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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So did I tell you that after having such bad migraines last week, I self upped my Topomax by 25 mg? Yeah, and now I'm kinda dumb again. Not AS dumb, but I can feel it. And it's making me a bit sleepy. And slightly loopy... But mostly sleepy.

So Captain America woke up 6am, and got ready for work. And yeah, I snoozed. And woke up at 6:40am. And got the kids ready for school. And was SO sleepy. Captain America left a little before 7am, and Tom left at 7am. And then I walked the other kids to the bus stop at 7:17am. Yeah, I was a bit late. And the bus was ALREADY there! Oops!

I headed home, and got a text from Captain America, that he'd forgotten something at home. And I only partially read the text. I'm blaming it on the drugs. It took me a while to decide where at in the closet his tags where. Ha! It was spelled out. I just didn't read it carefully enough :)

So I got Jake off to the bus, and headed up to Stanton Theater on post. And yeah, I drove around the parking lot FOREVER! I didn't see the Suburban at all! There were cars and trucks and vehicles everywhere. How was I ever gonna find it? I read part of the text again, it said to the right of the theater.

Crap. I couldn't remember which way was right. No really. I really couldn't. I had to park, look at my hands, and then look at the theater, look at my hands again, then I finally got it. It was pretty sad...

So I drove around the right side. And didn't see it. And drove around the right side some more. Then parked and texted Captain America. And was like, I still can't find it.... Then FINALLY re-read the WHOLE text, and saw the part about the far right near the mental health building. Ooohhhhh, I didn't look that far. So I went another lot over, and the truck was right there. Oops. So I texted him back, and told him that I dropped off his tags, and headed home.

Kari and I were supposed to go to a volunteer appreciation breakfast, but I wanted to make sure before I got ready for the day. So I called the school. And the office lady was almost rude about it. She was like "Um, no, I don't know anything about that. And the woman you'd need to talk to about that has jury duty today....". OK, so no breakfast today...

I texted Kari to tell her, and asked if we could bump back our volunteering time. Cause I was sleepy. But I didn't tell her that part - hehe. I wanted a nap. She said she'd come and pick me up at 9:45am. And I promptly fell back asleep. I set the alarm for 9:15am. And I slept SO soundly. Yeah, these highter meds are messing with me. But no headaches! Hopefully it'll be good once I get used to it...

I got up, and groggily got ready. Kari came and got me, and we headed up to the school. She headed off to Leo's class, and I went to Joe's. He and his classmates were off somewhere, but his teachers was there. She and I chatted for quite some time about him. And how much of a hard time he's been having.

It was a good chat, and we are both hoping that with Dad coming home, Joe will start doing better. Poor Joe. I'm not sure what to do for him. Anyway, after talking with his teacher for quite a while, I wandered down the kindergarten hall and found Jim's class.

They were JUST getting ready to do centers, and his teacher wanted to do a new center. Word stamps in playdo. But it was gonna require a lot of help. And she was SO glad that I stopped by! Cause I could help :) PERFECT timing!

Jim was in the 1st group of 4 kids that came through. Each kid got a cut out of 3 words, that they were supposed to stamp onto their playdo. See his first word? I thought it was funny.

He was definitely the best reader/speller out of his group. There were about 4 or 5 kids, total, in his class that were on par with him. Way to go, Jim! I really did have fun helping the kids. I'm getting to know them, and I think they enjoy me. Half of them hugged me before I left, and they were excited to see me on Friday when I plan on coming back for lunch. ha! I told you I was popular amongst Kindergartners!
After centers, it was time for the kids to go to lunch, and Kari was done with her volunteering, so she and I headed out. We still had time, and neither of us wanted to go home, so we swung by the Dollar Tree. I wanted to see if they had Dollar Bread. Cause the other one was out yesterday. Luckily, they had it! And really good bread, too! I got quite a few loaves, and some bagels! Score!

We headed back towards post, and Captain America called. He was done for lunch, and wanted to go to eat. But had to go back for about an hour after lunch. So I invited Kari to come with us, then she and I could go to Walmart after lunch. Worked for me! And I told her that if we position CPT just right, he'd watch sports center, and it would be good - ROFL!

We decided to go to Applebees. Kari got some yummy looking pasta, CPT got a cowboy burger, and I got the Phili Cheesesteak burger. Oh yeah. SO yummy. With the salad instead of the fries. We had fun eating and chatting during lunch.

After lunch, he headed back to work, and Kari and I headed to Walmart. She had a few things to get on her list, and I had a very few things to get on my list. Like hangers for CPT and some new laundry baskets. And Yogurt. I think that was it, though. See, not very much.

We were in and out within an hour, I think. Record time. ha! CPT texted as we were almost done, and said that he was done with what he needed to do on post, and wanted to go to Guitar Center. Kari said that she could drop me off there. Perfect! So he left the house, and we left Walmart, and we met up at Guitar Center. We had to get that broken guitar of Tom's finally taken care of. Sigh.

Kari dropped me off, CPT picked me up, we unloaded the stuff from one car into the other, and all was well. hehe. We went into Guitar center, the dude called the warranty place, and it was decided that if we sent off a copy of the sales receipt, then they'd reimburse us our money. So Tom can get a different guitar. And we'll just keep the broken one with dead frets. Ok, I guess that works.

And CPT dropped off his other 2 guitars to get them re-fine tuned. Or something like that. It was more than just tuned. He wanted to stay and look around, but I told him that we'd do that when we picked them up, and I drug him from the building. hehe. And we headed down the road.

We stopped at El Paso Saddleblanket CO, because neither one of us had been there before. I'd been waiting to go with him. It was pretty cool, actually! They had some pretty interesting stuff!

I did say interesting, right?

I could even pick out my own coffin....
This was pretty cool! We ended up getting the one with the plain star, no words. And a ladder like the one in the back, but a 5 ft decorative version

As we were ready to leave, a UPS dude walked inside the store. And I ran to get a photo by his truck. And Captain America's camera was taking FOREVER, so, of course, the dude came back out while I was posing.

So, me, being goofy like I am, was like, "Oh, yeah, I bet you ALWAYS win at UPS games....". And he was like, "What's the UPS game" I told him it was like slug bug... You know, U PUnch Someone. He said he'd never heard of it.

And me, being the physical touchy person that I am, had to get too close, and grab the dude's arm while I was explaining it to him. So yeah, I totally molested the UPS man. I couldn't help myself! And right when Captain America was there with me! It's like I saw myself doing it from outside my body. ROFL! Sometimes I need an intervention. LOL :)

He very quickly got in his truck, and sped off. Sigh. Sorry, UPS dude. I didn't mean to creep you out...

We headed to the car, and headed to the bus stop. We dropped off our stuff at home, then went to get Joe and Jim from the bus. We sent Eme home to be with Tom, and took Joe and Jim with us to the pet store. We needed a new harness for Boxer, and some pet Fabreeze. Or whatever it's called.

And the little boys were SO good. I don't know what CPT thought, but for the way they usually act, they were super good in the store. Or maybe it was the meds. LOL. I didn't have to get onto them to behave at all. We found the right harness for Boxer, and some pet refresher (called doggie cologne), some pet shampoo, some pet repellant, and some pet odor remover. It was a spendy trip.

Then, the fun part. Across the street was a DQ. Oh yeah! We got little Blizzards, and had the FUNNEST time sitting inside and eating them. Georgia Mud Fudge, or something like that was mine. It was SO yummy.

CPT decided that on his B-day, he wanted a DQ cake. Works for me! Those are SUPER tasty! Spendy, sure, but tasty!

We headed back to post, and started to get kids ready for practices. Jake had texted and asked to go to the Youth Center, so he wasn't home. Jim and CPT were staying home to clean up a bit, do homework, and return something to clothing supplies. And I was taking the others to practice. We left at around 5:15pm.

I dropped Eme and Tom off at one building, then drove Joe on over to the other practice location. And got there right as practice started. I chatted with Deborah and the other chicke and Kari. We all had a great time visiting.

After practice, I gathered up Joe (really, just one?), and we headed to the Youth Center on Biggs to get Jake. And swung by the shoppette over there to redeem our gas receipts for candy bars. We had 3 of them. That's one for each of us! And I just LOVE Kit Kats. ha!

We picked up Jake, then headed home. And that's when I started to feel a bit out of it. And decided that yeah, maybe I shouldn't be driving. It was a weird trip home from the youth center. I wasn't sharp at all. I got home, and just felt sleepy and unfocused.

I managed to get some pasta with sausage cooked for the kids, and to get Joe's homework done with him. CPT got the other kids going with what they needed doing, and we got kids situated for the evening.

I laid down for a while and took it easy, and CPT and Jake worked with Boxer to not bark at the door when someone knocked (we've already disconnected the doorbell). And on some basic commands. Tom had homework. And he's finally done.

Oh yeah, and he told me that he won Sweepstakes for his class on his science project. I'm not sure what that means, but it's good! He said it was higher than 1st place. Woohoo, Tom! Don't tell him, but I wasn't sure how great the project looked. I guess, you could most definitely tell there was NO outside parental help. ROFL! He did it 100% on his own. Ha! Maybe that was taken into consideration :)

Anyway, it's not 10pm. I"m exhausted. Well, no, that's not really accurate. I'm more sleepy. Having a hard time staying awake. Drifting off to sleep kinda feeling. But I did sit down and force myself to blog. Because i was totally gonna just skip it. hehe. See, I'm trying to be good :) Yeah me!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jan. 18, 2012. Thanks again.

Crystalnva said...

Boy would I spend some money in that shop ya`ll were in .....
THANK YOU ;~} for Day 18