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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Proof is in the Pudding

Hey there :) So, I got up at 5:28am, and got Jake ready for Seminary this morning. And drove on over, took my morning nap, and drove back on to post. It was chilly this morning! I got Tom off to school, the kids off to the bus, Jake off to his bus, and got myself ready for the dentist. 8am was my appointment. Starting things off early this morning.

At 8am, I was at my appointment, ready for my temporary crown. They made the molds and stuff, and drilled and whatever else they do. It took an hour and a half or so. I just pretended that I was at a spa for my teeth. hehe. Because the people were so nice and attentive to my teeth's needs and such. ROFL! And I didn't have to do anything. And they had water for me. Yeah, I was stretching. But it was fancy-ish. And expensive. Yeah, we'll just play it off as a spa...

Anyway, it was 9:45am before I headed back home. And when I got there, I decided that I was canceling the rest of my plans for the day. No yoga. No volunteering. I needed to focus on working. I had nothing designed for Thursday. And no December freebies yet. It was time to get serious about it.

So I went home, and sat down to design. And it took me FOREVER to figure out some ideas. Yeah, this was gonna take longer than I thought... And then I realized that it was the Topomax. It's making me stupid. I can't finish thoughts. I can't remember names. I can't focus. And it's getting worse and worse. I spent 4 1/2 hours trying to design today, and got 3 WordArt packs designed. That's pitiful! I used to be able to crank out a WordArt pack every 15-30 minutes! It's the Topomax.

I went to hang at Amanda's house since she's moving next week (even though we don't talk about it), but I did really good at focusing. Well, as much as I could with my topomax. I just did staring at my screen. Not that she was distracting me. She was wandering around her house packing.

Her hubby came home at lunch time, and he and I and her had BBQ ribs and corn for lunch. Oh yeah, those were good! She'd cooked them in the crock pot the day before! Mighty good! At least I managed to get SOMETHING designed.... Sigh.

At 2:30, I packed my stuff up, and headed to my doctors appointment. I got right in, and explained my situation. I liked that the topomax made the migraines go away for the most part. But I didn't like being dumb. LOL! So they cut the dose in half. And I wanted to try a different antidepressant. For social anxiety.

So tomorrow, no prozac, and 1/2 the topomox. I must say, I'm a little worried. I don't want to become a recluse. hehe. I've been anxious about it all day long... Anyway, I got a refill on all of my meds from the pharmacy. And called Tom, and had him get the kids from the bus. Then headed back home.

We had about an hour and a half before we needed to be at basketball practice. Jake had gone to Nick's house after school, and the other kids did some chores and had free time. And I sat on the couch and had anxiety. LOL. I'll figure it out sooner or later, I'm sure :) I did start a crock pot earlier in the day, so at least I had dinner figured out!

At 5:15, we headed out. I dropped Tom and Eme off at the Youth Center. And took Jim and Joe to Logan. Joe had practice, and I visited with Kari and some of the other moms. We had a good laugh over the fact that I was the mom of the kids with the cleats from the last game. ha! Yup, I was "that kids mom".... I explained about the drugs. And the deployment. Yeah, works every time... ROFL!

After practice, we let the kids play on the playground for about 15 minutes, then headed home. Jake was home, and Eme had been dropped off by her coach and was home too. We got dinner ready, and started on homework and getting ready for bed. At 7:30pm, I went to pick up Tom, then we continued with the bedtime routine.

8pm came very soon, and by 8:30pm, kids were kinda in bed. And it wasn't until almost 9pm that everyone was finally in bed. It's 9:30pm now, and Jake and Tom are still awake. Tom is still working on his homework. Jake is getting drinks and doing this and that.... I'm super sleepy. I need sleep!

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Ha! Look at those messy faces!!! Little kids DO love pudding, don't they :) hehe. Thanks for the awesome layout, Sharon! You do a WONDERFUL job!


Shelly said...

Thanks for the great word art. Hugs!!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 13 post on Dec. 01, 2011. Thanks again.