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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stand For Right

Morning :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sabbath Morning. So how was your Saturday?

I woke up at 7am, but laid in bed until 8 or 8:30 ish. I just really WANTED to sleep in, but my body wasn't cooperating - hehehe.

I finally got up, got dressed in jammies, and folded laundry. Like an hours worth of laundry. At least 8 loads. Yeah, it was all over the couch. Mom, you know that laundry that was on the table when you were here? Yeah, it was that laundry, plus all the new stuff. Sigh. BUT, it all got folded, and dispersed to it's owners, and put away. Yeah!

I had breakfast, and got the kids breakfast, and cleaned a little bit. Very little - hehehe. Captain America got up shortly after, and we hung for a bit. It was a relaxing morning. Didn't do much.

Maddie and her girls went to the park (or for a walk, or somewhere) right before lunch, then went to Burger King for lunch. We stayed home and had left over Lasagna noodles. hehehe. I didn't tell my kids where Maddie had gone - hehehe.

Here's me in my "I should really go take a shower" pose.

And me after my shower. Tracy, this pink shirt is for you. I still remember when you told me that I don't wear pink. Well, I do, thank you very much. hehehe. AND, just so you know, I have a pink shirt all picked out to wear to church tomorrow too. So there - hehehe.

At around 4pm, we gathered up the troops, and headed out for the evening. Maddie and Ella and Lily and Jake and Eme went in Maddie's car, and the rest and Captain America and I in my truck. We first drove over to the Goodwill on Montana. It's my favorite Goodwill in the area.

Tom needed new church clothes, and Jim needed new church shoes. Jake wanted a sunday blazer, and so did Captain America. I got Eme a pair of school sneakers, and I found these AWESOME black boots. I had brown, but now I have black too. sa-weet!

After Goodwill, we continued over to the loop, and went to the Transmountain Golden Corral. I'd called Golden Corral and Cici's pizza, and price compared. For all 10 of us to eat at CiCi's, it would have been $49 ish. For all 10 of us to eat at Golden Corral, it was $54. Yeah, no brainer. I'll gladly pay an extra $5 for Golden Corral. MUCH better food, in my opinion.

Here's Captain America and I. On our way to Golden Corral.

Jim and Tom at the restaurant. My kids LOVE Golden Corral

Captain America and I, both with food in our mouths. ha!
So after Dinner, Eme and Jake and I were gonna walk across the parking lot to Walmart to pick up their glasses and my contacts. But Eme informed me that it wasn't the right Walmart. Crap. That was TOTALLY not in the right direction for where we wanted to go next....

But we drove across town to the other Walmart, and Eme and Jake and I went inside and picked up their glasses. Here's Eme sporting her. Isn't she a cutie!

After Walmart, we drove around the mountain on I-10 to get to the Outlet Malls ALL the way on the other side of El Paso. Transmountain pass was closed, because of Thunder storms, so I-10 was the way to go :)

Here's Jake and Eme and I.
First stop, the bathrooms. hehehe. We only had 40 minutes before the mall closed, so we had to be fast. Captain America and the boys went to a watch store (Jake wanted on, and had money), and the girls and Maddie and I headed to the Jewelry Box.

Ella and Eme each got to pick someone out. I got a few new rings and bracelets. I'm so glad that Maddie introduced me to BIG rings. hehehe. I like them, you know :) Now I have big earrings AND big rings :)

After the Jewelry Box, we went across the way to the Disney store, and the boys met up with us. Captain America had got a new watch, and had given his old one to Tom, who was estatic. Jake bought a new one, and was pleased and punch himself. They were all on sale for $13 each. Not too bad for a Timex watch.

It was soon 9pm, and we were kicked out of the Disney Store - LOL! Right outside the store, there were those quarter ride machines. We let the kids play for a bit (without quarters, of course), and took some pictures.

Captain America and I
Joe on the horse
Me and Maddie. Yeah, I don't know why I'm ducking. I'm an inch taller than Maddie. ha!
Ella inside a ride
Jake and Tom on a ride. Yeah, I think they surpass the recommended weight. LOL
We stopped at the fountain and let the kids throw pennies in, and make wishes. I think they like it. And it's a VERY cheap entertainment. It cost me $0.14. hehehe.

As we were walking back to the truck, Maddie noticed one of the specialty stores. Rocky Mountain chocolate or something or another. She got all excited and said that she had a $10 coupon for it, from 3 years ago. They hadn't locked their doors yet, so he hurried over.

She came back with a Rocky Road Carmel Apple. Cool! Would I pay $8 for it? Um, yeah, no! But for free? SCORE!

We sat by the truck and the kids tore into it.

Even me!
OK, so I didn't eat it. I was just posing. And, I must say I was VERY proud of myself at dinner. Sure, it was a buffet, and I ate WAY more food than I should. BUT, everything I ate was on my menu plan. I had salad with spinach and lettuce, sauteed onions and green peppers. Steak. Brisket. Pot Roast. Asparagus. All that is on my original diet. I did add 3 strawberries, a small dish of cottage cheese, and some pineapple for dessert, but that's at least on Re-feed.

SO, I count it as a success. While I felt SUPER full when we left, I didn't have the sugar/carb overload that the rest of the family had - hehehe. My stomach just felt REALLY full. Hopefully this doesn't sabotage my diet. I keep telling myself that it wasn't a cheat. One of these days I'll blog about my food issues.....

Anyway, we headed back to post after that. I drove Maddie's car since she's unfamiliar with El Paso and doesn't like driving at night. No worries :)

We got home, put the kids to bed, I cleaned my room a bit, then sat down to blog and design. I'm hoping to be to bed before midnight. I'm sleepy and need some rest.

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [25 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Chris said...

I Love Reading Your Blog, You Have such a Big Lovely Family!
Thank You, as Always for the Great Word Art, this one is so true!
All The Best,

Tam said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Trish said...

Thanks so much for all your freebies. love them all.

CactusFreek said...

Is there anything better than secondhand clothes stores?!?
Thanks for the great WA!

CactusFreek said...

...Eme looks like she's sitting on her brothers head in that car shot lol

Ms. Jen said...

I just found your blog and I'm rolling. You are just too cute. Did I read that your on a diet?!? What!! Girl, you are teensy tiny unless you photo shopped a big butt or somethin! You seem to have a big lovely family and it's so nice to see someone else who treasures that as much as I do. I'm gonna start following you.....stalker, right? LOL Have a great day.

Hugs - Jen

P.S. Loved your word art!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany, Saw your "before" pic and was totally blown away. Way to go! Have you looked into raw foods? I've been 80% raw (more or less) for the last three months, and it has been super. You don't watch calories, just eat raw foods. Nothing cooked over 115 degrees. People have lost tons of weight in a very short time and you aren't hungry. It may help with your migraines. My husband is an asthmatic and a diabetic. He has seen wonders with it.

You take care and wish you much success with your weight loss. Marilyn