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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Longest Day

Hey, hey, hey :) What's going on in your neck of the woods? Me? I'm sleepy here. Sure, it's not quite 10pm here. Yet. But I feel like it's midnight. You know me. I know how to pack 18 hours into a 12 hour span. hehe.

So I woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off this morning, got ready for Seminary, and out the door we went. I was SUPER thirsty. I made a 64 oz diet cool aid drink for myself, and had it mostly finished off by the time I was back home from Seminary. Sometimes our bodies just KNOW when we need water, right???

We got back to post, and I hustled to get the kids ready and out the door. And I tried to get photos of all the kids with their new hair cuts. Well, of the boys anyhow. Eme didn't get a buzz. But she's still cute!

Jim's new hair!
Jake's new hair!
Jake and I
Smile, Joe. It's not so bad...

Really, Joe. I did a good job with your hair. Some mom's pay a lot of money for hair like yours.... Really, they do....

He wasn't buying it. The bus left, and Rebecca and I and a few other moms stood around gabbing. And she agreed to come to Savers with us! And she said that she'd drive! So I headed home, and texted with the girls for the next 30 minutes, and got a firm head count on who all was coming. Me and Amanda and Rebecca and Kim (the girl from the park the other night) were all gonna be riding in Rebecca's van. Crystal and Cole were gonna meet us there. Kari and Josephine were gonna meet us there. Margot and Emma may meet us there. It was gonna be a grand group! I love me some savers, you know!

I finally put the phone away (hehe), and went to get changed. I gathered up my donate stuff, got my stuff together that I needed to give back to Kari, then headed outside. Soon my ride was there, and it was time to go. We got the other ladies, and headed across town. And had a WONDERFUL time shopping. It was SUCH A fun group.

I found a few things for myself, and something for everyone. Eme got some new capris, Joe and Jim got some new shirts, Tom got a Sunday Sweater, Jake got a new shirt, Joe and Jim got some shoes. All in all, it was a good Savers day. And I got to take some good friends there.

And we stuck to our time schedule. I was supposed to get in line to pay by 10:30, and be out the door by 10:45. And I was! So that I could be pack on post by 11:00am. And we pulled back on post at 11:05am! Oh yeah! But because Captain America and I had JUST chatted 2 hours the day before, he opted to work on his paper, and I opted to go to lunch with the girls. Mutual compromise.

We dropped Amanda off at home so she could have lunch with her hubby before he left for the field for a while, and Rebecca and Kim and I headed for lunch at L&J's. We were meeting Terra there!

It's SO yummy! But the salsa was a bit hot today! See, this is what it made my mouth do!
Here's ,my yummy taco salad! LOVE it so much! I ended up eating all the meat, all the shredded lettuce, and 1/3 of the bowl. The big lettuce got left. This broken tooth thing is REALLY cramping my style...
The girls REALLY liked L&J's, of course. It's super tasty. One of these days, I'm gonna get something that is NOT taco salad. ha! That would be something, right!!!

We ate and chatted and ate and chatted some more. And paid, and headed out. Rebecca dropped me off at my house. I changed into something new from Savers, grabbed Amandas bag of stuff from Savers (she'd forgotten it when we dropped her off), and headed over to her house. We were headed to the East side again.

Here's me with a pair of Vampire teeth at Amanda's house. I'm cool, huh?
First stop, Walmart on Montana. See, I was supposed to bring Margot phone back to her at Savers. She lives on that side of town. And way back when when my "house" cell phone died and she offered to let me have her old one and then it didn't work with verizon, well, yeah, she needed it back. And i was supposed to bring it with me. And I forgot it. So now we were meeting her over in her neck of the woods. And she lives super close to the Montana Walmart. So here we were.

We texted here, then went inside to buy some of that yummy fruit in the frozen isle. Yeah, we used to think that the Costo frozen tropical fruit was all that.... Not so much. I was playing it up in my mind. That Walmart stuff is SO much better. Really. The Papaya in the Costco bag is freaking NASTY! And the strawberries are way too big. The pineapple is gross. I don't like it. Not good.

We got a few other things, and ended up in the Halloween isle. And you can imagine what the 2 of us do in the Halloween isle....

We paid, and met Margot outside. We were sitting on a bench when she pulled up. We gave her the phone, then Amanda made me call the dentist. Before we drove off. Because I had the number, I just needed to call. OK, fine! I know, I needed to do it. I'd taken Motrin and Tylenol this AM just to make it through the day.... Point taken...

I got an appointment for November 1st at 1:30. OK, so I'll just eat soup until then. And check really carefully on one side. Sounds perfect....

We headed to the Dollar tree next. She wanted some Halloween stuff. We found what we were looking for, paid, and headed out again. And about 1/2 way back to post, I got a call back from the dentist. They had a cancellation for tomorrow, and they could see me at 3pm!!! Oh yeah! Tomorrow is MUCH better than November 1st! Sure, I'm gonna have to miss the library, but I think I can manage :) hehe.

We went straight to the bus stop, and hung with the girls. We stayed for quite a bit after the kids got there chatting, then eventually found our way home. I had the kids clean, and we put away all our savers stuff. I helped the boys clean their room for a while, and then it was time for me to take Jake to his Therapy appointment. I'd asked Kari if she would take Eme and Joe to Soccer, and she said she would.

Jake and I headed out, and we dropped off a shirt at Maggie's house for little Jacob. I'd found it at Saver's and it was PERFECT for little Jake! hehe.

Jake and his therapist worked on watching a video about how to make and keep friends. She said that although he just raved about how many friends he has, he was raptly watching the video - hehe. Good for you, Jake! They are still working on Anger and agression and facial expressions.

Oh yeah, someone stole Jake's MP3 player out of his backpack today at school. He got done with his work early in class, so he took a nap. And someone messed with his stuff, opened his backpack, and took it. He wasn't too pleased. I guess that's why the school takes a "we are not responsible for your crap" policy.... Sorry, Jake... I did tell you.... That's very unfortunate :(

We headed home at 6pm, and Joe and Eme got home at 6:40pm. I made some French Toast out of Texas Toast. They had 2 pieces of French Toast with Sugar Free syrup and a cup of Frozen Costco fruit. We did some more chores, and I put the kids to bed a little before 8pm.

I sat down in my room to work on a work project. I was a day late. Freakin' Topomax. It's messing me up. Well, It's a residual mess up. It messed me up last month, and it's carried over to this month. Right when I should have been working last month and being organized, my brain was fried. So I didnt' know what I was doing. So I blocked that part out. Or something like that.

Anyway, I got my work project done, uploaded to the correct folder, and hopefully did it right. And yeah, ,my sales have been SO bad. So now I have to try and decide what I can do to fix those. And why they have been declining this past year.

What do y'all think? Has the market just changed? Do you think that I have been doing something different? I have been releasing the same amount of stuff, right? 5 packs a week, every week? Same price. Same quantity. Did the market just shift? And I missed it? I'm really baffled? I haven't changed anything, yet my sales have totally bottomed out.... I'm a bit worried....

Anyway, it's now almost 10:30pm and I need to go to sleep. I need to think about this some more. Maybe pondering it while I think will be a good thing. Just as long as I don't get nightmares about it, right???? hehe :)

Night, all!!!

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Dude, Sharon, I feel like that A LOT of the time. hehe. You captured my day in Scrapbook Page Layout - hehe. Good job! hehe. Great page - ha!


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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Oct. 18, 2011. Thanks again.

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [18 Oct 09:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria