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Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Morning

Hi Friends :) Hope you Sunday was blessed. OK, so I don’t usually say blessed. But now that I think of it, it’s really a good way to describe it. I do hope that your day was blessed. And now that I say that word outloud in my head. Do you pronounce it “blest” or bless-ed? Mine is bless-ed. Just like I say it like stripe-ed, not “striped. I know, I’m a bid odd. I never claimed to be anything but…

Anyway, got up at 7:20am, and got in the shower and got ready for church. I wore a black skirt (the new one from Ross a few weeks ago) and an older button up pink shirt I’d bought when I lived with my mom when Captain America was in trainings. It only fits when I’m under 146 lbs or so. It was actually a bit loose, so I was excited :)

Anyway, it’s not something I’d typically wear. I had it tucked in, so it showed off my figure. Yeah, I usually stay away from that, but I figured I’d try it. And I thought it looked pretty good. Now, if I could just get rid of the loose skin….

I got the kids dressed and ready to go too. Captain America and I had helped them lay out their Sunday clothes yesterday, which helped SO much. No one running around the house looking for socks, or shoes, or ties, or such. They had it all. Yeah, it’s just like the song we sang when we were kids “Saturday is a special day, it’s the day we get ready for Sunday”. And yes it was :)

Captain America wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed home, and Maddie took her car with a few of my kids, and I took my truck with the remainder of my kids, and off we went. We got there with about 5 minutes to spare, which I like. I don’t like walking in late, you know. Church was good. The Blackman family spoke about conversion. I really enjoyed it. We are all converted to our beliefs, you know. Even if you’re born into your religion, there comes a time when you need to decide for yourself if it’s true or not.

They have 4 boys (2 teens and 2 8-11 yr olds) that spoke, and Kristie spoke. Walter had spoken the week before (could have been a few weeks ago, can’t remember). She said that she always gets SO nervous to speak, and I can totally relate. I get nervous too when I have to speak. I can talk all day on a blog, but put me in front of a group, and I clam right up…

Maddie’s youngest, Lily, didn’t want any part of Sacrament, so Maddie and the baby spent the whole hour outside. I kept Ella on my lap. So it was me and 6 kids. And really, they were reverent and well behaved. Thank goodness! Cause I don’t know how I would have dealt with 6 kids freaking out. Ha! Can you imagine. I don’t know how those mom’s do it who get 4-6 babies all at once. Hats off to you, mom’s of multiples.

I went down to primary, and helped Joe give his talk. It was about how Jesus was a great example, and that we should try to be like him. He told the story of the Good Samaritan, and how it means that we should help EVERYONE, not just those people who are our friends. Jesus helped all people, and we should too. I had found a short talk for him to give, but it was WAY too much. So we just paraphrased. And since there is no microphone, well, no one could hear anyway, so short and sweet was better in my book.

I joined Adult Sunday school, and we were studying in 1 Kings in the Old Testament. It was a good lesson. I like listening to everyone’s comments. Even if I don’t comment, I can still gain a lot from class. I know in the past, I thought Sunday School was boning. I’d avoid it. But, if a person approaches it in the right spirit, you really can learn a lot.

Maddie had stayed in Nursery with her girls, since they didn’t wanna stay this week by themselves, so I was on my own. After Sunday School, I headed off to Relief Society. We had a lesson from a Conference Talk back in April of this year. It was really good. It was about helping Youth. The talk was called “Our Duty to God: The Mission of Parents and Leaders to the Rising Generation”. I really enjoyed the lesson.

It really tied in with the conversion topics from Sacrament meeting. We need to help our youth know what they believe. We have to help them. To have personal relationships with them. We need to start when they are young. We need time with them. To really talk with them, not at them. To listen to them. It was very good and inspiring.

I loaded my kids up in the truck (almost a chili day in El Paso, I thought – hehehe), and I met with the Bishop real fast, then we all headed home. I helped the kids change out of their Sunday clothes and get them hung up in their closets, then made Bagel Sandwiches for them. Easiest lunch to make – hehehe. I had my standard cheese, crackers, and cucumbers, and ate my apple, and hung with Captain America for a while.

The kids watched a Barbie movie (yeah, my boys were MORTIFIED, but I definitely heard giggling coming from the living room, so it couldn’t have been that horrible…), and later, Captain Americaand I went and played cards in the backyard. We wanted to play Rummy, but it was WAY too windy, so we played WAR. I lost horribly. Hehehe. Good thing it was all about hanging out, and not winning, or I would have been disappointed – LOL.

We started on dinner at 4pm, and put chicken in the oven, and brown rice in the rice cooker. It was finished at 5:15pm, and I got it all dished up and served up for the kids. I made my dinner, and Captain America had a shake. I had Jake change back into his Sunday clothes, and he and I left at 5:40pm to head over to the Bishops house for a Fireside (a lesson/talk/spiritual thought for the 12-18 yr olds in someone home on Sunday night, once every few months…).

Here’s I am, it’s 6:29pm, and I’m sitting in the car blogging. Multitasking, really. I didn’t wanna drive here, turn around, go home, turn around, come back, all within an hour and a halfs time. So I figured that I could get my blogging done, and a freebie designed, and be that much further in my work. Wasn’t that good of me? I thought so :) hehe.

So I'm home now... it's 9:30pm, and I'm sitting outside watchingCaptain America work on his truck. We just put the kids to bed. They had a LATE evening, but everyone had fun watching Dad work on the truck, and helping mom make cookies. Lazy Sunday evenings are good... :)

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