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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rolling in the Dough

Rolling in the dough. ROFL! If only. hehe :) So my phone died today before I woke up. Which meant that the 6:45am wake up call totally didn't come through. Dang. Good thing I woke up on my own at 7am. Just in time to get a Family Prayer with the kids before Tom headed out for the bus.

I hurried and got the little kids ready, and we headed out for the bus. I saw Amanda and Kari parked there, so headed over to chat with them. And some little boy came up and started to chat with me. He looked about 6 or 7. He was saying how that house on the corner had bad people in it and was pointing to Kim's house. Whaaaat?

I asked what he was talking about, and he said that the big boy there had spit and bit his sister. I said that he was probably mistaken because we knew that family. Then I looked over, and a group of 3 girls were approaching the doorway. My first reaction was that they were playing some kind of cruel game, trying to see who could get closest to the door. Kids can be rude, you know...

But then they rang the doorbell, and were talking to Ms. Kim. Stranger... I didn't know what was going on. She talked with them for a bit, and shut the door, and the little girls came back to the bus stop. Then the bus got there. And the kids started to load up. I headed over to help the kids on the bus and get Joe's hot cocoa cup and Jim's yogurt container.

And here comes Kim SO mad. Madder than I've EVER seen her. I didn't know what had happened. She said that Scotty had just grabbed a little girl and had bit her! She was furious with him! Scotty is her 16 year old with severe autism (2-3 year old mentality).

She went straight to the bus driver and wanted to know what the names of those little girls were. And yeah, the bus driver didn't feel comfortable releasing that information. Understandably. There's probably a confidentiality something or another there.

So because Kim wanted the little girls to feel safe and not upset, and to figure out what had happened, and to not get some irrate parent at her doorstep tonight, she insisted that the bus driver call the MP's. Because they were gonna just go to school.

So the bus turned off the engines, and some of the parents drove their kids to school. Kari took Joe and Leo so they could make it for most of AQ. Amanda and I stayed with Kim for moral support.

She talked to the girls, and the said that Scotty was trying to play Zombies with them. But that they didn't want to. And then he spit on them and fake bit them. And it scared them. And then he ran away. So then went to the neighbors house asking where he lived. Then went to her house.

And then the MP's showed up. And then the firetruck showed up. Then the ambulance. Oh yeah. It was quite the drama. hehe. But it wasn't my kid this time. Poor Kim. I knew JUST what she was going through. Well, just LIKE what she was going through. Jake's never hurt anyone outside the family. It's just always us...

Anyway, so the MP's start taking statements, and Kim goes inside and gets Scotty. Who is freaking out. Because he's seen an episode of COPS one time a long time ago when he was little, and it's stuck with him forever. And he thinks they are gonna cuff him and drag him off to jail. So he walks over with his hands behind his back like they are cuffing him. And lays down on the ground a few times. He totally doesn't understand what it going on. Poor kid.

He sits down at the bus stop, and I go and sit by him. He's looking pretty stressed out. Kim's busy talking to MP's and detectives and and paramedics and this person and that person. It was a madhouse. Scotty did say that he was playing Zombies. He's taken out the trash, and seen the kids playing at the bus stop. And wanted to play too. So he'd snuck out to play.

The little girl is sitting there too, and Scotty looks over at her, and says "Scotty sorry. Scotty miss you. Police use handcuffs. Scotty never come back". It was the saddest thing... You could tell that he was really sorry. And she looked at him, and she said "It's ok, Scotty".

And then the Dad of the little girl shows up. And he's pissed. I don't know what the MP's told him, but he is unglued. He comes over by where we are all standing, and chest bumps the detective dude, and gets in his face, and is like, DID YOU F****N' TOUCH MY LITTLE GIRL??? at the top of his lungs in front of a bus full of elementary school kids. Really? Really???

We were all like, Um, that's the detective.... The detective (or someone) says that Scotty is over there, and the guys starts to go after Scotty! The MP's have to hold the Dad back! From attaching a 16 year old autistic boy at the bus stop... So Kim jumped out to protect Scotty, and told him that Scotty was only 16, and that he was severely autistic. That he had snuck out of the house this morning while she was giving the other little boys a bath to go and play with the kids at the bus stop.

And the dad actually had the nerve to say, "Well then you should LOCK YOUR SON UP!" Um, last I checked, there are laws about that. Cause I've looked into it (ROFL! - just kidding - hehe). And it was about that time that the MP's escorted the Dad away from where we were sitting. Because it was obvious that he was NOT going to "play nicely with others". He was out of control. This is NOT the way that an Officer in the army, a Major, none the less, should be acting. Bad form...

So at this point, Scotty, who NEVER shows emotion (his mom told me later) is sobbing. I do my best to console him. I rub his back and help him do some deep breathing. He seems to respond to me pretty well. I get him to calm down pretty well. Kim told me later that she thought that I helped Scotty a lot, and that because of me, he probably didn't have a MUCH bigger melt down at the bus stop. Glad to be of service, my friend! Scotty has DEFINITELY grown on me since I've met him. He's a very special kid :) Love ya, Scotty!

I'd say stuff like, Scotty make bad choice. Scotty be good next time. Scotty use words. Biting people is bad. And then we'd talk about random stuff too. His mind works just like mine. hehe. We'd jump between video games and dessert and tv and school and people. Just that fast. ROFL! I could totally keep up. Because that's how random my brain works too. LOL. I found out his favorite soda is Sprite, and I drilled it into him that mine is Diet Dr Pepper. Oh yeah, that's the most important thing to know about me.... DDP.... hehe.

And since I was keeping Scotty calm, Kim was able to do the paperwork and stuff that she needed to do. And didn't have to worry about Scotty. So I felt useful :) And after Kim and I and Amanda started going over the situation a bit more, we decided that the little girl and her younger brother were really too young to be at the bus stop unsupervised. The post regulation says you have to be 10 to be left alone. And yeah, they were there alone.

The dad tried to say that he was there. But let me tell you. I'm at the bus stop every freaking day. And I know ALL of the bus stop peeps by sight. And he isn't a bus stop peep. I'd know him. Maybe he drops his kid off at the bus stop, but then he drives away. Far away.

When I first walked up to the bus stop, and that little boy came up and started talking about the mean peoples house, I asked where he mom was. He said that she works 2 jobs and wasn't there. Uh huh. Just what I thought. No parental supervision.

So since the Dad acted so horribly, and Kim was still so upset about him coming after her child and the way that he acted, she told the MP's that CPS needed to be called on that man because of the lack of parental supervision. Which opened a whole new can of worms.

At this point, they pulled his girl off of the bus, and let the other kids go to school. It was 8:30am. A full hour after the bus should have been long gone. 20 minutes after school had started.

The mom showed up eventually, and yeah, I knew who it was. It's one of Kari's neighbors. She works at the little kids' elementary school. She's not my friend, but I've seen her in the office before.

And she starts getting all pissy with the MP's and saying stuff like, "Well, my husband is a Major, and he will fix this".... Um, tacky. Stop throwing rank around... A big part of the problem was that the Major was intimidating the poor Privates. The MP's were extremely lower enlisted, and they were very swayed by what this man was saying. It wasn't cool at all.

The MP's and the investigator talk to Scotty, and he seems really upset. I tell them that he's worried that he's gonna go to jail, and they tell him that he's not gonna go to jail. And he relaxes. He is SO relieved. He starts saying "Scotty no like girls. Scotty only play with boys. Girls bad. Boys good". hehe. I can see why he would think that!

The investigator guy came over at one point to talk to us, and I was like "Look, all we want is for the Dad to say that he's sorry for coming in, guns a blazing, cussing at us, and trying to attack Scotty. That's all we want". We'll drop the CPS thing if he'll do that".

Oh yeah, that just made things worse. The dad freaked out at that. He was saying something about going to Kim's hubby's chain of command and getting him in trouble. Whatever. That guy was just being plain dumb now...

We sent Scotty inside at that point. There was nothing else for him to see or do productive outside. He was just super relieved that he wasn't getting taken away. He was mumbling something about being happy about "Scotty get second chance!"

It was 10:30 before the MPs and the investigators and everyone finally left. The finally result was that the police report was taken, everyone filled out sworn statements, and I think CPS was gonna be contacted. I think. Maybe. It was not real clear. Kim said that she might call them regardless. Either way, it was a very stressful morning! Even though it didn't involve my child! hehe :)

Kim's husband was home, so we left her with him, and Amanda and I headed home. I needed to go and get Jake's homework ready from school. Amanda dropped me off at home, and I changed clothes real fast. And here's me modeling my new VICKS tissues. Nice, huh?

Kim, this shirt is for YOU, my dear!
I threw on some clothes, and headed over to Amanda's house. She wasn't quite ready, so I checked my emails, and caught Brent up a little bit on what was going on. Then she and I drove on over to the High School. I let them know that Jake was in the hospital, and gave them the note. The said that the homework would be gathered by tomorrow at 3:30. Sweet. I am going to visit him then too. Unless I hear that he's being released sooner than that... And we were on our way.

I know that Kim had mentioned something about buying stuff for her Hubby's company store at Sams club today, and that it needed done, and I thought that it sounded like a good distraction for her. So Amanda and I showed up on her doorstep, and told her to go and get changed. That we were all going to Sams. hehe.

And yeah, because I'd worn my slipper boots to the bus this morning, no socks, my feet were RIPE. And now I was wearing flip flops. SO gross. Amanda and I had to ride with the windows all the way down. So we didn't die of asphyxiation. Yeah, it was THAT bad. Bad enough ,that wen I got to Kim's house, I asked for a wash rag, some soap, and a can of lysol... And that did the trick. hehe. Sorry, friends. Stinky feet are stinky...

We all loaded up in Kim's rig, and headed to Sams. But needed to get gas first, so turned around (hehe), and headed back to the Shoppette. We did the trick where you stop at 8 gallons, then start the machine again, so you can get 2 receipts, and get 2 candy bars. She got 2 butterfingers. Oh yeah! I've got cheap friends too! hehe :)

She got a TON of stuff for the troop store, and then we looked around a bit for ourselves. I found a pair of boots that I absolutely fell in love with. And a hiking jacket. And a few books that we needed. Yes, books are in the need category. hehe. Didn't you know that?

Cheese? What about cheese? hehe.
We paid, and Scotty and I went to get lunch for everyone. We ordered from their snack bar. Hot Dog combos for the moms, and Pizza combo for Scotty. Oh yeah, gotta love a good Hot Dog! And Diet Coke. Sad that it wasn't diet Dr Pepper, right Scotty? hehe. He had Sprite, with a little bit of strawberry in it.

We ate and chatted and finished up, then headed back to post. We dropped Amanda off, and Kim and Scotty and I headed out to her hubby's work. We carried a light load up to the office, then found some soldiers to carry the rest. Cause they're young and strong, right? hehe.

And we headed back to post. Kim is awesome, you know. I'm glad that I found a new buddy to add to my group of friends. She's DEFINITELY a keeper. Love ya, my dear!!!

We got back on post, I got my car, and headed home. And, of course, put on my new boots. SUPER cute, huh!!!
The inside is just as soft and fury as my blankie... Oh yeah :) I texted for a bit, and probably should have cleaned for a while, but I was feeling a bit stressed still. Or anxious. I can't decide which it was. Drama will do that to ya, you know...

And eventually, I texted Amanda and told her to just meet me at the bus stop early. Works for me - ha!
It gave us moms LOTS of time to chat, too. And apparently, there was some discussion about racial slurs that were being used this morning. Eh??? I missed that one. Kim said Ghetto and White Trash. Are those racial slurs? If they are, no one informed me. I didn't know that it was off limits. Kim had used it today to describe the actions of "the Dad". Because, in my opinion, he DID act Ghetto and White Trash. The drama continues. What do you guys think???

Anyway, we got our kids off of the bus, and I saw Kim talking to some people outside of her house. And I just had to go and check and make sure that they were being nice to my friend! They were :) It was her neighbors. They were brought up to speed on the situation, and agreed that "the Dad" acted poorly.

I chatted WAY longer than I should have, but finally pulled myself away, and headed home. I left Tom in charge of Joe and Jim, and took Eme to Piano lessons. I made sure that she had a book, because I knew that she'd have to stay for a bit extra today. I couldn't come back right away to pick her up. She's old enough to be there for a bit on her own.

I dropped her off, and headed right back to post. And got Tom and Joe and Jim, and headed to Old Ft Bliss. And Met Adien and his dad and sisters there for the Cub Scout family activity. It was to visit a location of historic importance in the community. Old Ft bliss counts!

We made is SUPER low keyed, and just let the boys (and girls) wander around and look at what they wanted to look at. Kari came a bit later, and Kim came up too. It was a fun Cub Scout activity. After the hour was up, we had the boys tell why they thought this location was important. and the siblings answered the question too. hehe. Then we headed out.

I drove back to pick up Eme, and Jim went with Kari to Basketball practice. Tom said that he needed to be at the church early, so after retrieving Emeline, we dropped Tom off at the church early. I told him his options were VERY early or super late. He picked early. I dropped him off around 6, and headed back to post. And hung with Kari for the rest of basketball practice.

We got the jerseys for the little kids, and their shorts. And their games schedule. Unfortunately, Joe and Jim's games are on the same days, almost the same times, at different locations. Not so cool! Sigh. I wonder when Tom is gonna have his games???

After the practice, Kari volunteered to take Jim and Joe back to her house, and get them ready for bed. And yeah, I SO didn't wanna take advantage of Kari's kind hardheartedness, but it was SUCH a great offer that I couldn't turn her town. So Joe and Jim went with her, and she dropped by my house to grab their jammies and such. Kari, my dear, you ROCK!

And Eme and I headed out to church. Eme went to Achievement days, and I sat and plugged in dates into my phone. Then chatted with Amanda on the phone for a few minutes, then talked to Jake on the phone for about 10 minutes. He said that he gets to talk to the dude in charge of discharge tomorrow, and see when he gets out. He seemed pretty excited about that. He said that he's been in there for 9 days now. He's just getting worried about the growing stack of homework. Poor kid...

I chatted with a few people for a bit after the kids got done with activities, then we headed back home. It was getting late. We picked up Joe and Jim, and I put them right to bed. I gave Tom and Eme the option of staying up later and cleaning, or walking the dog, or going right to bed. Eme went right to bed. Tom walked the dog, then went to bed.

Me? I started in on my blog, and watched an episode of Warehouse 13. And now it's 11:11pm. OooOoo, it's wishing time. Oh drat. It's 11:12. I missed it. Oh well. I did get my wish. This bog post is ALMOST done. hehe. And I get to go to sleep. Emotional drama sure does take a toll on a body, you know. Even if it's not your drama. I don't know that the body knows the different between one's own drama, and friends' drama. Know what I mean???

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Nov. 17, 2011. Thanks again.

deb said...

Poor Scotty! Some people can be total "you know whats." One day, it will come back and bit them. I hope Scotty and Kim are ok. Chin up, Jake will be home soon. Praying things will be better then.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [18 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

ApriltheScrapaholic said...

Thanks Bethany, Wow I can comment again. Love your wordart.

Lois Michael said...

What a morning you had!!! You need a DDP...LOL Thanks for the adorable WA.