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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When I Grow Up

Hey there, peeps! What up??? hehe :) Tuesday was a good day for us!

I slept in till around 8am, then got up and showered. Shocker, I know! hehe. I was dressed and fixed up and ready for the day by 8:40am. My dad and I had talked about going to Big Lots in the morning to get a $15 MP3 player for the car ride to Ft Hood. See, when I couldn't get my car to start (it thought I was stealing it or something), I took the battery off, and now the radio thinks I'm stealing it. And it costs $45-50 at the dealership to fix it. Yeah, not gonna happen... That Saturn stock radio sucks.

Anyway, I bought a portal speaker thingy for the car, and can plug my phone into it. So if Dad had a cheap MP3 player with music, then they would be able to listen to something on the LONG drive.

Well, because we left, we talked about just having a new Stereo put in. Captain America had suggested it a few days ago. It really was a great idea :) We looked it up online, and we thought that Best Buy wouldn't be too bad.

Mom and Dad and Aunt Sue and I got ready, left the kids playing electronics (Jake was still asleep), and headed over to Best Buy, and got there around 9:30am. And yeah, it opened at 10am. Oops. So we had 30 minutes to kill. Luckily they had a Dollar Tree there! So we went in, picked up a few things, and headed back to the car. We each got ourselves a soda. Funny, huh?

Diet Dew is my dad, DDP is mine, Diet Coke is Aunt Sue, and Diet Pepsi (*pukes*) is my moms.

And soon the store was open. It took FOREVER for the girl to come and help us, but she finally did. Yeah, getting there as the store is first opening isn't such a grand idea, I guess... Anyway, she said that it would be $49 to get the stereo installed. That's not too bad. Then, the stereo cost $99. It had iPod capabilities, a USB port, and an AUX port. Gotta love that :) I think it had a CD player too. I'm sure it did. hehe.

Anyway, we eventually got it, I paid for it, and we headed back home. See, the installation dude didn't get there until 11am. And it was 10:30am. That would give us time to go back home, get the kids ready, get both vehicles, come back, drop off the car, and be to Chili's for lunch before noon. Sounded like a plan to me! Then we'd just get the car after lunch. Perfect!

We headed back to post, hurried and dressed the kids, and headed out. Dad and Tom took the car, and everyone else was with me in the truck. And yeah, my dad was supposed to be following me, and I was TRYING to go slow so he could follow, but he was WAY too slow. And got stuck at a light, then got lost. And we ended up having to pull over, and wait, and it's SO hot in that suburban with no AC.... But we eventually caught back up, and met at Best Buy audio installation place.

And the installer dude told me that it would be another additional $45 for the install in parts. Yeah, the chickie that sold me the thing didn't tell me that. He was like, yeah, I'm sure she failed to mention that part.... Stupid chickie...

We left the car with him, and headed to lunch. Terra and family and Amanda and family were already there. We joined them, and had 9 kids and 7 adults. It was a quite the lunch! hehe.

Captain America, my dear, this chip is for YOU~

It really was a good time. After everyone had eaten, and we were ready for the bill, the kids started getting a little frisky. We had an autistic kid at each end of the table, so that was a little tricky when they were done eating and ready to go. And still no bill.

Then we had issues with the coupons, and splitting the checks right, and the coupons for the free chips and salsa.... Sigh. Terra's hubby took her kids to the van, but mine were still at the table. Eme and Tom were being all handsy at the end of the table (not being mean, but being rough and loud, unfortunately), and Jake was just mad that we had to wait around.

He was like, "Can't one of your friends just pay the bill, and you can pay them back later?". Sigh. He did NOT like having to wait.

But, we finally got it all taken care of, and were on the road. Thank goodness! We drove back to Best Buy (it was 2 hours later!), and the car was done. Eme and Tom and my dad took the car, and we headed back to post.

And wouldn't you know it, they picked my dad for the Random Vehicle Inspection. ha! I pulled over, and went and helped him get inspected, and then we all headed home. Sorry, dad! They like the Saturn, for some reason :)

We got home, and the kids chilled and played some electronics, and I texted with my friends for a bit, and my parents and aunt got in our pool and suntanned for a bit.

Eventually, I put on my suit and went out too :)

The kids, chillin'
Me, outside, sunning myself :)
After playing in the pool, and sunning, and getting warm again, we eventually came back inside the house, then the grown ups planned a trip to Big Lots/Jewelry Box. We'd decided that Eme would go with my Mom and Dad to Ft Hood to get my sister, and her MP3 player had died last week. And for $15, I couldn't pass that up.

So we changed, and the grown ups headed up there. I found these AWESOME zebra floor mats for my truck! I'm SO excited to put them in :) And some more sunscreen. And the MP3 player :) And deodorant. Because I was almost out...

Mom found some snacks for the car ride to Ft Hood, and Aunt Sue got a cool wallet like Terra and Amanda and I have, and some drinks, and some hair color! We're giving her brown hair tonight!
Next stop was Bassett Center, and the Jewelry Box. Aunt Sue thought it was GREAT! I found some more fake nails, and a new black hair thing to replace my broken one. And we peeked our heads into the Nail place, and found out that for $30, you could get acrylics. Nice! I want some SHORT ones :) Because my nails totally suck...

UPS!!!! I found him on the way home!!!
Yeah, I don't know where this picture belongs, but it was too cute of my mom and me to delete. So here we are, me just out of the pool, and her already changed. hehe. This must have been before we went to Big Lots. Because I didn't go there like this. ha!
We got home, and started on dinner. Left over pasta salad, left over green salad, and cheeseburgers on the grill. SUPER yummy! The grown ups were gonna go to a movie, but Jake wasn't dealing well with things, so we decided to skip, and stay home to supervise.

And just chilled and relaxed.
I loaded some music onto Eme's MP3 player, and put on my fake nails (that;ll probably last for 2 days...). And Mom colored Aunt Sue's hair. I helped a little :)
The dog kept thinking we were gonna take him on a walk. And we kept saying, Wait till it gets dark, Boxer! hehe.

At 9pm, we put all the kids to bed, and the grown ups got ready for a walk. And Boxer too. He just LOVES the new evening walks. I've found that if I walk him down the middle of the road, he is less tempted to pee on things. LOL!

We walked once around the neighborhood, then came back home. And Dad and I loaded up in the car, and headed to the 24 hour Shoppette for gas and oil.

Check out my COOL new stereo system!

I went insie and got the oil, and Dad got the gas
We got home, and Mom and Dad got ready for bed. They're getting up at 4am in the morning for the drive out to Ft Hood. Yeah, that's WAY too early. hehe. Aunt Sue and I sat on the couch and played on laptops together. She checked my blog for the past few days (hehe, too funny, huh???), and I blogged for tomorrow.

And then I moved to my room so she could go to bed, and I finished up blogging. SUPER busy day. But good day. Tomorrow, we'll just have the boys. Terra's hubby goes back from R&R, so she'll be available to play. And she's taking the twins to Daycare. Maybe I'll take Jake to the youth center, and we can go and play as grown ups! Tom can handle 2 little boys, I'm sure. It's less than what he's used to - ha!

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Awe, Sharon, this one is SO cute and girlie!!! LOVE it, my dear :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jul. 20, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [21 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Tammy said...

Thank you, Bethany! :)

Christi said...

Ha Ha I have that same stereo. I got it about 6 months ago and I love it. I can play my ipod or my shuffle or an mp3 player plus CD's. It's awesome.