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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heavens Flowers

Yes, I know there's only one, but I'm afraid that I'm having to cut back to one freebie a day. I knew that eventually, it would all catch up with me, and, well, it has. Life is WAY too busy in the springtime to spend all my time on the laptop. So, it's one a day. Hope you all understand :)

Yesterday, we had a ton of fun at Cub Scouts, despite a few "setbacks". We were all loaded up in the truck, and on our way, when suddenly, I heard coughing noises. You know, THOSE kind of coughing noises. The ones that say that PUKE is shortly following. Nice. I look back just in time to see chocolate vomit coming from the 2 year old, Jimmy. Heavens! Luckily, it was just a little bit, and it was only on him.

I look for a handy place to pull over and clean up the mess. Then the projectile chocolate vomit starts. NASTY! We find a place, and stop the truck. I get out at a gas station, and survey the mess. It was pretty nasty. The kids had found a big chocolate bunny in the freezer that afternoon, and had eaten it together. Hence, the chocolate vomit.

So, I managed to get his car seat unbuckled, and pulled out onto the ground. From there, I got him out of the seat, and stripped. We cleaned him up with Wendy's napkins as best we could, and let him ride in the back seat with the big kids. If the police pulled us over, the proof was in the trunk as to why my 2 year old was out of his seat :)

Only his socks were salvageable. He'd taken off his Sunday shoes after church, and they were still in the truck, so he had shoes and socks and diaper. Lovely. I made the 4 year old, Joe, give up his undershirt, so Jimmy wouldn't be totally naked.

When we got to Scouts (which was at a school with a really nice playground), the 10 year old, Jacob, played with all the kids in the playground, while the 8 year old, Tom, and I went into the meeting (the door faced the playground). When Tom was done, he came out to play with the little kids, and Jacob went to his Scout meeting.

Really, it was great. The kids got 1 1/2 hours at the playground, and there was no more puking. It was a great trip, and I'm glad that we kept on going, and didn't turn around. What's a little chocolate vomit, right? hehehe.

This WordArt request is from Allison. What a sweet saying it is. I'd never heard this one, but think it's so precious. I can image how sweet a flower in heaven must be, and that's just as cute as my little girl is!

Click on the image below to download, and leave some love if you like my work.

Heavens - An Unfortunate Font DeWarped
Little Girls - Luxury Royale JF

Credits: Template, Scrappers Guide, Kit is RakScraps April Mega Kit

Thanks so much to Allison for sending in this WONDERFUL layout! Great colors, an love the subdued colors in the photo! Great effect!

Ellie Lash "heart song mini"
JulieO stoneaccents

Thanks so much to Maria for sending in this layout. I LOVE the pinks and the greens. What an adorable little girl you have!!!


Sharon-shutterbug said...

I can certainly understand only one a day, especially during this delightful time of year! However, since it is a possessive, it should be heaven's flowers.
Thanks for all you do!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Chelsea said...

Your word art is great - thank you!I have a suggestion for a Word Art for you - where can I email it to?

Jeansul said...

Thanks, I love this one, it will be great for dgd's/ Your word art is wonderful.

Pam said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful wordart.

Tom said...

thats pretty

Bethany said...

Sharon-shutterbug :)

It takes more than a grammer correction to offend me. hehehe. And I do appreciate it when people point those out. This one, however, I think it would take away from the presentation. Call it artistic license :) hehehehe. You can add an apostrophe if you'd like though :)

sandy said...

ty for sharing!!

Lesli said...

I just wanted to let you know I used one of your phrases on a digi page - it is posted on my blog today - TFS your talents with us!

Shannon said...

Another fabulous WA! Thanks!