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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

typo fixed...

Happy Monday :) Any of you guys still on vacation? I know we in the army got both Friday AND Monday off. Which is nice :)

We were up at 7:30am, getting ready for church. We were only 2 minutes late, but they started late, so it was all good :) So technically we made it in time - hehehe.

I got released as Primary Singing Time leader, so I'm getting a break from callings for a while. That's always a nice break. Never lasts long term, but it's a nice break - lol.

I got to go to Adult Sunday School class, where we talked about King David, and resisting temptation. About how when you're not doing the little things, spiritually, that you're supposed to be doing (scripture study, personal prayer, family prayer, etc), that it's easy to get your head in a fog and not recognize the promptings of the spirit, designed to keep you safe from the influence of Satan. It was a good lesson.

In Relief Society, we talked about sharing what we believe with others, and not to be afraid of sharing. People we would potentially share with are your friends, and won't be offended if we offer to share what we know with them.

After church, we came home, and got lunch started. I baked a Pineapple Upside Down cake, and when it was all finished, we headed over to some friends of Captain Americas for dinner. They're all from the south, and they made what they called "Low Country Bowl". It was, basically, a big pot of food. Corn, potatoes, onions, shrimp, 3 different sausages, spices. They boiled it all up, drained off the water, and served it. It was pretty good!

I could eat some of the onions, and some sausage, and the shrimp. I got some salad too, and counted that as my dinner. We visited, and the kids played, then we came back home.

Captain America and I took a nap when we got home, and the kids watched a quite movie. We woke up at 7pm, got the kids a snack, cleaned up, and sat down to watch "Independence Day", cause it's Independence day - hehehe. We're not going to fireworks, because I don't wanna crowd control - lol. Last year, the church had a picnic and watched fireworks, but not this year. Next year :)

So, because yesterday was 4th of July, and yesterday I had a Religious WordArt, I wanted to do a general "4th of July" wordart for today :) Enjoy!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

OK, so I'm blogging and designing from my old laptop, not my new one, so I don't have my correct packaging. I'm sure you'll forgive me, just this once, right? hehehe.


Shelley said...

It needs to be spelled "Fourth"! :)

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Shelley is in fact correct, the spelling is fourth of July. I love it though! Your wordart is always so awesome!!

I want to say thank you for sharing your wordart so freely with all of us. You are so sweet, so awesome!!!

I have read your blog for a LOOONG time now, and while although I don't speak up a whole lot, I do want to say that you have made me laugh, you've made me cry, you've made me happy, you make me feel like it's okay to be quirky! I just think you're truly fantastic. You're one of those types of people I wish I knew in real life. You are truly a gem!!


Anonymous said...

I'm from the South. I bet your friends were saying "Low Country Boil". If they have southern accents the way they pronounce "boil" probably sounded like "bowl". LOL!

Thanks for the word art.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [05 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany, I love your wordart! Thanks so much for sharing with us. It has become my latest obsession. Would you do a post about how to create wordart? I would like to use some for my scrapbooks.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I didn't even notice the typo. (I'm from the south, so that's my excuse). I love your awesome wordart. I can't leave you love w/ box.net for some reason, but leaving it here.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Kim is right. It probably is a Low Country Boil, we just don't pronounce nothin' rite. :) It's pretty tasty food, though, huh?

MikeyP said...

Hi Bethany!
I can't thank you enough for your daily photos and stories. As a disabled person with agoraphobia, the laptop is my escape and I look forward to your emails every day.

I'm enjoying watching your family grow and it's a real pleasure to see what terrific, involved, wholesome parents you both are!

And your wordart is intensely unique and incredibly well done - not to mention there's one for nearly every situation. I can't tell you how many times I've greeted, comforted, thanked, or enlightened one of my friends or family members with your art.

I'm no artist but I don't have to be...your art makes just about anything come alive and beautiful. Speaking of which, I took your "Liberty" art yesterday and applied it to a historical piece of art and sent it to my friends and family...I received a dozen instant reply emails telling me that it was 'beautiful, touching, patriotic, one of the best I've seen, refreshing to see something that doesn't have fireworks and bbq's on it!, simply beautiful, stunning, made me well up with pride.'
I certainly couldn't have stirred up such emotions with the picture alone.

Sorry to make this so-long winded. I'd love to share this picture with you; can you tell me how to get it in here?

Thanks so much for all you do. Your contributions to life, humanity and beauty are limitless.

Kindest regards,

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd said...

Low county boil - also called by some (probably mostly from Louisiana *LOL*) "Cajun boil."

I'm another that doesn't comment often, but I'm still a long-time fan (I read you faithfully every morning before leaving for work).

GrannieEv said...

I love your word art. This post was interestng b/c my daughter cooked up a Low Country Boil last month for my grandson's HS graduation picnic with the same ingredients you mentioned. My youngest son is in the Army, the oldest is in the AF and my daughter is in the Fire Dept. - all nerve racking jobs for me, their momma! Take care.