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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Hard Day's Night

Hello Saturday. I think I love you - hehe. I slept in till around 9am. And it felt good. Super good. OK, so maybe it was 8am. And maybe I messed around on my phone till 9am. But I was in my room. Alone. With no kids. And no one bugging me. So it's all good...

I grabbed my computer, and went out to join the kids. They were watching TV or something. Jake was sleeping on the couch. He still didn't feel good. Everyone else was feeling pretty good. And we spent the rest of the morning doing not much of anything.

I was in and out of my room, on and off of the computer. Eme went to mail some letters at one point, and checked the mail. And my new purse had arrived! I'd ordered it from eBay a while back! Apparently, when I'm getting used to Topomax, I buy things. hehe. I bought this a while back - ROFL! At least it's pretty, right?

I decided to paint Halloween things on my nails. It sounded like fun! Too bad it didn't turn out too good. Oh well. My heart was in the right place. Here's a ghost.
A jack-o-lantern
Frankenstein, a moon (NOT a banana), and a vampire.
We were watching episodes of The Office and some Backyardigans. The kids were having fun hanging with me :)

At 3pm, we all decided to go to the on post library and watch the movie they were playing for the kids. The Mummy. I wanted to use my new yellow purse, so I decided to go with a yellow shirt and yellow accessories. hehe :) Cute, huh? LOL!
I brought the leftover cupcakes from Eme's birthday, and some carrots, and Amanda popped some popcorn and brought some dill dip and some Capri Suns. The kids watched the movie, and the grown ups played on their laptops. It was a great afternoon. I got a few WordArt packs designed, and made up the invite for my Halloween party :)

And we headed out to the Dollar Tree. I told the kids that they could each have something if they were well behaved. Amanda and Austin followed in their car. We were there for about 30 minutes, found what we needed, and paid. And on the way out, we ran into Sister Soderborg from 1st Ward :)

We headed to Walgreens, let the kids sit in the car (it's ok with a 12 and 14 year old to supervise - and it's not hot anymore- and they had snacks) and Amanda and I each got a Cover Girl lipgloss. Together, we paid $1.06. That's only 53 cents a piece!!! Not bad for Cover Girl lipgloss, huh??? hehe. Pretty, huh?
We headed back to the truck, and headed back to post. And I headed straight to the Shoppette. Amanda and Austin headed home. I was out of gas. In fact, when we were leaving the Dollar Tree, the truck almost didn't start. Crap!

We got through the gate, and pulled up to the Cassidy Shoppette. And the pump we pulled up to didn't work. It said to go inside and talked to the register. I went inside and the line was SO long. Yeah, totally not waiting. So I got back inside the truck, and drove to the Jeb Stuart shoppette by the house.

See, the deal is, you put in 8 gallons of gas, get a reciept, and you get a free snack! One month is might be a Twizzlers. One month is might be a Snickers. One month a Kit Kat. This month it's a Honey Buns.

I put in 8 gallons of gas, and stopped it. And sent Tom in to get my free Honey Buns. Then put in 8 more gallons of gas, and sent Jake in to get the Honey Buns. Then put in 8 more gallons of gas, and sent Eme in to get the Honey Buns. The guy next to us filling up his truck was getting a kick out of us and our little "freak show". He didn't know about the promotion...

I put in 8 more gallons, and sent Joe in to get a Honey Buns, then put the nozzle in for the last time, but it only had 4 more gallons left to fill it up. The dude next to us gave us his receipt because he had SO much fun watching us go in and out getting donuts. hehe. So I went in to get one more Honey Buns.

So we had 5 Honey Buns, one for each kid. I don't like them. So it worked out perfectly. I set them all on top of the pump, and took a picture.
I'd let Amanda keep my laptop safe in her car while we went to the Dollar Tree, so we needed to swing by her house and pick it up after the gas station. And my kids LOVED getting the free stuff, by the way. They wanted to come with my EVERY time we got gas from now on. hehe. New favorite thing to do - hehe :)

We swung by Amanda's house, and she was out visiting with the neighbors. And all the kids were outside playing. So we all got out and stayed and visited too. Jake went inside and saw Nick for a bit, and our kids played for about an hour. It was a good time.

We headed home around 8pm, and the kids did some chores. And got the house all cleaned. The were all feeling a lot better. But I think they were still kinda germy. I didn't want to take the chance of infecting the whole ward, so I'm planning on keeping my walking petri dish of a family home tomorrow from church. hehe. Anyway, I told them that if the house was clean when they went to bed, that when they woke up, that they could watch TV. So they cleaned :)

I worked on cleaning my room, and it was looking pretty good when I settled down for the night. Gotta go through a little cleaning spurt every once in a while, right?

Oh yeah, here's a new pictures of Baby Jack that I got from Maddie. He's a cutie, huh?

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Lovely work, Sharon! Loving the dark color, and that Photo is fabulous!

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