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Monday, November 7, 2011

Gravy Train

Well, the day didn't go according to plan. Not so much. Most of it was ok. I got to sleep in. Because of daylight savings time. It felt like sleeping in, anyway. And all the kids got up and got ready somewhat on time. Without too much complaining. So that was good.

My only complaint was my headache. Which was SO not cool. But it wasn't too horrible, so I just went with it. I threw on some clothes, applied a fresh layer of make up, perfumed myself, and called it good. And got the kids loaded up in the truck, and off we went.

Sacrament was ok. Jake wasn't very good, as usual. I think I'm gonna have to have the kids just sit quietly until after the sacrament portion is finished. Not coloring books for the opening part. It's too distracting. And Jake can't handle putting things away during prayers. It's too much for him. And he's too distracting for the other kids. I'll just have them take it out after the Sacrament part.

Joe had asked to sit with his teacher, Sister Dollar, during the Sacrament meeting. He was so cute. So I let him. He was pretty excited. So we only had 4 and me today. Eme and Tom sat in one row, and Jake and Jim and I sat together.

After Sacrament meeting, the kids went off to class, and I sat in the hall and chatted with my friends. Then headed off to Relief Society. We had a lesson on attending Sunday meetings, and the importance of it. And why we should go. And how we should not stop going because we get offended by someone/something. So true :) The church is perfect. People are not...

After church, we loaded up, and headed home. My headache was back with a vengeance. We got Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone, I left instructions to clean bedrooms, and do chores, then have TV time, and I laid down for a nap, and took some meds.

And woke up a few hours later. Well, I did have to field a few questions from kids in the middle of my nap, so it wasn't a straight uninterrupted nap. think only dads get to take those.... hehe.

Eme and I cooked some Yellow cupcakes for Tom's birthday, and we made some Lemon glaze to put on them. And we scooped up some ice cream too. Did you know that you can pre-scoop scoops of ice cream and put it in muffin tins, then put it back in the freezer. Makes for fast and easy dishing up! We were gonna take it to the park with us. Cool, huh? I love the things that I find out on Pinterest!

We headed to the park at 4pm, and met Terra and kids, and Kari and kids, and Kim and kids, and Amanda and kids there. Rebecca and her kids just happened to be there, so we had them come and play and eat cupcakes too. It was a fun time. The moms chatted, and the kids played. Gotta love Sunday evenings at the park. It's a great time :)

We headed home around 5:30pm, and Tom and I cooked dinner. We were having Turkey Hamburgers. He fired up the grill, and I cooked them. We melted mozzarella cheese on them, and had a salad to go with it. Super yummy. Which is when the evening turned sour.

We were all sitting at the table eating, when Jacob spotted Eme using a water bottle. And he thought it was his. And maybe it was. I don't know. But he freaked out. And grabbed it. And forced her to give it to him. That's wrong. We don't treat people like that.

So I told him to give it back. And he refused. And I knew right then that it was gonna get ugly. I took the water bottle, and tried to get it from Jake, and it squirted him, because he was grabbing on so tight. And he got SUPER mad, and called me super bad names. And was super mad.

I sent the other kids to my room and had them lock the door. And Jake and I proceeded to fight for the next 10 minutes. I told him to leave the house and go and cool off. And he refused. So I tired to get him to leave the house. And he refused. He punched and hit and scratched and slapped and kicked me. But still refused to leave the house. It got really ugly.

Finally, I called the MP's. They came after about 15 minutes. Jake was totally cooled off by then, and sitting on the couch with Boxer, of course. Cause he'd got his way. He didn't have to leave the house.

I started filling out the paperwork, and they asked if I wanted to press charges. The therapist had said to do it next time he got violent. So I said yes. So the MP's called for legal to come. And an ambulance because things had gotten violent.

The ambulance checked Jake out because he was a minor, and he was fine. The gave me a bandaid for a scrape on my hand, but I said that I was fine everywhere else. I still need to go and look and see where else is hurt. I know I have scratches all over, and a huge bruise/goose egg on my shin. And some bumps on my head. Not sure what else.

The paramedic suggested that they take Jake to the hospital so that the ER could do a blood panel and check to see how his meds were doing. Sounded reasonable to me. I don't know a lot about meds. I'll try anything at this point.

But first, the legal guy was gonna come by. He got there, and the first thing that he did was to ask (a little rudely, too) if we'd put the dog in the kennel so that no one would get bit (seriously?). And then proceeded to tell me that because Jake was special needs, 9/10 times, cases like his are dismissed, so it didn't make sense to press charges. So I should just not do anything. And that the dude should just leave. And me, in my not thinking clearly state of mind, didn't say anything. Now, yeah, now I would have given him a piece of my mind. But then, I didn't...

So the ambulance took Jake off, and I finished filling out my sworn statement. The MP's finished up, and headed out. I left Tom with directions to get the kids to bed, and to clean up a little, and Terra came and picked me up, and we headed out to the hospital. I didn't wanna be alone.

We got to the hospital, and, of course, they wouldn't let me have a friend back in the ER. Sigh. So it was just me and Jake. And I don't know if I was experiencing some PTSD or what, but I wasn't liking being there with him. I really wasn't. It was making me stressed and uncomfortable. I kept seeing him hitting me in my head...

Anyway, after what seemed like hours and hours and hours and hours, the doctor finally came in to see us. Long story short, the paramedics never should have sent us to the ER. Because you can't test Risperdone levels. Sure, you can test med levels in patients that take TONS of meds. But not for a kid that only takes one med. Risperdone doesn't show up. Really? Sigh.

So the Doctor got on the phone with Psych, and got some phone numbers for me, and wrote them down. And got them for me. So I went to the ER with Jake, sat for like 3-4 hours, for some phone numbers. Yup. I did. It was joyous.

Anyway, the doctor also said that the legal guy just didn't wanna mess with the case. That if I had insisted, that the MP's in fact would have taken Jake. Sure, maybe the case would not have stuck. But that they would have had to have taken him. If I said I didn't feel safe. And that the other kids were not safe. That they would have to do something. And it even said in my discharge papers to PRESS CHARGES next time. Will do...

Amanda came up and relieved Terra part way during the ordeal, so when we were all discharged and ready to go, Amanda was there and not Terra. My phone had died during the evening. We headed home a little before midnight.

We got home, and I sent Jake inside to go to bed, and chatted with Amanda for a bit in her car. I was sure grateful for all of my friends coming to my rescue tonight. For Amanda and Terra and Kari and Kim for being so willing to help with kids and hospitals and such. For inlaws to call and talk with kids while I was gone. For moral support. For prayers offered. For everything. It's good to have people :)

So here it is, almost 1am. And I'm so tired. I'm totally skipping Seminary in the morning. I have a dentist appointment at 8am tomorrow. They are finishing off my root canal. Can I sleep during that? hehe. We shall see. Hopefully I respond to that better than I did last time. ha!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 11 post on Nov. 07, 2011. Thanks again.

bethrosler said...

Praying for you and the family! I can't imagine how scary and chaotic it must be to go through all that. I'm glad you have a good support system. I hope you can talk to Captain America and your therapists soon to help process all of this.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [08 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

ny465 said...

i put a big rock in my trash can because my dog loves to knock mine over too. Works for me

Blimey said...

Hugs and prayers for you all, Bethany. I can't begin to imagine what it is like to go through that. If only children came with instruction manuals, eh?!