hot dog. And nothing else...

These chips were SO good. I don't remember what kind they were, but they were fancy BBQ ones. Thanks, Amanda, for getting them for us! SO tasty! We kept those for the grown ups, and gave the cheese puffy ones to the kids. hehe.
I was feeling kinda nasty at the commissary, and decided that if I didn't feel any better after eating lunch, that I was gonna stay home and take a nap. I'd thought about running with Amanda to pick up the birthday pinata. But yeah, I was still feeling nasty.

So after lunch, Amanda and Austin headed out on their errands, Aunt Sue went upstairs to take a nap in Eme's room, and I headed to my room to take a nap. And I took a pill. And felt SO much better when I woke up. I don't know what was the matter, but the nap sure did me good :)

I woke up around 3:30pm, and started cleaning up. And Jake was in a mood. Sigh. Not again. He's usually remorseful for a few days after a blow up. Apparently that's not the case these days.

Well, he got mad about something or another, and was being mean to kids, and disrespectful, and he got grounded from electronics for mouthing off. And was SUPER mad. And cut loose, and decided to swear at me. We don't swear in our family. At all. Even Captain America doesn't swear. Sigh.

I did my best to ignore him, and gathered up all the electronics in the house, and locked it in my room. With the kids. Because I didn't wanna punish them too. So they played in my room for the afternoon.

After about 30 minutes, he calmed himself down. But was still grounded. And then he was bored. Amanda and Brain went to the store to get a b-day present for Austin, and I babysat him for a bit. He played with Joe and Jim, and watched a movie with Jimmy inside Jim's room. They were back in about an hour.

I started some dinner around 5pm. Should have started it earlier, but I do my best. hehe. I bought some leg quarters, or something like that (chicken) at the commissary during it's grand opening, and tonight was the night to cook it.

I arranged the defrosted pieces on 2 baking trays, and sprinkled some seasoning on it (a tomato, basil, and garlic dry seasoning packet). Then I drizzled some balsamic vinegar over it, then some oil. And I baked it at 350 for about an hour. I checked it with a meat thermometer to make sure it was done.

I boiled up a TON of potatoes, and made some mashed potatoes. Skin on, because that's easier. I added butter, and margarine, and some garlic powder, and milk, and parmsean cheese to it. OMHeavens, they were good! I collected the drippings from the chicken, and added a gravy packet to it, then boiled it until gravy consistency. Oh yeah, this was gonna be a tasty dinner :)

We ate around 6:45pm. And Jake was NOT happy that dinner was late. Sigh. That child needs to control his mouth. I"m thinking that when we take him in for his therapy appointment on the 28th, I'll ask about the increased violence and temper and rudeness. Maybe there IS something they can give him to mellow him out. Because with a deployed dad, I don't know how much more of this I can handle...

My dad and Eme and Ella (my sister Madi's 4 year old) got in from Ft Hood around 7pm. They were pretty excited to be there and be out of the car. hehe. It's a 8-9 hour drive! They got some dinner, and we all played and chatted. Then my mom and Madi and Lily (2) got there. They had 2 separate cars.

And the house was chaos. hehe. But fun chaos. The kids had SO much fun running around playing. And playing with the dog, and with each other, and with toys, and what not.

At 8pm, Madi and my mom and I loaded up in the Saturn, and headed to the Mall. Madi had some Gymboree reward dollars to spend, and they expired REAL soon. She found a few things that she liked.

I don't have kids that wear that size, so I wandered down to Charming Charlies (accessories store). And it was about 10-15 minutes until closing. And the woman was closing the door. I asked if it was closed, and she was like, Yeah, it's 9pm.

No, it's only quarter till, I told her. She tried to argue it with me, and finally I was like, fine, I'll go. Then she was like, Well, you can still come in..... Heck no, I don't wanna walk around your store now... ha! Take that, I"m not spending my $$ there. hehe. I showed her. LOL! So I headed back to Gymboree and hung with my mom and sis.

Madi picked what she wanted, paid, and it was time to go. It was 9pm, and everything was closed. We walked back out of the mall, but I couldn't help but notice the naked metal man...
We drove back home, and there were kids everywhere. hehe. They had toys out, and were playing, and were having a GRAND time. It was getting late, so we helped everyone wind down, and go to bed. Joe was sleeping on the top bunk in his room, and grandma and grandpa were on the bottom full bunk.

Eme was in her room, and Madi and Ella and Lily were staying up there too. And Jim was sleeping on the couch in my room. We have a full house, that's for sure! Oh yeah, and Aunt Sue is on the couch. Poor Aunt Sue :)

Anyway, we got the kids to bed, and mom and dad and Jake and I and Boxer headed out for a walk. It started off real good, but at the 1/4 way mark, Jake was trying to run a little bit with Boxer, and Boxer crossed in front of him, tripped him, and Jake went down. And got SUPER mad. Poor Boxer cowered down like he was gonna get beat. I wonder if his previous owners did that.

I ended up walking with Boxer the rest of the time. We did 2 laps around the neighborhood, but Jake went inside after the first lap. He was still mad from falling. Mom and Dad and I and Boxer finished up the laps. It was a nice walk. I could have done a few more :)

We came back home, and chatted for a bit, then everyone went to bed at 11pm. And I came in my room to blog. And here it is, 11:41pm. Tomorrow at 11am, we're going to Biggs park for a b-day party. And then home for the afternoon, and we're planning on a grown ups evening out. Tom is gonna babysit, and Jake is gonna go to the youth center. I don't like leaving him at home with the kids when I'm not here...

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LOVE this one, Sharon! Great colors and clustering :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jul. 23, 2011. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Thanks Bethany...another great WA.
Just to let you know....yesterdays links are still NOT working!
I would love to have that WA too!

Linda said...

I just gotta say I think it is awesome how every Costco looks pretty much the same. The only difference I could see in yours is that there wasn't a tire place behind/beside the cafeteria.


Tammy said...

Thanks so much, Bethany! :)

Ψ Aqua Ψ said...

Awesome wordart Bethany, thanks so much