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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ducks in a Row

Morning, all! Hope your week is starting off great! Everyone out of school yet? I know our kids got out last Friday. I slept in till almost 9am this morning. Yeah, it was joyous! I love summer, and kids who are old enough to entertain themselves in the morning :)

After we were all awake, we had breakfast, did chores, and hung out around the house for the morning. It was nice and enjoyable.

At 11am, we loaded up in the truck, picked up Braxton and Hunter (Leslie's kids), and headed to Free lunch. We'd never been there before, since it was the first day, and didn't really know what to expect. I peeked my head in the door to find out what/where/how free lunch worked. Apparently, we just signed in everyone at the front desk, then went on back to the courtyard. There was a kitchen area where the kids picked up their trays, then they ate at the picnic tables in the courtyard.

Here's my kids waiting in line. It was funny, when we got to the front, the lunch ladies looked at me, and were like, what class are you? Huh? They thought I was a teacher, and the noisy rabble with me were my student. I told her that I was their mom, and that we were there for the free lunch. I don't think that the "powers that be" clued the lunch ladies in that free lunchers were coming for the summer. It was kinda funny.

Look how excited I look - hehehe

The big boys in line. Tom and Jake and Hunter and Braxton

Here we are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch. Grilled cheese sandwiches and fries and apple slices and chips and milk. The kids all enjoyed their food! We took the extra apples with us when we left. No wasting food on my watch - hehehe.

Kari and her kids and Danielle and her kids, and Danielle's friend all joined us for lunch. It was a good time. After lunch, we loaded back up in the truck, and drove over to the pool. The other moms had a few stops to make before the pool, but eventually joined us.

Here's me, wondering WHY I decided to take 7 kids (6 boys) to the outdoor pool. ha! Just kidding. They really did a good job :)

We were at the pool till almost 2pm. Leigh came and brought her kids too. Mostly us moms just sat around and chatted. When we left, the kids had had a fun time. We stayed for JUST the right amount of time. Long enough that they had play time, but short enough that they still wanted to go back this week :)

I had everyone hang up their towels and suits when we got home, so they could use it again tomorrow. I'm not washing it EVERYDAY this summer. They can go a few days with the same stuff, I'm sure. It's not really dirty, just wet :)

Everyone got changed, and settled down for a quite movie. I printed out my shopping list, and headed out to the store. Grocery shopping is bad enough as it is, no need to complicate the matter by bringing along small children when you don't need to - hehehe.

Hilary came over, dropped off her kids to play with mine, and the two of us headed to the commissary. I got most of the things I needed, and we made plans to go to Sam's and Walmart the next day. My head was starting to hurt, so we cut the trip a bit short. We did swing by Sonic for a happy hour, then went home.

She went back to her house, and I took some meds and layed down. My head wasn't hurting so much as I was feeling nauseous from it. Jake and Tom went over to Braxton and Hunters house for a while (they live 2 houses down), and I tried to feel a bit better.

The kids came for after a bit, and we had clean up time and Wii time. Then they all went upstairs to Jake & Toms room and watched a movie. Jim and Joe ended up falling asleep in their room, so we had to carry them downstairs and put them in their own rooms :)

Captain America finally got home right before 10pm, after all the kids were asleep. We hung out for a while, then he went to bed. I was feeling like avoiding blogging and designing, because I just wanted to sit on the couch and veg. Sometimes that ok :)

So here it is, 12:15pm, and I'm just finishing up. Tomorrow we're going to the Sprinkler park, then free lunch, then I'm finishing my shopping with Hilary. Summer is so much fun :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing your word art on your picture. Hahaha I love it. Thank you for sharing your talents.

mscstephens said...

It's summertime here, too! Since DH and I are both teachers, it means lots of "free time" for us, too. What kind of free lunch did you find? Was it at a school or a church? I can't wait to let me kids play alone for a while. Right now they're too little. :-) Great word art today. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... cute photo Bethany. Sounds like a fun Summer day!

Thanks for the great wordart chick! :)


bj said...

thank you!!

deb said...

Cute picture with the word art! LOL