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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sincerest Desire

Morning, all! Hope your Friday was fantastic :) But I did have strange dreams last night. I dreampt that Captain America came home on R&R, and I was SO excited to see him! And before we made it home, we witnessed a MURDER! And then the bad guys were coming after us, and we had to split up, and try and avoid being killed. Yeah, SO not how I want to spend R&R. So pray that we don't witness a murder on the way home from the airport when he comes, ok? hehe.

I woke up a little after 8am, and came out and hung on the couch for a while. I watched some cartoons, and snuggled with Jimmy.

And around 10am, Maddie asked if I wanted to go on a Walmart run. And yeah, it sounded like fun! At the time. ROFL! We managed to get out with just a few children. Thank goodness! I didn't want a repeat of yesterday and the commissary!

We texted and asked if Amanda wanted to go, and of course she did! And unfortunately, I forgot to look for her answer (I'm a dork, I know...) and we left without her. Finally, she called me, and was like, "Um, you gonna answer your texts!" hehe. We pulled over at Chilis, and she met us there, then hopped in our rig, and off we went.

We'd decided to hit the "Pirate" Walmart. Because it's on Yarrrrrrborogh... I know, cheesey. But we have to call it something, right??? hehe. We parked, and went in. And it was busy, but not too bad. We grabbed the few items that we needed, and looked around for a bit.

And I decided to buy a Wet/Dry vac. See, I wanted to clean out the pool. And I couldn't figure out how to do it. And I figured that an "R2D2" would be able to do it (that's what we call Wet/Dry vacs...). So I put one in the cart.

Lily needed a diaper change, so Maddie went to pay for her stuff and go to the car. We got the last few things that we needed, and headed to pay. And there was Maddie. Still in line. Freakin' Walmart!

There were 8 people in front of me in line. Maddie was 2 people ahead of me. Amanda picked a different line, with 8 people in front of her. And then another lane opened, and she was 2nd in line! Crap!

I hurried over to where she was, and then I was was only 4th in line... And Maddie was still WAY back in her line. Amanda paid, and then I couldn't find Maddie! They'd opened another line, and she was first! SO not fair!... So I waited for the rest of the people in front of me, and FINALLY got a turn. By the time we left, there were a TON of lines open. No one else was having to wait forever. Just me. Aren't I lucky? hehe.

We headed out to the car, and realized that we had a TON of stuff to cram into Maddie's trunk. I hope it all fit! We shoved Amanda and Aunt Sue and Lily into the middle row, and back to Chili's we headed. We dropped Amanda off at her car, and realized that it was time to go and pick up Jake from camp! We didn't have time to go home.

So we headed over to the Milam Youth center, and got there JUST as the bus was unloading kids. PERFECT timing! We got Jake, his luggage, and his meds, and headed home. Jake and Aunt Sue had to hold the giant suitcase on the way home. Oops... It was Walmarts fault. I feel fine blaming it all on them...

We got home, unloaded the car, and started on lunch. I'd bought french bread, sliced it down the middle, spread on spaghetti sauce, topped it with Parmesan cheese, Colby Jack cheese, and Mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni, and baked it at 425 until the cheese was all melty. Oh yeah, it was good!!!

After lunch, I built the Wet/Dry vac. And R2D2 was really pretty easy to assemble. I grabbed an extension cord, and headed outside. And Aunt Sue was my helper. I'd get in the pool, suck up 16 gallons of nasty water off of the bottom of the pool, and Aunt Sue would turn it off, pull the plug, drain it off, replace the drain, and turn it back on.

We found that after about 8 fills, it got tired. And needed to rest. And so did we! We went back inside and cooled off. Then tried it again. This was kinda weird, but every time I went back out to get a few more rounds, R2D2 didn't work. What's up with that. But when i switched outlets, it worked again. I don't know what that was all about...

Finally, I sucked up as much as I could. I re-hooked up the filter/pump, and started filling the pool. And I hopped into the pool, and cooled off. The hose felt SO good. Jim and Joe and Ella and Lily got on their suits, and played for a while too. And I came back inside and got dressed.

And spent some time on my laptop. I designed a few WordArt packs, then got the kids some dinner. Well, if you count heating up some hot dogs... I went all out for lunch. Rofl! The girls and I decided to go to the movies AFTER the little kids went to bed. Oh yeah! GNO!

And then my glasses broke. What the crap! SO not cool. The one side was already gorilla glued together. But the stem broke off, fell on the floor in the kitchen, and was GONE. Seriously. I couldn't find it. Even with Aunt Sue helping me, I couldn't find it. I grabbed an old pair of sunglasses, unscrewed a stem, and tapped it on my glasses with a bandaid. Oh yeah, I go all out...

Here's my kids, hanging on a Lazy Saturday

We got the kids to bed, and headed out to Bassett Center near my house. We got tickets for the movie "Crazy, Stupid Love", looked around the mall for a bit, then headed in to get seats. And it really was a GREAT movie!

Oh yeah, I'm styling...
Maddie and I and Amanda in the Jewelry Box (In Disguise!)

What do you think? Should Aunt Sue and I get some? hehe

Here's me with the Transformers poster
Amanda and I and Kung Fu Panda!
Aunt Sue and I
The movie was hysterical! I loved it :) But then, I love Steve Carell. And that other dude in it was great to look at. hehe. My favorite part was when the girl said that he looked like he'd been Photoshopped! ROFL!

We stopped by the bathroom on the way out, then headed home. And got a bit giggly. And then came in through the gate, and the gate guard spent WAY too long looking at our ID's, and asked Aunt Sue if shew as buckled. But Amanda heard "Bubbled". You had to be there, but we were trying our best not to bust out laughing.

Amanda dropped us off, we put the big kids to bed, and I sat down to blog. Aunt Sue and I watched some TV as I blogged, and here it is, 11:47pm. We've gotta get up at 7:30am tomorrow morning for church. Yawns! I'm sleepy :)

Night, all! Sleep well, and have good dream :)

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What a lovely faithbooking layout, Sharon! It's perfect :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Aug. 07, 2011. Thanks again.

Tammy said...

What a beautiful thought for today's word art. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [08 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Tahsha said...

So I spent the evening downloading some of your word art that I'm going to add to a board I'm making to help motivate and inspire me each day. i;m trying to make some changes in my life, so your word arts will help! Thanks!

lexann said...

Thanks for all of your WordArt - Love it! As for your glasses, my daughter just ordered 2 pair for under $30 from zenioptical.com We love their glasses!

lexann said...

oops - 3 pair for under $30