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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cookie Crumbles

Today was the day!!!! hehe :) Can you tell that I was excited. LOL :) Cause I'm a HUGE Twilight fan... I woke up at 6:45am, normal time, and started getting kids ready for school. A little before 7am, right before Tom was supposed to go to the bus, he went in the backyard with the dog. But the dog didn't have a collar. Because it had broken outside the other day.

And yeah, the dog jumped the fence. Then Tom went and tracked down the dog and pulled him back home by the scruff of his neck. And I didn't even know! Sigh. Cause Tom is usually gone around this time. I just thought that he'd skipped prayer and gone to the bus.

He got back at 7:15. Around the time that we were supposed to be taking the little kids to the bus. Definitely had missed the Ross bus. Crap. So I had ALL the kids load up in the truck, and I drove the little kids to be bus stop, and we waited until the but was parking and loading children until I drove off.

I dropped Tom off outside the gate (he can walk part of the way), and headed back to post and started cleaning. Cause my house was uber messy. Overly uber messy.

And it looked a lot better when I was done. Well, it looked good if you'd seen the before picture. hehe. Clean is relative, right? ha! I facebooked messagened Captain America a bit, then went and got ready for the moive. I decided to go with a slightly Goth look today. Figured that was Vampire-esque, right? hehe.

Liz came to my house, and then Kim came to pick us up. We went and got Amanda, then Kari, and Veronica, and then Maggie and Hannah. We had quite the packed vehicle! hehe. We got everyone, then headed to the theater. Margot was there :) We slipped in line by here, much to the grouchiness of many others....

But around that time, they raised the metal door type thing, and it was a mad rush to the seating area. No more lines. So it didn't matter anyway. No orderly lines here. hehe.

We were all able to get a row together. So that was cool. 9 of us! Oh yeah! We got popcorns and sodas after we staked out or seats. Movie popcorn is the bestest, you know :) I sat by Margo and Amanda, and by Maggie and Hannah. It's hard when you go with a big group to see everyone. I would wave at the other end girls occasionally. LOL.

Check out this AWESOME display I found on my trip to the lobby! It's the COOLEST!!!

Margot and Amanda
Maggie and me
Me and Margot
Kari and Liz
We had about an hour before the movie started to chat and hang and do whatever. and then the movie started. And I absolutely loved it. BEST SO FAR!!!! They just keep getting better and better! I even cried! Sure, I've read the books like 9 times,and I know what's gonna happen, but I still cried. hehe :)

After the movie, we hung at the mall for about 30 minutes. We went to a few stores. I liked Jewelry Box the best. Although I did pop in to see my man, Edward...

And then we headed back to post. Here's me with my free refill!
After leaving the theater, I got a call from where Jake was, at they said that he was ready to come home! I said that I'd shoot to be there around 3pm. Tom should be hoem to watch the kids, so it should work out just perfectly. Awesomeness!

I was dropped off at my house, and I got my car, and drove on over to Jake's school. I needed to collect his homework and his books. After a long process, I was able to get most of it. Luckily it was the military liaison who was working with me. She was super nice and friendly and kept me in the loop. I wasn't planning on being there so long, though. It put me off schedule a bit, though.

At 3, I headed to pick up Jake. About 30 minutes off pace. Crud. I drove across town, and got there. I went in, and it was taking FOREVER to get Jake. And I'd left my phone in the car, because I knew that for visits we couldn't have phones. But I didn't think about just thew aiting room. Huh? Guess I should have gotten it... Oh well.

I chatted with the receptionist for a bit about jake and his condition. She's a super sweet girl :) And finally it was time for him to come out! I signed some paperwork, they called in a prescription to Walgreens, and we were off. and Jake was SO excited!

He was like doing a happy dance because he was out. hehe. And i totally know the feeling from last year. ha!He was on cloud 9!

We drove home, and he helped me text people, and "Sham Wow" a few things, and yeah, it's nice to have a personal phone assistant in the car... hehe.

We got back to post, and stopped by the park. Kari and Amanda and Maggie were there with their kids and my extra kids. Fun!

Here's a picture of Jope when he first saw Jake. Precious!
We didn't stay at the park long, though. We had to go home and get ready for basketball. Jim and Joe both had games tonight. Joe first.

Tom and Eme and Jake wanted to stay home and do whatever, but Eme and Tom had been fighting all afternoon. Currently it was over who got to use the microwave first. Um, yeah. No fighting. So their punishment was that they had to go to the game with us! Take that. I told them to grab a book and go get in the car... hehe.

Jake opted to stay home with the dog. And yeah, that dog wasn't gonna let Jake out of his sight. Boxer sure did miss his boy! LOL :)

There weren't really a lot of spaces to sit at Joe's game. It wasn't the best place for a game. Too many parents, not enough bleachers. So we ended up sitting on the floor. Works for me.

As the 4th quarter was starting, I looked real close at Joe's shoes... And realized that he was wearing soccer cleats. Um, yeah. . Those are SO not the right shoes. It's room cleaning time...

After the game, we loaded everyone up, and headed to Main SAS. For the next game. These teams were funny. They didn't get penalized for not dribbling. Kari and I were like, Just don't dribble! Run with the all like the other team! at our kids. hehe. We'll tell them later, in private - ROFL!

Kim and Amanda joined us at the game in the middle. Kim had been to the police department earlier in the day, and had filled out an a sworn statement about what happened with that "the dad" guy from the bus. And she wanted us to fill one out too. Sounded goo to me. I told them that I had to get the little kids situated first.

After the game, we headed home. I wanted the little boys to clean their rooms. And Tom and Eme and Jake to do their chores. And Amanda and Kari and I headed out. First stop, Walgreens for meds. Jake is on 3 new ones, so I'm gonna have to plug it into my phone so I don't forget to give it to him! hehe.

Who knew that meds were SOOOOOOO expensive???

After Walgreens, it was straight to the MP station. Amanda and I were taken back to a little room, and low and behold, it's the same dude from when Jake beat me up! It took us a few minutes to put it together, but we recognized each other eventually! hehe.

We were having WAY too much fun filling out our sworn statements and playing around on the spinning chairs. LOL. I so wanted to push off on mine and see how far it would take me. LOL! It seemed like a fast one!

But it kept getting later and later. Amanda finished with her statement first, did her questions, and was gone. Then it was my turn for the questions. And the MP realized that he'd had me do the filling out part wrong for the last 2 pages. So I had to re-copy it over again. Sigh. I understand, we all make mistakes. He felt really bad. And I was tired. But I wasn't mad. These things happen.

So I recopy it over again, we do the questions again, I sign and initial ALL over it, and I'm good to go. Amanda said that Kim' hubby came to get her already, so it's just Amanda and I. She drops me off at home, and all of my kids are in bed except Jake. I gave him his nightly meds, and sent him off to bed. I started blogging, and here it is, 12:30. Sigh. How did it get so late???

I'm gonna have to set my alarm for early so I can pack. And get the kids packed. I'm not ready for my trip tomorrow! Oh no! I need another day to get ready! :) Wish me luck!

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Lovin' that shade of green/teal, Sharon! And cute broken cookie's pic! Awesomeness!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Nov. 19, 2011. Thanks again.

deb said...

I'm glad Jake is home! Thanks for the word art.

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [21 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [22 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria