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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Sheep of the Family

Morning, all! Well, I was bad. I decided to skip Seminary yet again. I just couldn't bring myself to get up and drive all that way. So I slept in till 6:50am. Then got up, got Tom off to the bus, and got the other kids ready for the bus. And out the door we went, to the bus stop. And I woke Jake up to get ready for school.

I visited for a bit with the girls, then headed back home. And got Jake where he was supposed to be, and I decided it was time to buckle down, and tackle the house. So I got ready. I had my most comfortable jammies on, I turned on some Christmas tunes, and popped an energy supplement thing (it was a HUGE project... hehe), when the phone rang. It was Kim.

She was like, "What are ya doing?" And I said, "Cleaning the kitchen. Why, you got a better offer for me???". hehe. And she did! Tim and her wanted to take me to IHOP for breakfast!!! To say thanks for helping with Scotty yesterday. Awe, what sweethearts!!! You guys are awesome!

I asked if I could change out of my jammies, and she said she was in her jammies too. OK, works for me! Sweats, slippers, jammies, hoodie, fingerless gloves, and hat to IHOP it would be! Nice :) I'm such a fancy dresser...

They came to get me, and off we headed, to the East side, to IHOP. We chatted the whole way, then were seated, and ordered breakfast. Kim and I got the same thing. The breakfast sampler with the Cinnastacks. She'd said how SUPER yummy they were, so I wanted to try them. Oh yeah, they were DIVINE!

Thanks for breakfast, you guys! It was super fabulous! I couldn't even finish it all! I tried, though! We had a good time eating and chatting and laughing. With me, there's always a lot of laughing :)

After breakfast, we decided to swing by Barnes and Nobles for Tim to check out the books. I guess it's his favorite store. And Kim and I wanted to check out Dollar Tree, which is right down the way. I needed bread.

We got Tim situated, then headed to Dollar Tree. And we hit the motherload of bread! The truck must have JUST let out! Cause it was FULL of great bread! Natures on bagels and raisin bread and english muffins and good bread. Score it! I bought a bunch, enough to freeze, too!

We got a few other things, and Kim assembled a little "junk bag" of goodies for Amanda for her birthday yesterday. It was funny/cute. We sure had a good time giggling as we were throwing things in the cart. hehe.

I sure wish that we'd have gotten a picture of the two of us walking back to Kim's car, carrying all of our Dollar Tree bags, with our sweats and jammies on. We SO looked homeless. We tried to look sad and down troden, but yeah, we're just both too happy of people to play it off.

We dropped the stuff of at her rig, then headed inside to get Tim. And headed back towards Post. They dropped me off at the school, and we met Amanda there. The girls and I were getting together to eat lunch with the kids. Cause it was Friday. Love me some Friday lunch dates at the school. hehe.

Kim gave Amanda the "gift", and we had a good time watching her go through it. The monkey that you put in water and it grows was priceless. ha! Anyway, Kim and Tim headed home, and Amanda and I went inside to the eat with the kids. I was still STUFFED from breakfast, though.

We went and sat at our usual table, and waited for the kids to come in. There really were a lot of parents there today. It was kinda nice to see. But it was taking up a lot of space at the tables. ha! Kari was gonna come, but was sitting with Julia, then got a call from the school saying that Josephine was sick, and needed taken home. Poor Kari. I know she likes to come to lunch...

Maggie and Tom came, and we saw Rebecca there. And Suzanne. And a few other moms from the bus stop. The Kindergartners ate with us first. Jim was SO excited to see me. hehe. And he had a little friend with him. Her name was Jade. Actually, she was more excited to be with him than he was to be with her. ha! Isn't that how it always goes with girls/boys. hehe.

They eventually got done, and the 2nd graders came in. And we got to eat with Joe. He convinced his buddies to come and sit with all of us, and we had a good time. It helped that I had a bag of Recees pieces in my purse, too. hehe :)

We made an executive decision to leave before the 4th graders came in. Because my tummy wasn't feeling well, and Amanda needed to get back home to the packers. Eme always seemed to waiver between being happy and embarrassed when I came to eat with her. hehe. So this worked out well anyway.

We loaded up, and headed back home. Amanda dropped me off at my house, and I spent about an hour there. I kept thinking that I was gonna take a nap. Or start to clean. Or do something productive. But alas, nothing productive. Just screwing around on the computer....

Finally, at 1:30pm, I decided that I wanted to go to Walmart. We needed milk. So I texted Amanda and Kim to see if they wanted to come and play. Yup, they did. Caause Walmart is SO much more fun with company.

We got the few things that we needed, and wandered around for a while longer. Walmart is always fun to walk around, you know. hehe. I got the few things that I needed, and so did the other girls, then we headed to the quick check out.

Then we made a quick stop by Sonic for Happy Hour and some lunch for Amanda's hubby (who was still at home with the movers). We dropped his food off, then went to the bus stop. We got about 15 minutes to chat in my truck before the bus came. Oh yeah, chatting in the Suburban. hehe. At least it was warmer. There was a storm that had blown in the night before, and it was getting windy and COLD. Dang!

We got the kids, and I loaded them up in my truck. I picked up Leo, and took Amanda and Austin home. Then stopped at Kim and Tim's house to get my bread from their rig. Then I dropped off Leo, and went home. And had the kids help me carry stuff inside.

I had about an hour and a half before games started. So we started cleaning. And yeah, the house SO needed it. And it looked a TON Better when we were done. We just consolidated Tom's chores into one area, and left them for when he got home. He was at the youth center.

We scrounged up something for dinner, and it was time to go to the games. And my stomach was really not feeling well. Sigh. I loaded Jim and Joe up in the truck, then set about delivering them to games. I dropped Joe off at his game, then drove Jim to his. They started 15 minutes apart. I walked Jim in, and asked a coach if I could leave him then come and pick him up after. They said it was fine.

I went to pick up Amanda, then went back to Joe's game. It was almost over. I got Joe, and we headed to Jim's game. And unfortunately, it was over. Crap. I tried my best. The coach was there waiting for me with him. Ooops. I felt bad. But I was doing my best.

And then the dude in charge of the sports was there, and pulled me aside, and was like, he's too young for you to leave him. Sigh. I explained that I had to run and drop off another kid at a sport and pick him up, and that I didn't realize that this game was SO much short than the other game. Joe's game was 45 minutes long. I just assumed that Jim's would be too. It's only 30 minutes. So Joe and Jim's game both got over at the same time, and it started at different times....

He said that I should find a friend to come and sit at the games with Jim. Yeah, cause I have SO many friends with nothing better to do on a Friday night than to come and sit at my kids' basketball games. Cause that's where I totally wanna hang out.... Not! Maybe if they didn't plan games at the exact same times, then I wouldn't have to worry about it.... I got a little upset with him. I could have handled it better, I'm sure. I tried not to be too pissy with him. Not sure if it worked, though.

I got Jim, and we headed to the Youth Center to pick up Tom. And Tom and Jim fought the whole way home. Great. I get chewed on for Jim being alone at the game, then the kids fight on the way home. Nice evening, you guys! Hmpf!

We got home, and I walked the kids inside, and directed Tom to do his chores. Everyone else was already done. The house looked pretty good. I told the kids that they could have electrons free time, and Amanda and I headed off to Kim's Tim's promotion party at Shamrocks. It's an Irish Pub restaurant and bar on post at Freedom Crossing (by the PX).

It was a fun time. I think I'm a little old for that scene, though. hehe. Lots of loud, young music. There were a TON of young army dudes there, drinking. Yeah, SO not my thing. Karaoke. Dancing. Bumping and grinding. Yeah, NOT into that so much.... I tried not to stare... hehe.

Mostly, I just sat at the table with my friends. We had a good time at our own little table. Brian and Kari were there, and Amanda and I. And Kim came and went as she could. She was playing hostess. They did a very nice job on the party. I think that everyone who came had a good time. Congrat's, Tim, on making Major!

Amanda and I headed home around 10:20pm. I was getting sleepy, and someone had propped open a door, and the smoke from outside was getting in. And was hurting my eyes and throat. And it was RAINING! Luckily, with the rain came a little warmer temperatures. ha! Gotta like that . It took the edge off of the biting cold wind that's been whiping through El Paso the past few days...

Jim had fallen asleep on a couch when I got home, and Joe was sleeping on Jake's little bedroom floor. Eme and Tom were on laptops, and Jake was on game cube. I had the kids turn off their electronics, and do another round of chores. I helped kids clean up a little bit, then sat down to blog. And now it's late. It's almost 1am. How the crap did that happen??? Sigh. I'm sleepy now :(

Eme and Tom both have games in the morning. Which means that I don't get to sleep in. Maybe I'll sleep right up to the time we have to leave, then go, sleep in the car, and come back and go back to bed. Is that bed parent of me? hehe. I think that almost every Saturday morning we have Basketball games.... Lucky us - ha!

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CUTE! Look at those precious kitty's! I feel like that sometimes! The oddball in the group. The Black sheep. hehe. Go figure, there....


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Dec. 03, 2011. Thanks again.

deb said...

Going going going. You were busy! I always disliked when my children's sports overlapped or started at the same time. Especially when they were at 2 different locations! It's hard being a mom like that. Thanks for the word art! The kittens are precious! Looks like the little black one wandered in from a different litter! lol