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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mommy In Training

Wow, I must tell you, it's amazing how we just keep on learning, day after day! I learned a new trick in CS2 the other night. Did you know that if you have an element, like, say, a WordArt, in PNG format, with lots of extra loose space around it, you can go IMAGE, then TRIM, then ok, and it'll take all of the extra space out of it. Who knew! And, I've been saving my files as PNG files AND JPG files so that I could put up a preview here in blogger. Well, I forgot to do that with this WordArt, and accidentally tried to upload the PNG file. Well, lookie here! The PNG file works just fine. I'll have to remember that. I no longer have to save it as a JPG. Just think of all the time I've been wasting. heheheh.

I hope today finds me with less "fun" than last night did. At about 11:30 pm, I had a child puking in his bed. That was fun. But, he managed to aim for his sheets and blankets, so we just removed the bedding to the back yard to clean up this morning. I went right back to sleep. Then, at about 3:00 am, another child came saying there was more puking. Her aim wasn't so good. All over the carpet, her brothers bed, and his blanket. The 2 older boys were downstairs, trying to stay away from the puke smell. They were saying how bad she was for not making it to the toilet. My 8 year old, Tom, even said, I puked, but I at least made it to the toilet. Great, so there was more puke? After scrubbing the carpet, I went to the bathroom, and yep, he sure did make it to the toilet. ALL OVER IT! Gross. So, I only have 1 out of the 5 who hasn't puked in the past 24 hours. I wonder if he can make it IN the toilet, or if there will be more "fun" to clean up? Wish me luck!

Today's WordArt request come from Kim, who's daughter loves to "take care" of her baby doll. I know that I have a lot of pictures that this would be appropriate for. Even with my boys. Wouldn't that be a silly layout! Mommy in training. Yeah, they'd like that. I may have to make one, just because it sounds so silly to me :)

Click on the image below to download, and leave some love if you like my work.


Mommy - AnnabelleJF
in, training - Well, hmmm, can't seem to find that one again. so sorry :(


Kim S. said...

This is so perfect! Thank you for doing this for me! I can't wait to make the LO!

Pam said...

I am so sorry about the night you had. I can remember my daughter throwing up during the night. Thank you so much for the wordart. I have a sweet picture of my daughter rocking her baby when she was 3-she is 23 now!

kris... said...

What's the font on Mommy? I LOVE it!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Shannon said...

I think my DD thinks that of both her Daddy and me! LOL