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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So.. Another day off. You know, I'll be glad to get into a routine. Too much time off is NOT good for a social body. hehe. Captain America (CPT) got up at 6:15 something to get the boys ready for mini Youth Conference. And they left the house by 6:55 or something like that.

He decided to drop them off at the location, and then go to Walmart and get some stuff that he's been needed, and some groceries that we needed. And you know how Walmart is. It's a big bottomless pit of time wasting. hehe. I woke up at 9:30am (well, I'd been woken up on and off all morning long by the little kids, but finally got up at 9:30am) and he was still gone.

He finally came home around 10am, and was quickly back out the door again. He was going lifting... Hmpf. I considered loading up the kids and taking them somewhere, but he said he would only be gone an hour. Not quite enough time to go anywhere.

Kari texted to see if we wanted to go hiking with her and her kids, but there again, not enough time... And then he didn't come home. And didn't come home. So we went to the park, because it seemed warm and sunny. And it was, for about the first 30 minutes. Kari came out to play with us for a bit, but it soon got super windy and nasty. She was glad she'd decided to not go hiking!

And then CPT called to say he was done lifting. Wow. That was a long time. He was just leaving the place. Not even home yet. Yeah, the day wasn't really turning out the way I'd planned. We packed up and headed home from the park, and Jake and Tom called and said they were done and needed a ride home. It was 1pm.

So I headed home, and CPT needed to take a shower, so he said that he'd watch the kids. So I headed clear across town to get them. And waited for about 10 minutes for them to get there (they'd called from the Stake Center, and still had to come over the mountain, but I didn't know that).

And we stopped at the Dollar Tree on the way home to look for $ bread. Nope, they were out. Oh well. We got some candy and chips instead. ha! Yeah, THAT'S gonna help. hehe. And went home. And I grilled Jake about how he smuggled a GameBoy to Youth conference. Yeah, NOT appropriate...

He was told a few times, by different adults to put it away. Sigh. Dude, if I'd have been the adult, I'd have confiscated it. Just saying... None of this "Put that away" crap. But then, I know to check his pockets before dropping his off at activities, too. Sigh. And we were JUST having a talk with him last night about earning back trust with electronics and not sneaking stuff... Yeah, not so much.

Anyway, got back home, and his dad had a little "chit chat" with him about it too. And I got some designing done. And we just spent the rest of the day at home. At one point, I'd wanted to go out, but the day had been so long and kinda sucky, that I just called it a day and changed back into jammies. And designed some more.

And cooked dinner for the kids, and watched some TV with the kids, too. And then Captain America came and watched some TV with us. It was fun to all sit on the couch and snuggle and watch dumb Disney Channel (on Netflix) shows together. That "Good Luck, Charlie" show is humorous.

We put the kids to bed, and then CPT worked on his OER (some work thing that was due the next day), and I started blogging. And chatted with Amanda on Facebook. And here it is, almost 8:30pm. I'm gonna go watch a show. And maybe CPT will come and watch it with me. Depends on how much work he still has left to do. School starts back up in the morning.

And work (1/2 day) starts back up for Captain America. I think it'll work out great. I'm in need of some girl interactions. And I'm sure he's getting tired of me bugging him to go places. hehe. So if I can go and get my playing done in the morning, then we'll BOTH be happy. Let's see how that works tomorrow, shall we?

Kari and I have a volunteer appreciation breakfast at the school in the morning. Then sports in the evening. Night, all!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jan. 17, 2012. Thanks again.

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