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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stop and Stare

Hey, guys. Well, it was a SUPER long day today. My alarm went off at 7:30am instead of 6:30am. We'd gone to bed after midnight, so I figured that I could sleep in a bit. ha! I grabbed Elmo and came out to the couch and snuggled with various children. ha! And eventually woke up. And had breakfast, and got the kids ready, and set up my laptop. It was super easy to get turned on and registered, but I couldn't get it to connect to the internet. Oh well, I'd try when I got home.

At 9:45am, the 5 kids and I loaded up in the truck and headed to piano camp. Maddie and her kids went to the thrift store, and Aunt Sue was spending a quiet morning at home. And we got out without too much fighting and carrying on. We got there 2 minutes late. Not bad, considering we had 6 people to get ready. They hadn't started yet, so it was all good.

Eme and Joe and Jim went to class, and Jake and Tom and I sat down in the lobby with our computers. I had a few things on my portable EHD to install on my new laptop. But I didn't have all the files that I needed, so I did what I could, and played Angry Birds the rest of the time. I suck at that game. ha!

I was supposed to chat with Captain America on Skype, but to my phone, he wasn't on Skype (but he was). And to his computer, I wasn't on Skype (but I was). So frustrating! Jim decided that he was done with piano lessons after about an hour, and came out to lay on the floor and not participate. Nice...

Tom and I watched part of a movie when Angry Birds got too boring. ha! (not really boring, I just got tired of sucking so bad...)
At 11:30, piano lessons were done, and we all loaded up and headed over transmountain to the West Side. The Dentist is VERY close to the Stake Center. So I knew right where we were going. Of course, the kids didn't think so. ha! Jim thought that I was lost. I was SO not lost! The kids were SO extremely excited about the dentist!

We got there right on time, I filled out some updated information, and went and sat down. And it wasn't even 5 minutes before they took ALL the kids back at the same time, and told me to just relax in the waiting room. Oh yeah! I organized some info on the EHD, and transferred stuff between Tom's computer and the EHD and my computer. I'm so tech savvy, huh? LOL!
A whole ton of kid electronical crap. ha!
The kids got cleaned and flourided, then came back to the waiting room. I left Tom in charge of the electronics, and I went back to talk with the lady in charge. She broke down the "damage", and what needed done. Jake had GREAT teeth. No cavities. But she recommended sealants on all the teeth. $150 ish. Tom had one cavity that could be fixed with no drugs, then sealants. $175. Eme had quite a few cavities that needed caps and a few pulpomoties. Those are harsh.

Joe was even worse. He had cavities and needed some pulpomoties and a tooth that couldn't be saved. But it wasn't supposed to grow back in until he was around 10, so he needed a spacer. His was pretty spendy.

But Jim's was the most expensive. About $500. I can't remember all the crap that needed done. They needed to use laughing gas with all 3 kids. And it makes them super loopy. Great. ha! At least I had Jake and Tom with me.

And I felt really bad that I couldn't get it all fixed last year when we were at the doctor. But the savings got spent on something else. Luckily, I had enough saved over the past year to pay for it all. $1500 worth of dental work. I transferred money out of savings, and paid. Then went back out and sat down so they could do the work RIGHT then. Oh yeah, that's service! No future appointments, just get it all done now! I was pleased :)

Jake was the first one out. Of course, he was just getting sealants. And then Tom. They both got their ice cream and were happy. And they said that it was gonna take about another hour for the rest of the kids.

Jake and I chatted for a while, and he wanted to watch me play BeJeweled. Ha! It makes my head hurt, though. hehe. And he tried to convince me that I wanted to buy him this $100 tooth brush. Yeah, not gonna happen...
Here's the free one that he got. He'll have to settle for this! hehe :)

Receptionist desk
And then they brought out Jim. And he was a mess! The lady said that Jim had done FABULOUS during the procedure, but seemed to be dealing with the laughing gas not so well. He was crying and sobbing and SUPER noisy. Poor kid. I think he was bothering the other people in the lobby, but I couldn't do anything about it. Eme and Joe were still back there. The lady offered to help me take Jim to the car, but yeah, we have NO AC. I'm not going there. hehe. People would just have to deal.

And Jake was getting SUPER frustrated with the crying. Eventually he went to the other room to watch the TV. His poor autistic self could NOT handle the loud noise.

And then Eme came out. She was only a little bit loopy. Not crying, but still not clear in the head. You can see it in her eyes. hehe.
And finally they brought Joe out. And I had Jake and Tom gather up all the electronics, and I got Jim, and a lady got Joe, and a lady got Eme, and we all went to the car. And got them in (it was harder than it sounded - ha!), and buckled, and the lady brought us all the stuff that was left inside (there was a BUNCH of stuff to gather), then we headed out.

Jim sat in the very back, Tom sat in the front, and Eme and Joe and Jake were in the middle. Jake decided that he was going to take care of Joe and Eme. And he was FABULOUS! He wiped chins, and fed kids ice cream, and was caring and loving to them. He was amazing.

We stopped at Circle K, and I ran in and got everyone a slurpee. Or whateever they call it at Circle K. And me a soda and a hot dog. I was starving. But the kids weren't supposed to have solids yet. And we headed back home.

Jim and Joe both fell asleep after crying for about 10 minutes. Jake helped Joe inside, Aunt Sue helped Eme, and I helped Jim. Tom got the electronics from the truck. And the kids were so stoned. hehe. Joe kept trying to army crawl to the bathroom. For whatever reason. And after putting him in a chair, he'd try to jump out of it. He wasn't all there!

Jim just laid on the couch and whimpered. Poor kid. And cried. And wailed. And that was about all that Jake could handle. Luckily, it was time to take him to the Youth Center. He's in the "Go Live" club at the Milam youth Center. He got to be the camera man AND the editor today. He was pretty excited.

Oh yeah, here's the photos that were taken of Jim and Eme at the dentist today. Not sure where Joe's went. Maybe in the trunk?

Oh yeah, and here's Joe's teeth.

And Eme's Teeth
Jimmy wanted nothing to do with the photos...

So Aunt Sue and I loaded up Jake in the car, and headed to the youth center. And dropped him off around 4:30pm, and then headed to the commissary. The little kids needed soft foods. We bought some pudding and yogurt and jello and applesauce. And some microwave dinners for the rest of us. And paid, and headed back home.

Here's us in the store, at the Halloween Candy display. Can you believe it's already that time!

And as we were leading the bagger to our car, I found a slug bug, and yelled it out at him. He kinda looked at me like I was a little nuts. ha! I asked if he played the game, and he said no. Then I explained the game of UPS to him. hehe. I'm sure he was glad when we finally found our car, and he could go back inside. hehe.

We came home, got the kids some food, ate our own food, and spent the rest of the evening at home. We put on a show for the recovering kids to watch, and just hung out for a while. At 7pm, Aunt Sue and I headed back over to pick up Jake. He'd had a GREAT time! Then back to the house we came.

No chores tonight, not with recuperating kids. The house is gonna be SO trashed tomorrow. hehe. At 7:45pm, I put Joe and Jim to bed. They weren't feeling very good. Not very good at all. I even gave Jim some Motrin. Poor kid. He was worried that he'd still feel sick tomorrow. Pray that they all feel better.

Jake and Tom and Eme went to bed at 8:15pm, and Jake kept coming out and out and out. Sigh. Aunt Sue and Maddie and I played on laptops and watched Psych. I finally got my internet to work (I was seriously about ready to take it back!), and am trying to get my WordArt files transferred to the EHD. So I can put them on the new computer. What a pain, you know? I hate starting all over again...

Anyway, it's now 10:02pm. Tomorrow, Jake has to be to the Youth Center at 8am. He's going to Horse Camp for the last 3 days. And then piano camp at 10am. Then Jake has his first one on one therapy session at 2pm. Busy day again! Not sure what we'll do during piano camp. Last time, we went to Fallas and Big Lots. What else is over there? Hmmm, there's a Dollar Tree and Goodwill on that stretch... And a Walmart relatively close, too!

Thursday is gonna be the super busy day. Jake has horse camp at 8am. Tom has 6th grade registration at 8:30am, and Jake has freshman registration at 9am. I swear it said 1pm online for Jake. That's not helping my plan any. I'm gonna have to call them tomorrow and get it straight...

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OooOoo, beautiful clustering, Sharon! This one is great!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Aug. 10, 2011. Thanks again.

Tammy said...

I am flabbergasted by how much you get done every day! You're an amazing person :) Thank you for the word art!

Shelly said...

Wow! What a day. I hope the kids woke up feeling better, especially poor little Jim. And to think you do all of that in a car with no air conditioning! I don't know how you survive that with the extreme heat you have. You're definitely a wonder woman!

I googled pulpomoties to see what your kids had to have done and it came up as porn movies. I'm pretty sure that's not what your kids were doing back there. roflmbo

The sealants are one of the best investments you can make. We had them done for our daughter even though we didn't have dental insurance, because she had major enamel issues due to health problems. At 24 she has never had a cavity since getting her sealants.

I love the word art!!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [11 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria