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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cool As A Cucumber

Hey there you guys :) It's a little before midnight as I sit here and blog this. And I think I'm getting a migraine. Not good, not good. But I did have a great day. So that's good. Very good :) But not so good for blogging. I'm just wanting to go to sleep... So I'm gonna try and keep it somewhat brief. If I can. hehe. You know how I go on and on...

I slept in till almost 9am. And then got up, and went and sat out with the kids in the living room. And was on my computer for a while. I designed a wordart pack, and finished off 2 others. The kids kinda did their chores and earned computer privileges.

And soon it was time to get ready to go to Bowling. We were taking the Cub Scouts there to earn the Bowling Belt Loop today :) And we invited Amanda and Autstin too. Should be a good time!

I was gonna just take Joe and whoever else wanted to go, but the kids were fighting so bad, that I made everyone come. Hmpf. It was gonna be one of THOSE kinds of days...

Amanda and I
The kids bowling

And the final score is....

We just played one game, since it was kinda spendy. And the kids were kinda annoying. I think that some days I'm just better cut out for dealing the them than others. And today wasn't that day. Amanda suggested my 16 free hours, and I almost hugged her. I hadn't even thought about the free childcare hours! What a brilliant idea! I'd have to call at 1pm and see if they had any openings!

We headed home from the bowling alley around 12:30pm. The kids grabbed a quick sandwich at home, and then we headed out to the Milam Youth center to drop Tom off. He was going on a Zoo field trip at 1pm. He wanted to spend his Birthday there. Works for me - hehe.

And then Joe needed dropped off at Peter Piper Pizza at 1:30pm for his Primary class pizza party. Here's a picture of Joe and his teacher. Cute, huh???
Then it was just Jim and Jake and Eme and I. I called and yes, they had childcare reservations opened. Sweet! I set it up for Eme and Joe and Jim. And made a deal with Jake. IF he helped me clean the house, he could earn $5 an hour. And buy a new video game. And take it to the youth center to play it in the evening.

We stopped on the way home at Media Exchange and got him an XBox 360 StarWars Force Unleashed game. Then dropped Eme and Jim off at the childcare place. Then headed home.

And we spent from 2-3 cleaning. And the house was looking a TON better. He did a pretty good job keeping on task. We did floors and laundry and kitchen and living room and dining room and all sorts of stuff. Jake helped me undecorate from Halloween and put away some heavy boxes. And pick up trash.

At 3:15, I left him cleaning, and went to pick up Joe. And drove him over to the SAS to drop him off at childcare too. They'd accidentally brought Jim to the big kid class. He was LOVING it. I'm glad they'd messed up. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. hehe.

I got back home at 4:15, and he was resting. I don't know how much work he'd done while I was gone. We continued working, but he was getting tired. But with a little bit more motivation, we completed the task. The whole downstairs looked pretty good when we were finished.

I ended up driving Jake over to the Youth Center around 5:30pm. And I headed out to go do some shopping. I should have stayed home and designed, but I really wanted to go and look for a Trash Can at Walmart. And I wanted to get some warm jackets for the boys at Savers. It's been chilly lately...

Anyway, first stop was Savers. I chatted with my mom the whole 30 minute drive over to Savers. It's her last day in Ft Hood with my sister. They seem to be having fun and keeping busy with the babies and with life.

I got to Savers, and Blue tags were 50% off. I found 2 jackets that I liked for the boys, and I found 2 sweatshirts that would work for them. I found a red sweatshirt for myself, and a red shirt that I kinda liked. Not too bad, all for $22. I paid, and wondered down to Fallas. But didn't find anything that I couldn't live without.

Then went to the Dollar Tree, and got some Bread. And a few more flashlights. And some trail mix for dinner. And some jerky. Great dinner, eh? LOL.

And Amanda called and said that she was done with her date with her hubby, and that she was gonna meet me at the Montana Walmart. Sounded good! So I paid, and headed out. We ended up in the parking lot at about the same time.

We wondered the store for a while, and had a good time looking around and laughing. Cause really, if you're not laughing, you're not doing something right... hehe :)

What do you think? I need a pair, huh???

Ever seen these before??? Scratch N Sniff shirts??? Really? LOL. Amanda and I just HAD to try them all!!!!

I don't know why I kept ditching Amanda with the cart. She's so short she could barely see over it! Sorry, my friend!
Eventually, we saw everything there was to see, and headed to the check out. Look, I know him!!!! hehe. Just kidding :)
We paid, and chatted with the friendly little cashier. Then headed to the cars to load up our stuff. Did I tell you that I got a new trash can? I was really intriqued by the metal square one. It was SO cool. and was heavy, so Boxer couldn't knock it over. But it was $70. And really, who spends $70 on a freakin' trash can??? This one I got was plastic, and red. And had a lid. But wasn't very heavy. Very light, in fact. Very knockable-overable... So Amanda and I decided on some velcro on the bottom of it. And that maybe then Boxer couldn't knock it over. So we headed to the craft isle... We'll figure this out yet! hehe.

I headed back to post, and went in the Biggs gate. I headed to the Youth Center, and picked up Jake and Tom at 20 till 10pm. They had both had a TON of fun at their various activities. Tom had thoroughly enjoyed his birthday. The zoo was wonderful. The youth center was great. Jake had really enjoyed his game. Good graphics and game play. Nice to know...

I dropped the boys off at home and had them bring in the bags, then I headed off post to Logan CDC to pick pu the other kids. I signed them out, and still had about 6 1/2 hours left per kid. I can use that 2 weeks from now. Oh yeah! Free childcare hours ROCK! LOL!

I got the kids at 10:20pm, and we headed home. And it was SO late. Jake and I worked on velcro-ing down the garbage can, and the kids all went to bed. I sat down to blog, and it's now 12:15pm. I have to remember to change the clocks tonight.

And I hope that my headache goes away. Cause' I'm not fighting with kids at church with this headache. I'd rather just stay at home and sleep. Cause it would be crazy otherwise. I'll let ya know what happens :)

Night, you guys! Hopefully I'll hear from Captain America soon. It's been a few days and I'm starting to miss him.....

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Awesome layout, Sharon!!! Looks COLD up there!!! I SO need a hat like that!!! Does it come in LARGE head like mine??? hehe :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Nov. 06, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [07 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Kelley said...

Thank you for the word art.