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Friday, January 20, 2012


It's Friday, and you know what that means! New stuff in the store! Luckily, I got it all designed before I upped my dose of Topomax. hehe. I've lowered it again, so I'm thinking clearly now, too. Ha! At least these meds seem to go in and out of the system fast!

Anyway, click HERE to go to my store!

By Sharon

by Sharon
By Kimberly

By Sharon (RIP her doggy this week, BIG hugs for her!!!)
by Sharon

By Sharon

Hey there :) I was sleepy when Captain America's alarm went off this morning. And I knew that mine went off 37 minutes after his, so I kept on snoozing. Only mine DIDN'T go off, because I forgot to turn it on. Oops...

Luckily, he woke the kids up. I got up about 10 minutes before Tom left for the bus. And helped everyone else get ready. We had family prayer, and out the door he went. Then Captain America went jogging. He had a later start work day. Almost 9 instead of 7.

I got the kids off to the bus, then came back home and got Jake off to the bus. Then started a load of laundry for the little boys, and moved a big area rug into the little boys' room. And put away the little Cardinal's X-mas tree, and the Cardinal's stuff around it.

And texted with my peeps for a bit. Maria (the other Joseph from Scouts) and I were supposed to go shoe shopping. But she forgot that she had a 9:30 appointment. And I had to be back on post by 11:30am, so we didn't have time. Kari and I would have gone hiking, but I thought we were going shoe shopping. And by the time we figured out we weren't going, it was too late, Kari had made other plans. Drat.

So I spent the morning facebooking with my sister. And it was a good time. She's wanted to get a Miche for a while now, and I pushed her over the edge. hehe. She found a few cheap shells at Ft Hood yard sales website (like $6 cheap!), and I told her that as a special present, I'd buy her the base! Cause I'm just that nice - ha! She was super excited. Amanda was having an online party, and I figured that since she bought from my party, I owed her a sale from her party :)

I took pictures of all my shells, and showed Maddie, and I wanna eventually write the names on the pictures, and get it organized. So I can remember what the names are. And I've been kicking around the idea of becoming a REP. Because it just sounds like fun. And like a good idea. Especially since I like them so much... Something to think about... Would any of YOU buy from me? With online orders being the way they are these days..... My girl Leslie is in Hawaii! And I buy from her, and it comes right to my door. So see, you COULD buy from me, right? hehe. Anyway, I'm considering it....

Eventually, it was time to get ready for my lunch appointment. Julia and Kari and I were meeting Julia's oldest sister at a downtown restaurant for lunch. I was excited :) And CPT was meeting us there too! He was gonna be a bit late, since he was coming from work. I figured that I'd just order for him, and then, if the other girls had to leave, I'd just wait, and go home with him.

Anyway, I changed a few times before settling on an outfit, and ended up putting on boots and socks in Julia's van. Ha! I was running behind. We drove downtown, and luckily her navigation knew where to go. Poor CPT. It was gonna be rough for him to find it, I was afraid.

We parked across the street, and walked to the restaurant. It was pretty upscale. I liked it!

I ordered a steak sandwich and tortilla soup (soup of the day) for him, and a chicken sandwich and soup of the day for me. SUPER good food! They make their own pasta from scratch, and bake their own bread. I was SUPER impressed with the food!
CPT's food
My food
Julia's sister was super nice. There was an 18 year difference between her and her sister. WOW! Her mom was having kids forever - hehe. Her family grew up here in El Paso, and so did her hubby's family. So he knows the city very well. It's like being in an El Paso history lesson each time we go out with her. hehe. I lOVE it!

We ate, and chatted, and ate, and chatted some more. It took CPT forever to come. In fact, everyone was done eating, and the waiter had already came with the check. He brought a box for CPT's food, even. I kept telling him that he was coming. I think he thought it was my pretend "man". Yeah, whatever. Just because I ran out of time for makeup doesn't mean I couldn't get a man. hehehe.

Finally, CPT texted and said that he was almost there, and asked for further directions. The place really WAY tricky to find. After another 5 minutes, he was inside. Julia's sister had to leave, but the other girls stayed and chatted. We were there for about another 20 minutes.

And then the school called, and said that Emeline was in the school nurses' office, and wanted to be picked up. Hmpf! She'd caught a cold, and had been coughing a lot. Because she is slightly asthmatic, she coughs a TON when she gets a cold. And sounds like she's dying. She didn't sleep well last night, so I told her that if she didn't feel well (or too tired) at school, to call and we'd come and get her.

It was 2pm by the time we went to pick her up. And the office didn't know where she was. They lost her. LOL. OK, so they didn't just loose her, the lost the whole class. Yeah, that makes it better. What happened was, after their state testing (or something like that), her teacher had the kids (and him) step outside for some fresh air. So he couldn't be reached by intercom. So someone had to physically walk down to find them. But she eventually came.

Since she was feeling ok, but just had a pesky cough, and said that it was just annoying for class, we decided to go to Big Lots and see what they had. Because I wanted to spend $20 to get my 20% off reward! I know, I know. It's a gimmick to get me to buy more! And it totally works... hehe ;)

I found a HUGE box of slim-fast bars for $4 (instead of $8). And 2 MASSIVE bottles of NiQuil for $4. And BIG bottles of Hand Sanitizer for $0.50 a bottle. And then a few household things that we needed. Like soup mixes for dinners. Cause those are just so STINKIN' easy and the kids will eat them. The Bear Creek ones. LOVE those!

And CPT got some soup of his own. And some other stuff. And we found some 75% off Xmas boxed set stuff. Like Hot Sauces. And BBQ sauces. And decorative cookie mixes (for Eme to make).

And, once I get my 20% reward, I'm coming back to get a new Xmas tree. Regularly $180. 75% off. So it's $37.50. 20% off of that. Making it $29.90ish. For a 7.5 foot, pre lit FULL tree. Yeah, it was MASSIVE. I'll get rid of the one that I have now, and this one is all ready packaged up, in case we move! For $30, I can't hardly resist!

We also want a new BIGGER dutch over. And CPT wanted some new hair/nose/ear clippers. And a new docking station for the iPhones for the garage. If we were gonna buy it anyway, might as well wait until we got the 20% off, right?

Here's Eme sporting the St Patty's day stuff :) She sure looks sick, huh? hehe.

Amanda had bought some of this at the $ Tree one time, and brought it to a movie. And Kari and I LOVED it, but could never find it again. So when I found it at Big Lots, I just HAD to buy it. So now Kari and I need to go to the movies and eat it - hehe :)

We came home after Big Lots, and Tom was already home. His bus had just gotten there. We unloaded our stuff, then I walked on over to pick up the kids from the bus. And Tom and CPT changed into Skating clothes.

And we all headed to the skating rink. 4pm on Thursdays is Military kids skate night! CPT has fun helping to teach them to skate. The other people who are teaching them are the lady figure skaters, so our boys are SO grateful! ROFL!

Kari and I sat and chatted, and soon the hour was up. We headed home, and I only had about 15 minutes before I had to run off to church for the Relief Society Visiting Teaching conference. I was signing with 3 other ladies. Had to be there early to practice.

I had enough time to start some dinner (Tortilla soup with tomatoes and chicken) and leave CPT with directions on how to cook it. And who needed help with homework and who had practice and who needed picked up from where. Then I headed out.

And had fun SINGING all the way there! hehe :) Haven't done that in the dark and taken a picture in a long time, now have I?

I got there, and we went thru the music a few times. We had a GREAT pianist, and it made all the difference. We sounded SO much better than last time we practiced. After about 4 times through, we were good.

The program started at 6:30pm, and we played a getting to know you game, then Sister Plotts spoke, then we sang, then the Stake Relief Society President spoke.

Check out our sweet breads that we got to eat during our meeting. They were SUPER yummy. I couldn't eat it all at once sitting, because my full body girdle was doing it's job - ROFL!

It was a good time, and nice to hang out with the "sisters" from church. I need to do that more. I had one of them tape the song on my phone, and I'll try and see if I can get part of it on Facebook. It was really very nice :)

I headed home, and helped CPT get the stragglers to bed around 8:30pm. I had to load my store, AND blog tonight. I watched an episode of Chuck, and CPT is ironing his pants. I've never seen someone be quite so methodical where ironing is concerned.... hehe :)

Tomorrow, Tom's school is having a special Breakfast for the parents and students who got "Sweepstakes" in the science projects. So I'm going on up there. Then I wanna go and redeem my Big Lots reward before they sell all of the trees. ha! Jim and Joe both have games tomorrow night, also. Busy times, busy times. hehe. But then, aren't they always :)

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Shelly said...

I'd order Miche from you, if I had money to spend. lol Unfortunately, we had large medical bills last year and already have more of them this year.

Eme looks so cute in the St. Patty's stuff. I bet she enjoyed the time alone with you and CPT. I remember a sick day when I got to go with my parents like that and felt so special.

Thanks for the terrific word art. Great layouts, gals!!! Hugs!!!