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Friday, July 9, 2010

Insert Foot In Mouth

Hey peeps :) hehe, who really says that? LOL! So how was your Thursday? Good, I hope!

I was still in a drug induced coma (lol - no disrespect to those REALLY in a drug induced coma...) in the morning, so ended up sleeping in until 10am. I KNOW! 10am is even late for me. I just felt in a fog most of the morning.

I called a got a few appointments set up this morning. I got Jake a doctors appointment, and finally set up an appointment for myself. See, I have this dumb tail bone. I know, I know. BUT, it sticks out WAY further than it should. So much so that it's uncomfortable to sit in chairs for long periods of time. Going to the movies about KILLS me. I seriously need a donut or something to sit on - hehehe. My mother in law things I must have broke my tail bone as a kid, and that it just didn't heal well.

Anyway, I have an appointment next week to see about it. I don't know what they do for it. My thought is, though, if they have to put me under to remove a piece, would I be able to afford piggy backing a tummy tuck in with it? Cause I have a TON of loose, extra skin on my stomach that isn't going anywhere. Going from 240 to 145 and being pregnant 7 times (2 miscarriages, 5 births) doesn't help. TONS of extra skin. Anyway, that's my thought process on that one.

I also tried to set up vision appointments, but I can't get the On Post vision center to answer their phones..... Hmmmmm. And I got Jimmy set up in 2 weeks for a visit with the ENT. He snores HORRIBLY and has had strep twice this year. The ER doctor recommended that we go and get his tonsils looked at.

I helped the kids do their chores, and decided to skip Free Lunch. I thought the housing guys were coming to spray for bug, but it's Friday, not Thursday. Oops. Anyway, Captain America got home at around 11:30am for lunch, and we all sat at the table together. It was nice :)

After lunch, he dropped me off at Andreas house. They just found out Tuesday that they're getting Stationed at Ft Jackson, South Carolina, and their report date is August 2nd. BUT, Ryan is taking leave (vacation) on the 14th, and they need to clear housing (be out of their house) by the 13th. Whaaaaat? Poor girl is stressing. PLUS, because of the short notice, the army won't move them. They'll have to do it by themselves. Yeah, the army will pay them back, but she has today, Friday, Sat, Sun, and Mon to get her whole house packed, cleaned, and moved. I don't know what she's gonna do.

Anyway, he dropped me off at her house on the way back to work, and I helped her pack up her DVD's. And a box from Sam's room. Then we headed out to get some more boxes from the Recycle place. We got 3 big ones with packing paper inside, and figured that she could use it for her kitchen. And 2 Mirror boxes with packing papers, that we think would be good for her flat screen TV's. We've moved SO many times without movers that I had a few tips for her - hehehe.

We also stopped by Self Help and she got some door stoppers, and looked for paint, but they said not to worry about it, because they didn't have the right color.

She dropped me off at my house at around 3pm, and went to pick up her kids from childcare. My kids were playing nicely together. That's always good - hehehe.

So here it is, 3:30pm, and I figured that I'd blog a little bit before this evening. We may be going to see Shrek 4 on post. It's only a dollar on post on Thursday nights. Can't beat a new movie at the theater for a dollar a person, you know. Captain America is gonna go work on his truck for 3 more hours this evening, and I don't like being by myself so much anymore when he's away. I guess I just don't like being by myself anymore. Give your brain too much "alone" time.... But I thought it was sweet that he's just blocking out small periods of time to be gone. Not ALL day projects. Short times. He's really trying to help me out while I'm struggling with some things.

Cause we all struggle with things from time to time, you know. Different people have different issues, but I know that we all have them. We all have times that are easier and harder than others. Some just come, and some are of our own making. I think the real lesson is what we do with those situations. How we deal with them. Who we rely on. What kind of person we become because of it.

Can we take a bad situation and be better because of it? Can we make relationships stronger? Can we forgive and forget and learn from our past? Can we make friendships stronger? Can we make our weaknesses into strengths?

Anyway, if we can answer yes to these questions, we're doing the right things. We're learning what we should be learning.

Here's me, sitting on the couch, pondering things. OK, half laying, half sitting. The couch is just SO comfy. Thanks again, Leslie, for "inheriting" it to me - hehehe.

Back to blogging - hehehe. Captain America got home at around 5pm. I reheated some left overs for the kids, and made my normal dinner for me, and Captain America had soup like always. We really are quite routine, you know - hehehe.

Captain America went to work on his truck, and the kids and I headed to the movies. Shrek 4 was playing on post, and it was $0.99 nite. LOVE dollar movie nite :) Plus, they have a card, where after you purchase 9 movies, you get a free med drink and popcorn. Since I was taking my 5 kids, 2 neighbor kids, and myself, which is 8 tickets, I asked if I could just pay for one more ticket to get the free popcorn and drink, and they said yes - hehehe. So we had soda and popcorn to share :)

We saw Laurie and her kids, and Danielle and her family there, so we went to sit by them WAY up front. It really was a good movie. I enjoyed it :) Here's a pic of Jimmy and I as the movie was getting over. It was FREEZING, so I'm glad he wanted to come and snuggle with me 1/2 way through...

I got the last refill of soda, Diet Coke. hehehe. Me and Shrek...

Kaleigh (Leigh's daughter) and Eme

Some random kid who wanted to be in the picture, Joe, and Jim. ha!

And, I just had to share my GREAT find from Fallas Paredes. I found this white corduroy jacket for $2.00. Cute, eh? I wore it because I just knew it was gonna be cold in the theater. And I was right, it was :)

And here's Joe and I before I put him to bed :)

Kids went to bed a little after 9pm, and Captain America got home around 9:30pm. I got my pics all uploaded to Facebook as her was walking in the door. We hung for a while, and here it is, almost 11pm. Not too bad for me. I'm just finishing up blogging, and ready to sleep. My sunburn is KILLING me. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better.

And (TMI, I know), I've been feeling very "plugged up" lately (too much cheese, I think), so I took a normal dose of laxatives. Whatever it said on the box. And now I'm dying. hehehe. Note to self. Take 1/2 a dose next time. No more plugged up feeling, though...

So with that cheery thought, here's your WordArt for the day - hehehe.

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Amber (bambi64) said...

Have you ever tried a chiropractor for your tailbone? During the delivery of my 4th child, it must have been how I was laying and pushing but it caused my tailbone to twist and stick straight out/up. I was in pain for 4 months (hurt to sit, stand, I walked like an old lady and i was only 31!) before we figured out what the problem was. I went to a (female ;)) chiropractor a few times and she was able to pop it back into place. I had to sit on a doughnut (well the boppi pillow really) for a while and if I travel long distances it will still flare up some. But then I just got back for an adjustment and I'm good to good. Anyway, just another option you might want to look into if you are okay with chiropractors.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [09 Jul 01:25pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Jul. 09, 2010. Thanks again.

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about your tailbone issues. Hope the docs can help!

Thanks so much for the word art! Perfect for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list