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Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey, my friends :) Another Sunday. Started out like most Sunday's. Got up at 7:30, got kids ready, and realized that I forgot to turn off the hose last night. So the pool was filling all night And when I checked on it, the filter had leaked, and the backyard was flooded. Crap. At least it'll dry quickly. I fixed it real fast, turned off the water (the pool was filled mostly, at least!), and finished getting read.

The kids didn't fight getting ready too much. Only Jake gave me minimal problems. He said none of his pants fit, and insisted on wearing khaky shorts. I guess it could have been worse...

We got to church, and we were late. Cause of the pants thing. And we had to sit in the hall for sacrament, then moved to the front row of the chapel for the rest of the meeting. And Joe started freaking out about 1/2 way through, and I had to use my ear skills to get him out and into the hall. And put him in a corner. And had to take him to the bathroom for a spank before he settled down. And then only a little.

After Sacrament, I deposited him in his class, and told them to PLEASE not bring him back to me until after church. hehe. I said to give him to some big guy if he starts acting up. hehe. Just kidding :)

I made sure that Jake went to his class (ha!), then went to sunday school with Aunt Sue and Maddie. And it was long. Our teacher likes to monolog...

Anyway, we went to Relieft Society next, and the president, Sis. Plotts, gave a WONDERFUL lesson about Visiting Teaching. And I found out that she's my visiting teacher. I haven't had one since I moved into this ward... Um, yeah, I could have used one at times.... There's been some stressful times this past year. Oh well, I made it through, right?

We picked up the kids after church, and headed home. And I knew that Jake went to his Young M3ns class, because he told me that he left the class at EXACTLY 1200, because that's when class was supposed to get over. Nice... Sorry, Young Mens presidency!

We headed home, and I cooked burritos for lunch. And again, the kids thought that they were starving. The poor things. hehe. I cooked 1 lb of turkey burger, 1 lb of chorrizo, 2 big cans for beans, a bit of salsa, and a bit of quezo. It was quite good, actually. Then made burritos with that and sour cream and cheese. And cut them in halves, and we all sat at the table and ate.

Except Jim. He threw a fit and refused to say the food prayer. So he went to his room. When he settle3d down and asked to come out, I told him that he needed to say a food prayer by himself in his room, THEN he could come out. Eme had said the prayer for us. Eventually, Jake helped him figure it out, and he got to eat. Stubborn little turd :)

After lunch, I told the kids that they could have TV privileges after their chores were done, and their rooms were cleaned. And it took the better part of the day for them to get it done. It took a little bit of threatening, but they did it. And by threatening, I mean threatening to eat their chocolate they were earning. hehe. I'm so mean :)

Once everything was cleaned, the kids decided to just play for a while, and the grown ups watched a movie on Netflix. You Again. It was pretty cute. We'd bought the kids some crafty things to do, and they all sat at the table or outside at the patio table to create them. I think they had fun. They made a mess, but they had fun. Ha!

I did spend quite a bit of time laying on the couch today. hehe. Lily came and laid by me for a bit, and she decided to decorate my face with the rest of her stickers. hehe.

Jimmy and I snuggled for a bit too

The pool had finished filling, and I was almost ready to open it up for a few hours. So I decided to come back inside and get out my laptop and be on it for a bit. And look at the lovely surprise waiting for me.... Freaking laptop...
It was fine last night. And I had it under the couch the whole time. So I have no idea how it got cracked. If I hook it up to a TV screen, it works just fine. Just like last year. I was a little shocked, but knew that nothing I could do would change anything, so I just left it alone, and went outside and took pictures of kids, and hung with my family. sigh.

It was 102 today. And most of the spillage was dried up. Thank goodness! We made the kids get out of the pool at 7:30pm, and then go to bed. The therapist said that it takes kids 2 weeks to get on a new schedule, and school starts in 2 weeks, so today was the first day of early bedtime, and tomorrow will be the first day of getting up early, Oh joy! hehe.

I got the little boys to bed, with minimal fights. And only had to re turn the lights out about 4 times. Freakin kids. ha!

Jake and Tom and Eme went to bed at 8pm. Eme had to move into Toms room, so that the little girls didn't have to wake up at 6:30am. No ones wants that. hehe. Tom wasn't thrilled, but he liked the idea better than it being Joe or Jim. I guess you have to look at the other alternatives, right? hehe.

Maddie3 and Aunt Sue and I watched a movie, and I grabbed a crappy little 10inch laptop to blog on. And it's SO uncool. The keyboard is tiny, and I keep hitting the number row and all the wrong keys. It's now 9:11pm, and I'm done blogging. And my head hurts. I think I must be internalizing the broken laptop. I don't wanna buy a new one right now. But I need it for work. Because it needs to be portable. I can't hide out in my room forever....

Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day. Tom or Jake are going to Horse Camp. Jake is signed up, but doesn't wanna go now. And Tom might go if we can switched spots for them. We;ll see tomorrow morning.

And the little kids have piano camp from 10-1130. Should be a good time :) I also wanna go to Savers and get Jake some more pants. Because the ones he has now don't fit :)

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Gail said...

Hey Bethany! You misspelled tattoo! :)

mrs_sweetpeach said...

Heya, Sweet Bethany. I hate to tell you this, but there are three Ts in tattoo.
Will you fix it?

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Aug. 08, 2011. Thanks again.

Allanna said...

Bethany, maybe you could just order a new screen for your laptop ... My sister-in-law did that when one of her kids broke their laptop's screen. It's a cheaper option than getting a whole new laptop. Take care! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [09 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria