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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Music Man

Hey guys - sorry to leave you hangin' this morning - hehe. I was puking my guts out last night - SO not cool... Even thinking about pulling the computer out made me wanna puke. NOT good. Not good at all.

I woke up at normal time for Seminary, got ready, and took a picture of Jake's room. Someone was asking me about how much space he had. Well, here ya go. He's got a little dresser or two in there. Not much space, but a little bit....
We headed to Seminary, I napped, then we headed home. I got the kids ready for school, Tom headed to the bus, and we finished getting ready. Then headed to the bus stop. Jake came up to see us, and then he and I walked back home. We found his goofy little tennis ball on the ground, and put it in the crack in someones backyard wall, and thought it was funny - hehe.

Jake left for school, and I decided to get ready for our "clean out the car" day. Cause see, it looks like someone got naked and had a Burger King meal in the backseat... Freaking kids... Maggie and Amanda and Kari and I were gonna vacuum and steam clean our cars. My vehicle is larger than everyone elses, and nastier, so I figured I'd start first. hehe. And get everything set up. I got the MP3 player set up, and the Shop Vac set up, and the Steam Cleaner set up. And then the trunk set all cleaned out.

And then the dentist called. The had a cancellation, and could bump me up to 10:15am. Good, because now I could go to the library with my peeps after school. Bad, because now I couldn't clean my truck...

Kari came over, and cleaned her car, and I left for the dentist around 9am. When I went inside to get changed, I found Boxer on the couch with an old contain of pink frosting, licking his lips... nice one Boxer. Before I could get a picture, he'd hopped down off the couch.

I left Kari cleaning, and headed out to the dentist. I only got a little lost, but made it there right on time. I filled out some forms, and they took me back. And the bad news was that my tooth with the hole was gonna need a root canal. Poor tooth.

The good news was that someone with a lot of work that day had canceled, so they had time for the root canal that day! Well, if that's good news. Good that it was getting done, I guess. hehe. I was having fun, at least. See, I look like I'm having fun. You know me, I have fun at EVERYTHING I do :) ha!I chatted with the dr and with the ladies and all that I could throughout the procedure. And afterwords. It took about 2 hours. I headed home afterwords. Here's me trying my best to smile. Giving it my BEST smile. hehe.
When I got home, I texted Amanda, and she and I headed out for our Errands. She needed to go to Ashley furniture. We waited and waited and waited forever more to get to pick out her new stools. That place is SO dumb. Finally, we were told that she had $59 a piece for 2 new stools. She found 2 in a similar price range. She ended up paying $40 over for 2 tall chairs. Not horrible, I guess. It took forever. Here's the view while we were waiting..
After Ashley, we headed to Wendys. Somewhere with something soft to eat. Chili and Frostys. Sounded good to me! hehe :) I got a big soda, a chili, and a Berry frosty. DiVine! I was SO excited!

But my mouth was SO freakin' numb, I couldn't make it work. hehehe :)

My chili was pretty spicy, and I was having a hard time chewing, but I managed. Some of the pieces looked kinda pink, but I figured it was beef, and it couldn't hurt me, right? Right??? I guess if I got sick, I'd know, right???
Amanda dropped me off at my house at 2:45, and I vacuumed out my truck. It looked SO much better when I was done. I don't know how long I can keep it up, but I sure do like it relatively clean better than a trash heap.

And about 3:15, I started to feel SUPER nauseated. I'm not sure why, but it was SUPER bad! And i noticed that I'd cut my finger, too. Crap.

I washed my hands real good, and started in on the rice crispy treats.
I had a ginormous bag of Fruity Marshmallows, and I made Rice Crispy Treats out of them. They would have been super tasty, but Maggie came over JUST as they were needing to be stirred constantly, asking if I wanted a ride to the bus stop. And I left them unattended for a few seconds too long, and they burned. Oops. Yeah, I'm totally blaming it on Maggie. hehe. Sorry, my dear. LOL.
So, I sucked up the feeling of puking, gathered up my rice crispy treats, grabbed my laptop and my soda, and headed to the bus stop. I got my kids, and we all headed to the library. And I realized that I didn't know where Tom was. He should have been home by now.

I wondered if he'd stayed after school for Ross Fit. Or if he'd gotten a bus pass and went to the Youth Center? I call the youth center, but they hadn't seen him. But then, maybe the bus wasn't there yet. They said they'd call if they heard from him.

So the longer the movie went on at the library, the worse I felt. A few times, I had to put my head down on the table. I broke out in a sweat a few times.

And I was trying to decide if the chili was making me sick. Or if it was the dairy from the frosty. It seems that dairy has been making me feel a bit sick a lot lately. Or is maybe I'd finally gotten that stomach bug that was going around. Or, if maybe it was a reaction to the root canal? The numbness was finally wearing off. I didn't know.

But at around 5pm, I had to practically dash to the bathroom. I barely made it. Some woman was in there, and I almost didn't make it. She came out, and I barely made it in the toilet! It was nasty. Chocolate slim fast from breakfast mixed with Berry Frosty and Chili. Lovely, huh??? Definitely not as good coming back up...

I went back with my peeps, and felt a tad bit better, and only puked one more time while at the library. Then headed home after the movie. And yeah, that's all I did the rest of the day. I went to bed as soon as I got home. The kids were on their own.

Kari came and got Joe and Jim for Soccer. Leo and Joe did their homework while Josephine and Jim practiced. My big kids did their own thing. I slept. And tried my best not to barf. I didn't even blog. Or watch tv. Or move. Or anything. I just rested. And tried not to think. And my teeth hurt. It was not good.

So there you have it. Jake was good to help me out. He put the little kids to bed. I did wake up at 10:30pm and turn out the lights in the house. That's about all I did last night.

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Awesome layout, Sharon! Check out that guitar AND harmonica! That's awesome! hehe :)


Jim said...

I'm so sorry you had such a miserable day.
But hey, you can't just say you're missing a kid, and then leave us hanging! Where was he? Did he eventually turn up?

Bethany said...

Oh yeah, and I totally forgot to tell you about Tom yesterday. So he never shows up after school. Turns out, he went to Ross Fit, the after school PE thing, from 3-4. And his coach lets him leave a few minutes early to get in the gate. But they locked the Jeb Stuart gate by our house at 4pm or a few minutes early. And he couldn't get in. So he had to walk CLEAR around to the Robert E Lee Gate, like 4-5 miles away... And it took an exta hour... So he didn't get home till 5pm... So yeah, that's where Tom was. And I was so sick, I didn't even notice really. I'm SO sorry, Tom. Bad mom moment...

Browntigger said...

I hope you are feeling better by now! Poor you!

Tink said...

I hope you feel better today. The chili meat looks like its raw! I had the same thing happen to me from chicken at KFC awhile ago..

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Oct. 20, 2011. Thanks again.