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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well, it was an interesting day. Ever have a day that is crappy, but you make the most of it. And still have some fun, but just kinda sucks. Yeah, that was today. See my face. Grr/hum. Yup.But, they can't all be stellar awesome days, so we put on a smile and a happy disposition, and we make the best of it, right? Who wants to be around a grump. Lets get on with things. ha!
We had the typical morning of getting kids ready and out the door, and this time, CPT America had to be gone around 8 something, and I had a meeting at Tom's school at 8:30am. So I got ready (hence the nicer clothes for so early in the AM- ha!), and headed out.

Tom had won Sweepstakes, and was moving on to District in the Science Fair. I guess there were about 8-10 6th graders who were also. Good job, Tom! They had a little breakfast for the parents, and it was in the library. The students got out of class, and were recognized and received certificates and medals. Tom was SO proud of himself, as he should be!

It was a short and sweet meeting, and I was on my way. It started at 8:30am, and I was back through the Jeb gate before it closed at 9am. That's what I'm talking about! hehe. I hung at the house for a bit, and Kari texted saying that her morning thing had fallen through, and that she could come to Big Lots with me to spend my 20% off discount! Sw-eet! Shopping is always more fun with a friend! And I was excited to get my Christmas tree for cheap. Because it was 75% off of $180. For a 7.5 foot, Deluxe pre-lit tree. And my 20% on top of that.

But, when we got there, ALL of their Christmas stuff was 90% off! That made the tree $18. And 20% off of that made it $14.40!!!!! I was so super excited. We kinda went wild in the Christmas clearance. Lights for $1.30 a box. Wrapping paper for $0.28 a roll. Super nice Christmas cards for $0.64 a box. We had fun filling our carts!

I got a bunch of other stuff that I'd been waiting to use my 20% off reward for too. Like a HUGE cast iron skillet. And another dock for the phone. And a curling iron. And some speakers for CPT Americas computer. And whatever else was on the "list". It was a fun shopping list.
And yeah, my receipt was taller than my head!!! Holy cow :)

Kari helped me unload her car, she head off to her FRG function, and I grabbed my car, and headed to the school for lunch with the kids. All I had for a treat this week was Wheat Thins. Yeah, not the coolest snack, but it was great for dipping in the Mac N Cheese sauce. ha! I ate with Jim's class, then Joe's class came in. Then Eme's class was early. I did get a chance to eat with everyone, though!

After lunch, I headed back home. And since CPT and I were grouchy with one another, we'll call it, I decided to spend some quality time with my hair. I don't know how those women do it, who fix their hair with a curling iron EVERY day. It took me a whole hour!!! But I thought it looked good when it was all finished!

I took down all the Christmas stuff outside, and put it in new totes that I'd bought at Big Lots. I put away all the new Christmas stuff I bought, and straightened up a bit. The house looked a lot better :)

Oh yeah, here's my ladder and my star. I moved my hay, too. Just think, I've had it since Halloween, and it hasn't overly nastified - ROFL! Mom, imagine what it would look like in the Pacific Northwest!
Oh yeah, I got this too :) It was for plants, but I thought it would be good to put on my counter. To hold breads and fruits and stuff :)
At 3:30, I went to the bus to get the kids. Kari asked if her kids could come over at 5pm. She had to go to a work party, and Brian was supposed to pick up Josephine and Jimmy for their basketball game at 5:45pm. Sounded good to me. Then I was taking Leo and Joe to the 6:30pm game. It's good to have friends, you know.

I reheated the left over tortilla soup stuff from last night, and made up a pot of rice to go with it. I was gonna have corn, but the freakin' can opener decided to crap out on me. I wish I had known that earlier. Like at Big Lots! Sigh. Oh well. Look at sweet Jim and Josephine :) So cute!
And the mess in the dining room. It's never gonna go away, is it.... Hmpf.

5:45pm came and went, and soon it was 6pm. Then 6:05. Then 6:10pm. Kari didn't know where Brian was. Finally, I had CPT change (he was working on his truck) and take the little kids. Brian called right as they were leaving, and said that he would be there in about 20 minutes. I said that the game would be over by then, but that he could pick up Josephine at the Main SAS. What?, he said. I told him that the game stared at 6. He told me that Kari told him 6:45. Oops. hehe. Mistakes happen, right?

So, CPT took the kids, and I loaded up with Joe and Leo, and off we went. We had snacks, and I'd already bought them, so it was easy squeezy! I sat and visited with Deborah and kids until her man showed up, then I Facebooked messenged with my sister. I bought her a Miche base the other day, and we chatted about shells. Wish she lived closer, cause we would TOTALLY share!

Me and Deborah's little one. He kinda freaked out when she had to take another kid to the bathroom. I watched him, and the phone's camera kinda kept him entertained. I swear I used to have babies... hehe :)
See, this small child likes me!
Go, Joe, GO!!!
Leo scoring a point! WOOHOO LEo!!!
Isn't Joe cute - hehe ;)
After the game, Joe and Leo passed out the snacks, we loaded up, and we headed home. I stopped by Leo's house to drop him off, and he asked if I could wait outside for a minute. I thought he was gonna ask if Joe could spend the night. Sa-weet! One less kid! He ran inside, and came back grinning from ear to ear! He dad had said YES!!!! To Leo spending the night a my house. Say what? hehe. OK, that works too :) I guess I should pay more attention to what's going on in the truck, right? Silly boys.

We headed home, and CPT was making some Homemade soup for his diet. A big dutch oven full of it. To save for the next several meals. With sausage and ground turkey and beef and veggies and broth and garlic and herbs and all sorts of stuff. It looked ok. Maybe I'd try some when it was done.

I hung out with the family for a bit, and continued to text with my sis. And mess around on pinterest for a bit. The kids were watching some dumb show on TV, and everyone seemed occupied with something else. So I figured I might as well do something productive.

I came and put my jammies on, then sat down and designed the next 5 days worth of freebies. And started blogging. Then CPT remembered that when he and Tom had taken the old truck out for a spin (they'd finally gotten it started), it had died at the shopped (while gassing it up and airing the tires). Oops. And it needed a jump. I wasn't available earlier, because I was driving kids to games. So they'd walked home. It's only like 8 blocks.

Anyway, we loaded up in the suburban, and headed on over. And, of course, a bored MP had to stop and see what we were doing. But he was easy to get rid of ... We got the truck started back up, and headed home. I finished up with my blog, and here it is, 11:36pm. I'm sleepy and tired tonight.

Night, all. Here's to hoping that tomorrow is a better, more happy, day than today...

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Shelly said...

Your hair looked gorgeous when you were finished with the curling iron, Bethany. I'm slow with a curling iron too. Bummer!

You sure did get some good deals at Big Lots. I love the bread & fruit holder you bought.

I hope you had a better day today. :)
Thanks for the fab word art. Hugs!!!