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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Piece of Cake

Hey girls :) So I woke up this morning, and got the kids ready for school. And yeah, we were out of groceries. Jim had dried cereal. No milk. And a cold hot dog. He totally could have warmed it up. No bread, though. Joe made oatmeal. Eme did too. I don't know what Tom ate. There was stuff there. They just had to be creative. LOL. I did make them hot apple cider in a cup for the bus stop. See, I do love them. hehe.

And off we went to the bus. My kids are so cute. LOL :)

I got the kids off to the bus, and Maggie gave me a ride back home. I found a few things to donate for a 20% off coupon, and soon it was time for Savers. Amanda came to pick me up, and we went and got Kim, and we were off to the East side and to Savers. Oh yeah, Monday, and my favorite day of the week! hehe.

And I found quite a few good deals, actually! I got some long sleeve shirts for Joe and Jim, and one for Tom. I got some skirts and shirts for Eme, and a few shirts for myself. Not too bad of a haul :) Amanda found a few things, and Kim found a few things. And as I was organizing my stuff near the cart rack, some cash register lady started getting onto me for being near the cart return. Or so I think that's what she was saying. She was yelling at me in Spanish. And yeah, I don't speak Spanish. So I just kinda ignored her. I moved a little... She can talk to me in English if she wants to tell me something, right? Is that rude of me?? Really, I wasn't bothering anyone. I was trying to take the hangers off of the clothes so that it makes the checkout process go faster. I wasn't in anyone's way. People could still get a cart. And the area she was pointing at me to go was crowded. Sigh.

When we were ready to pay, yeah, we DIDN't go to her line. She was grouchy. We went to the dude's line. The one we were chatting with last time who we told about the "sister wife" dresses. hehe. And he remembered us! ha! We showed him pictures and everything! We even told him about the grouchy cashier lady, and he agreed that she WAS grouchy - ha! It wasn't just me :)

After Savers, we went to Fallas, and found a few more good deals. Then we were hungry. You know, shopping works up an appetite. LOL. So we headed back towards post, and planned to meet up with Kims hubby at Chili's. But first, we stopped off at Ashley's furniture to check on Amanda's bar stools. The saga continues.

So the bar stools that she'd bought a year ago (with purchased extended warranty) broke. So the filed a claim. And were told that the chairs were not fixable. But that the same chairs were no longer made. So they needed to reselect something.

And this, of course, was a very LONG and involved process. In which Amanda and I made SEVERAL trips to Ashley furniture. They seemed pretty rude, if you asked me...

Anyway, she selected some stools that she wanted, and paid the difference, and the ordered them. And it was weeks before they were supposed to get here. So today, she finally calls to find out where the heck they are. And they tell her, oh, well, they discontinued those. You'll have to come in and re-select something else.

Oh yeah, that didn't go over well. She was MAD! So Kim and Amanda and I went to Ashley to "rip someone a new one". hehe. It was gonna be fun.

Apparently Amanda's hubby, Brian, had already been on the phone with someone at the store, and had "warmed" the up for us. We got there, talked with one of the girls at customer service, and she went and talked to someone else, in Spanish, of course, and then the manager came out. And Amanda was MAD.

She was like, First off, I don't speak Spanish, and when your associate talks to me, and then turns around and speaks in Spanish, I don't know what she's saying, and it feels like she's talking about me, and I don't appreciate that... The manager didn't really know what to say...

She said that she was moving in about 3 weeks, and that she wanted this problem resolved NOW. And what was he gonna do to fix it.... He said that he'd get on the phone to corporate and give her a call back before 5pm. Good! Because you don't wanna make us Army wives mad, you know. hehe.

And we headed next door to Chili's. Yum!!!

We met Tim there, and we all had lunch. Our waitress wasn't very good, but the food was, at least. We had fun chatting and eating, and it was a great lunch. After lunch, Kim and Tim headed off to Guitar Center, and Amanda and I headed out to the Commissary.

We didn't quite make it all the way through before we had to pay and go to the bus stop, though. We were the responsible parents, and stopped. And paid. And headed home. And got the kids. I grabbed my kids from the bus real quick and headed home to meet Margot. She wanted to borrow a Staple Gun from me, and was waiting at my house after the bus. We visited for a few minutes, then she was off. We did a few chores, and worked on homework for a bit. Tom was at the youth center after school, so it was just Jim and Joe and Eme and I.

At around 5pm, we grabbed a quick dinner, then went to play in the lot by the German club. Kim and Kari and Amanda came to play with us. The kids got Glow Sticks, and had a good time.

We stayed there until it was time to go and pick Tom us from the Youth center shortly before 7pm. And headed back home. I got the kids all homeworked and situated for bed, and Amanda and I headed out to Walmart. Tom was babysitting.

We needed to get the "last few isles of shopping" done. I needed bread and milk and eggs and such. And yeah, it turned into a lot more. Walmart will do that to ya, you know. hehe. B ut I didn't need things like trash bags. And cold meds. And cough drops. And a snuggle blanket. Because my kids got grass seeds on mine. Freakin' kids...

Anyway, we walked around and grocery shopped and such for what seemed like HOURS. And laughed and talked and giggled and had WAY too much fun at Walmart. We always do. hehe. Then we paid, and chatted with the cashier, bought a $1 soda at Walmart, and headed back home.

She dropped me and my groceries off at home, and she headed home herself. Sorry you had to take your groceries in yourself, my dear :( I would have loaned you Tom....

Tom and I worked on our Breakfast Crockpot casserole's (one vegetarian and one not) and on putting the groceries away. And in the midst of all of the confusion and bags and chaos, I knocked over my McDonalds soda. On the counter. Amidst the bags and groceries. And guess what came out of my mouth??? Oh crap oh crap oh crap!!! At least I know that I'm not a cusser! hehe. Seriously, that's what my first reaction was. Too funny, huh? I had Tom go and grab a big towel, and we got the mess contained.

I cleaned and cooked and put stuff away, and he did homework. And it was almost midnight by the time I came in my room to blog. I'm gonna be sleepy tomorrow, I think. I'm going to Kari's house to watch Twilight with the girls. To get ready for Breaking Dawn on Friday after the kids go to school. We decided to be "old" and do it that way. hehe.

So that's what my breakfast casserole is for. Here's my recipe for it:

Spray down a large crock pot with cooking spray.
Brown 1 lb sausage & 1 large onion & garlic (vegetarian - substitute peppers for sausage)
Combine with 32 oz frozen hash browns &
1 - 1/2 cups shredded cheese
Mix well, then put in the crock pot

Beat 12 eggs and 1 cup milk and salt and pepper, then pour over casserole in crock pot
cook on low for 10-12 hours until eggs set

I've never tried it, so don't hold me to it. I'll let ya know tomorrow how it turns out. Smells pretty good right now. And it looks tasty. hehe. Can't be too bad, right? If all else fails, when I wake up in the morning, if it's runny, I'll just turn it up to high for a little bit. I wake up at 6:45, and we're going to the movie party at 8am. That should give me a little bit of time to cook it, right?

So, I'm off to bed. Enjoy your day, my friends!!!

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Great cooking layout, Sharon! I'm loving that Kit! And I SO wanna sample that Chocolate cake - looks DELISH!!! hehe :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Nov. 15, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [16 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

deb said...

Thank you! This is one of my favorite sayings. :)