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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Circle

Hey there, y'all! How is your week going??? Mine's pretty good for a Spring Break with only one grown up. We're keeping busy. And Busy is good.

Anyway, I woke up at 9am, feeling super rested. Awww, love being rested. I thought about going to Workout group at 8:30am, but decided to stay home and bake cookies for the picnic instead. Workout, cookies, workout, cookies. Yeah, not much of a choice, eh? hehe :)

I baked, with my new apron, and everything turned out great :) Love it when things turn out great - ha! I made 4 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip banana bundt muffins. With a glaze. And some chocolate peanut butter spritz cookies. With M&M's on top of it. They looked pretty cute. I had Eme and Joe and Jim help me put on the M&M's.

And then it was 11:20 am, and I had to get ready for the picnic. AND I needed a Howdys. It'd been a few days...

Here's what I looked like before.

And after a fresh layer of make up and straightening my hair
I grabbed my purse and phone, and drove on over to Howdys for a 64 oz Diet Dr Pepper. Mmmmm, tasty! And I headed back to post.

And loaded up for the picnic. I grabbed the desserts, and the drinks, and the kites, and the kids, and off we went.

And we busted out the kites. And I'm SO glad that we bought good ones, because they were wonderful. Once we got them up pretty high, they flew very nicely.

I'm going with the "It's sunny and that's why I look wanky" angle...

This was Jim's kite. He let me fly it for a while.

Me and Terra

Me and Amanda

Amanda's son, Austin's kite. SO cool!
Terra snapped some pics of me flying Jim's kite

So since I brought the desserts and the drinks, Terra brought the hot dogs and the chips. And the kids LOVED them :) I had a few "naked" hot dogs. Yeah, totally should have brought my cheese sandwich and cucumber - ha!

So we flew kites for about 2 hours, then headed back home. I had a ton of fun playing with my friends. My family and Terra's family and Amanda's family and Kari's family and Maggie's family were there. And I got to meet Maggie's parents! They were there visiting. And his mom works with Autistic kids in the schools! I had a good chat with her. And now, if I ever have any questions, I think I'm gonna ask Maggie to ask her mom :) She seemed to know quite a bit :)

Like reasoning with Autistic kids. Not possible. They don't see reason. I'm gonna need to tell this to Captain America. Because he tries SOOO hard to make Jake see reason. To come at it from all different angles, thinking that one route will hit home. Nope. Autistic ones don't see reason.

And she said that they're VERY good with little kids because they're very gentle by nature. That's really Jake. Sure, he can fight with his siblings, but for the most part, he's gentle.

Anyway, it was really good to chat with her.

And then we all headed home. And I had the kids do their chores, then they could have electronics. And I designed a WordArt Pack, and Tom and Eme went with Ms. Leigh and her kids to Sonic. They walked the 2 miles there, then walked the 2 miles home. They all had a GREAT time.

Anyway, I left Jake and Jim and Joe at home, and went a few houses away to sew with Terra. We made 3 John Deere pillow case dresses! Cool, huh? I replaced the bobbin in her sewing machine, and it worked. Of course, she said that after I left, that it started freaking out again.... Sigh.

I headed back home, and got some food for the kids. And Jake went to play at Leo's house for a while, and Leigh's kids came over to play with my kids. And the evening passed without much more incident. We started a movie at 7:30pm, but Joe and Jim were coughing so bad, I medicated them and sent them to bed around 8pm. And Jake and Tom and I watched a few episodes of Chuck.

And it's now almost 10pm. And this episode is almost done. I think I'm gonna design a little bit longer, then head to bed. We're planning on going to the Insights Museum tomorrow. Eme went there on a Field trip last year, and LOVED it. And it's only $25 for a military family pass for a year. Can't beat that, huh??

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Sharon, girl, LOVE this St Patrick's Day layout!!! You rocked it!


semoharty said...

Looked like a great day to fly a kite in sunny EP! Wish I could be there too. I of course, loved all the pics and saved them. With love...Brent

Sarah said...

That sky's so blue. Looks like a fun day. Love the John Deere dresses, very clever x

sandie said...

This is awesome! Thank you!

Sherry Out Loud said...

Happy St. Paddy's day to you, hope you have a great one!

deb said...

Great word art! As for the kites, that looked like a blast!

Marilou said...

Thank you!