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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bun in the Oven

Morning. So, we skipped Seminary this morning. Jake had therapy. And I figured that we could all use the sleep. We woke up at 6:45 am, and got Tom off on the bus at 7am. And got Joe and Jim dressed. It's so nice that Eme and Tom get themselves ready for school. SO nice!

I walked the kids over to the bus stop, and visited with Maggie! She's was finally back from California! She gave me a ride back home (cause it's SUCH a long walk... hehe), and we ended up chatting in front of my house for about 20 minutes. They had had a great trip, but were super happy to be home.

I came inside and chatted with my mom on the phone for a few minutes, then got ready for Jake's therapy appointment. And woke him up and got him ready too. And we headed out. We got there right at 9am, and spent the whole time talking about last nights episode. Hopefully she put some of the "fear of God" into him. Cause he sure needed it. She said that we really should have called the police. What would have happened had he broken through the glass door and hurt someone? Would have I really wanted that on my conscience that I could have done something earlier to have prevented that? Good point...

But then, I don't want him going to Juvie, either. I know that would be HORRIBLE for him. I want him to start making better choices. But I know that something that he needs to do. It's not something that I can do for him. Know what I mean?

We were back in the car, and on our way back to post by 10am. He'd forgotten his meds, so we swung by the house to get them before taking him to school. I dropped him off at Austin High School, then I headed back home.

I snapped a few pictures of my downstairs bathroom to show y'all. Looks good, huh? You like it?

I sat down on my computer, and did some emails, and designed my last pack for the week. And watched an episode of Warehouse 13. And talked with my inlaws for about an hour. They had read the blog in the morning, and called while I was at therapy. So I called back when I got home, and we'd chatted about life. They're great people. I kinda like 'em a lot, you know. hehe ;)

And soon, it was time to get ready for the movie. Kari and I and Erin (remember her from Jimmy's pre-school bus stop!!!) were gonna go and see Apollo 18 at the Dollar theater. I was excited. It looked like a good and spooky movie! I like spooky movies.

Kari picked me up, and we headed on over to the theater. It was good to see Erin. We hadn't seen her in ages! She was lookin' good! I liked the movie. I don't know if the other girls did or not, but i thought it was pretty good. It was filmed in a kind of raw footage style. Kind of "Cloverfield" style. I enjoyed it. And it made me jump. And I found myself wanting to talk to the movie. And warn it. And give it advice. hehe. But I held my tongue. But had I been at home, I TOTALLY would have been talking to it. ha! So if you are super nerdy like me, you'd totally love the movie. hehe.

We headed home after the movie, and Kari dropped me off. And here's the lovely mess that Boxer had waiting for me :)
Did I pick it up? Um, nope. It's so not my dog. And SO not my chore... Jake now is in charge of the trash, the floor, and still the dog. So it's triply his responsibility to pick up the mess. Yeah, there was nothing wet or sticky in there, so I was totally gonna wait for him to clean it up!

Tom got home at 3:15, and at 3:20, I headed to the bus stop to get the little kids. At 3:40, the bus got there, and at 3:50, Eme and I headed to Logan SKIES for her first Piano Lessons. She was SO excited! I dropped her off, and sat in the car. And my phone was dying! I was so sad. Luckily, it held a charge long enough to get through the hour. But it died as soon as the hour was up. And my car won't charge it anymore. I don't know why...

Anyway, I went in to get Eme, cause she was being slow. She had a few books that she needed to purchase (they were optional, but she was SO excited about getting them, I couldn't say no). And I'd called Tom to find out the make/model of our keyboard so I could order a new power cord for it. We'd lost our old one. There's a new one coming in the mail. Should have done that a long time ago...It'll be here soon...

The last thing I was able to do before my phone completely died was send a text to Kari asking her to pick up Jim and take him to the game. Thank goodness, too, because I still needed to swing by the Youth Center and pick up Jake and his Backpack that he'd left there last night! And it was already 5:10. And the game started at 5:30. Yeah, we were running late. Again.

We finally got Jake, and got home around 5:35. And Eme got changed. And we got her some food. Joe and Jim had gotten picked up by Kari and were at the game. I changed into some warm clothes because the sun had gone down. And Eme grabbed her homework. Tom was put to work on his bedroom. It was super messy. Jake spent some time with Boxer. And cleaned up the kitchen mess. My poor phone was put on the charger. I'd have to get along without it for an evening :(

And off we went, to the last 2 soccer games of the season. By the time we finally got there, there were only about 15 minutes left of Jimmy's game. Which was fine with me. It was getting cold. Joe came and snuggled with me and a blanket. It was chilly! Eme worked on her homework for a little bit, then went and joined her team when her coach got there. Her game was a little later.

And soon, Jim's game was over, we did the tunnel, and we all headed inside for the trophies and the pizza party. Here's a few pictures that Kari snapped for me. Thanks, Kari!
Jim and Josephine could totally be siblings, huh? hehe :)
We stayed inside and hung out for quite a while. When all the parents finally started to leave, we decided that we should move outside to watch Eme's game. It was already about 20 minutes into it. We headed outside into the cold. And by cold I mean mid 50's. Like super freezing. Like if you didn't have on a winter jacket you were gonna FREEZE to death cold. hehe. Joe went and ran around with some kids, but Jim and I were snuggled up under a blanket, freezing our butts off. And we couldn't take it anymore, so we finally moved inside. Sorry, Eme. We tried. But we couldn't hack it. We're not cut out for winter...

We went inside, and Joe worked on his homework. And Jim just kinda was loud. And went and played with some 3-4 year olds who were done with their awards ceremony. He didn't care. He wasn't cold, and he was running around. Worked for me.

And soon, Eme's team was done, and they had come back inside for their awards ceremony. We moved into the next room, and the coach did his LONG speech, and passed out trophies, and pizza, and more speeches, and such. I was SO tired and ready to go home. I didn't have my camera phone, and I was feeling a bit out of it. I just wanted to go home. But we stayed so Eme could be with her team. And eat and have fun and "party" with them. Eventually it was over, and we were able to go home. Thank goodness!

We got home, and I gave Jimmy a fast shower, and got the kids all to bed. Eme finished up her homework, and Jake took the dog for a walk and showered. Tom was still working on his room. I'd had to go upstairs earlier in the evening to look at a smoke detector, and his room was TRASHED! Yeah, he's on probation until the room gets cleaned.... Slacker!

Here's Jake and I, right before he went to sleep. He came in to give me one more hug, and wanted his picture taken with me. He's being sweet today :)

So, after the kids were in bed, I started blogging. And here it is, 9:35pm. I'm sleepy. And my neck and shoulders hurt. I know it's part from yoga. And part from the "fight/altercation" last night. It takes a lot out of you, you know. Getting all tense and stressed out like that. Holding it all in. It really sucks. I'm hoping to be able to go and get a massage tomorrow morning. I think it would really help. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Also, we're having a Pure Romance party tomorrow. Should be a good time! And we're taking the kids Ice Skating after school. The funny thing is, instead of the Hockey players teaching them to skate, it's the figure skaters. I think it's funny. heheh. The boys HATE it. ROFL!

Night, all! I may go pop an Ambien and get a VERY good nights sleep tonight :)

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Thanks, Sharon! But if that chickie is prego, she's making me look bad! She's SO tiny! hehe :)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Nov. 03, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Great make over on the bathroom, Bethany. I like the color you chose.

I'm glad you were able to get out and do something fun with your friends after your incident with Jake the other night. Is it possible that Jake is missing medication doses by accident or on purpose? That was always the first thing I'd look into as a mom with a child on medication.
Big hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [04 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria