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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Worker

Morning, girls :) My internet is running SO super low, it's about to drive me crazy. Actually, I think it's my computer, not my internet... I tried restarting it, but it's still slow. I'm running a spyware checker right now. hopefully that helps. Although, it is quite cool watch it spit out 2 rows of typing, all at once, when it finally catches up to what I'm typing. Yeah, I feel SUPER lightening fast - ROFL!

OK, so after going to bed at 3am last night, I was tired this morning. To be expected, right? LOL. I woke up at 8am, and was pretty sleepy still. I got kids fed (well, those who didn't feed themselves), got some chores started, and got ready for the sprinkler park. I showered, got pretty, and threw on my swim clothes.

At 9:40am, Eme and I ran out the door for a quick errand to Circle K. Sodas are only $0,79 all day. It's not Sonic, and I kinda felt like I was cheating on Sonic, but it was cheaper. I came home real fast, picked up the kids, and headed to the Sprinkler park. We were a few minutes late, but my friends were waiting for me :)

I took Braxton and Hunter with me, and the kids all had a good time. Hilary's friend Julie (well, she's my friend too, but I met her though Hilary) was there with her 2 boys, and Karin was there with her 1 girl. We all 3 have kids who are within 6 months of each other. Jimmy and Sammy and Wyatt. That was pretty neat :)


Julie's baby

Jimmy and Eme
Hunter, Tom, Jake, Jim and Braxton
Joe (or is that Jim....wait, it's Jim) and Hunter
Julie and Wyatt

Braxton and Jim and Joe

Me :)

So I decided to go around and take an individual pic of all the kids that I brought. And for some reason, Jake and Tom decided to be turds in the pictures. Everyone was just fine with it. Whatever. They get to look like dorks on my blog. So be it :)



I've noticed a trend with Jimmy pictures. He's either not looking at the camera, gazing off into the distance, or making this exact face. Complete with the hands and tongue and all. LOL!

Tom.... Sigh...
Eme, Braxton, Tom, Jimmy, and Jake

Emeline (Joe in the background)

Joe got water in his eyes in this pic. Poor guy was taking a break for a few minutes

Joe and Hunter

This pic is one of my FAVORITEST!

Sammy and Karin
Me again :)

Julie, her little baby boy, and Eme in the background :)

Jimmy and Wyatt
So about 15 minutes before it was time to leave the sprinkler park, I made the kids get out of the water, and sit in the sun, and dry off. We gathered our junk, and got our shoes, and dried off best we could (ha! I saw we, but the only water on me was sweat - hehhe), and loaded up in the truck. And it was off to Free Lunch we went. It's called the Summer Food Service Program, and is a national program, offered in many cities around the country. Google SFSP plus your city, and see if they offer it near where you live :)

Karin and Julie and kids followed us over to the CDC for lunch, and we saw Leigh and kids and Chelsie and kids there. We had quite the group!

Julie and I :)
So after lunch, I drove back home, got kids changed, things organized, and set them up with a movie. Everyone was tired from being outside so long, and needed a rest.

Since Hilary is gonna be gone this weekend to visit her family (sniff, sniff), I needed to get some "hilary" time in, so I decided to go with her to her daughters dentist/ortho appointment on the West-sieed, and then we were gonna go to Sam's and Walmart to complete our grocery shopping from yesterday.

So, this dentist's office was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was SO kid friendly. And fun and energetic and exciting. They had little kid nooks, and TV's and games and everyone got Ice Cream and Balloons when they left. Seriously. hehehe. Everyone I've talked to here know's Dr. Bowden. LOL. SO, while waiting for Jannie's appointment, I went and signed my kids up. They take my insurance, and my kids needed to get a cleaning and be seen by a dentist. We got appointment for the week of the 20th. Can't remember the exact date. It's a Monday, I know.

So after seeing this at the dentists office with water and sliced strawberries floating in it (tried a cup, and it had a hint of strawberry - kinda cool - apparently last time, it had cucumbers in it), I just HAD to buy it when I found it at Sam's. Isn't it cool!
Also at Sam's, I got a text from my sister asking if I'd bought the new Stephanie Meyers book. WHAAAAAAT? There's a new book? We went to the book isle, and sure enough, there it was. VERY short. It was a "character study" of Bree. You remember, the newborn vampire from the end of Eclipse? The one who surrenders. It's about 150 pages. So I got it.

Then later that evening, I found out from a Facebook fan that they have it FREE online for a month. Sigh. So I guess I didn't need to buy it. But I guess it completes my series, right? Click HERE to go to the site.

It was a quick trip to Sam's. I just needed a few things, and Hilary just needed a few things too. We stopped by the Walmart over on the West-sieed, then headed home. We dropped off Jannie and a few cold things at Hilarys, then realized that we still needed to go to Albertsons. They were having a 10 for $10 sale, and cheese, 18 ct eggs, real butter, and a few other things were on it that Hilary needed.

While on that side of town, I picked up a few Little Caesars pizzas too. I got my truck, and Hilary followed me back to post. But I forgot something at Walmart, so we went to the "Jaurez" Walmart, then realized that it was cheaper at Sam's, which happened to be next door, so we went there. Then we headed back to my house.

But remembered that we needed one quick thing from the commissary, so stopped there. K, explaination of this picture - ROFL! There's this cardboard cut out of this soldier dude next to the ATM's at the commissary. And he get's me every time I walk in. I'm always like, who's that dude hiding back there? Hilary was like, go take your picture with him. So I did- hehehe.

But we had to act inconspicuous as people were walking in the front door. hehehe. We're such dorks. It took a few attempts to get the pic without anyone noticing how big of dorks we were.

OK, now we were done - hehe. The kids LOVED the pizza, and were very excited to have it :) I made them straighten up a bit before they ate it, though :) Didn't take too long.

We hung out in the backyard after dinner, and I chatted with the neighbors for a while, and the little kids went over and jumped on the trampoline. It was a very the nice and pleasant evening. Rick and Sarah are moving next week. I'll miss them as neighbors. They're good people.

I set the kids up with a movie (one Jake and Tom and Eme hadn't seen yet) at 8pm, knowing the Jim and Joe would be "out" within minutes, and headed out to Captain America's softball game. I told the kids that they could got to a game that started at 6pm. He's got a few coming up soon. 8 was too late to have the little kids out.

I brought my new book, and read it most of the time. I kinda kept track of what was going on in the game. I saw Captain America bat twice, and took pics each time he was up. They looked real good in their new uniforms. But you know, I still can't used to people calling him "sir". LOL! I guess I'd just figure that if they're playing Softball, it'd be "Captain America", not "sir". I guess since it's a Battery sponsored team, it's "sir". Still new to the army, I guess. "Way to go, Captain America" sounds better than "Way to go, Sir", in my book - hehehe.

Jim and Joe were totally snoring when I got home. I remember summer days as a kid, staying up late, watching TV, falling asleep on the couch. I just love summertime :) I sent the kids to bed, and laid down on the couch and finished off my book. Then started blogging. Yeah, it's late now. It's almost 3am again. Sigh. I keep forgetting to go to bed - hehehe.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH - this is going into a framed picture for my Alzheimer patient - THANKS! SOOOOOO much, TOby