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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

Hey there! Well, I got all the pictures posted on here! But then Captain America was on Skype, and I chatted with him for about an hour, and now it's after 11pm. And I still have purple hair, and face paint on my face. And I'm super sleepy. Yeah, this blog post might be lame. hehe. We'll see how it goes...

So I didn't get a great nights sleep last night. People kept coming in and waking me up! So not cool! Jake came in to tell me that he'd puked. I don't know if he'd eaten too much, or what was the matter. Because I don't think he was sick...

It was around 4 something, I think. Anyway, he went to lay on the couch afterwords. And for some reason, the back door got left opened. So, of course, the dog got out. So, he woke me up 30 minutes later to tell me that the dog was gone. And wanted me to drive around the neighborhood in the truck calling for him. Yeah, not gonna happen. I was so out of it... I was like, "Just go out in the front yard and yell for him..." Luckily he came back.

I tried to go back to sleep, but 30 minutes later, Joe came in fully dressed asking if it was time for his Soccer game. Then Jim came in saying that someone hit him. Then Joe again asking if it was time for his game. Seriously???? Kids NEVER bother me while I sleep. Well, anymore. It's why I like having older kids. ROFL! I hope I didn't just jinx myself. hehe.

My alarm went off at 8:15am, and I got up. Joe was completely ready, and I threw on some clothes, and we headed up to the game. Kari and I hung and watched the game, then we headed into the gym for the awards ceremony. Some of the moms brought cupcakes and cookies and donuts and stuff. So sweet :)

My happy child. hehe :)
Joe and Leo
Joe getting his Trophy
Joe is#2
Leo getting his trophy (He's #14)

Coach Tiffany and Joe
Kari and I and Joe and Leo stopped by the library to check out their Halloween party, and yeah, it wasn't for us. hehe. It was geared to little kids, so we headed home. I got my kids all ready, and 30 minutes later, we were on the road and headed to the zoo for their Boo at the Zoo Trick or Treating party! Woohoo!

We had the kids line up before we headed inside :)

The kids all got trick or treat bags that had coupons for Sonic Kids meals. $1.49. Not too bad, huh? I know where we're going for lunch today! LOL :)

Here's Eme and Leo and Tom and Josephine
Kari and I

It was pretty fun at the zoo. They had worker all around the zoo set up handing out candy. And vendors from business passing out stuff too. Like toothbrushes and such. And my favorite were these photo op places. Cool, huh?


Cool yellow fish!

Scary monkey
Pumpkin bowling

Who brings a book trick or treating? hehe :)

The kids were exhausted by the time we were done - hehe. They'd earned their Sonic kids meal, that was for sure :)

We all loaded up in the truck, and headed to Sonic on Dyer. Cause Joe might have had Primary pizza party. Or might not. I couldn't remember the date. But I got the time. And the location. 2 for 3, right? hehe. I'm a dork. :P

So we went to Sonic, and ordered the kids meals, and I got a grilled chicken sandwich meal. 5 Kids meals and mine for only $15. Not too bad, huh? Then we headed over to Peter Pipers Pizza. Joe and I went inside, and we couldn't find his class. So we figured it was the wrong date. Cause it was the right location and the right time. We'll have to ask on Sunday when the right date is...

But it worked out OK, cause we wanted to go to the Milam youth center's Fall Festival at 2pm. And we had JUST enough time to get over there. So we all headed over there. And check out the HUGE massive mess that my kids made in my truck! Freakin kids!
We were some of the first people at the Youth center. They did a FABULOUS job. The youth staffed it. When we got there, Tom went right to work. And the other kids LOVED it :) I was super impressed. So much better than the other festivals we'd gone to. Super relaxed atmosphere, and everything was free. Gotta love it :)

I got my face painted.
And my hair sprayed purple

Jake didn't enjoy it too much. I think he was a little over stimulated. He needed to sit quietly for a while :)
Joe got his face painted too. He had a sword on one side, and I can't remember what was on the other side. And had green hair.
Jim's creepy glasses.
I tried them on too.
Tom manning the Fishing booth

Then he moved to Pumpkin Bowling

Eventually it was time to go. We had had a GREAT time there. Tom decided to stay and help out until the festival was over at 6, then stay and hang at the youth center until it closed.

Here's my face on the drive home. Are we there yet? hehe.
We got home, and I insisted that we clean out the truck. It looked SO much better after. Thank goodness! hehe. Then we went inside, and cleaned up in there, too. After about 45 minutes, the house was presentable too.

And I laid down for a nap. And woke up around 6:30pm. I cooked some dinner for the kids, then around 7:30pm, I texted Amanda to see if she wanted to run to the store with me. We needed milk and cereal. And I needed to get Tom from the youth center. She did, and came to pick me up.

We headed to Walmart, and JUST as we were filling our cart, Tom called and said that the youth center was closing early. Crap. But he said that Ms Susan would give him a ride home, so not to worry. Oh good!

Amanda and I got the food that we needed, looked around a bit, then paid and headed home. We swung by McDonalds and grabbed a $1 soda on the way home, then headed back to post. We drove thru the LaNoria neighborhood just to give it a look, cause we'd never been over there. And it's just across the street from us. hehe. Then she dropped me off, and I worked on putting the kids to bed.

I had to have Joe and Jim and Eme get in the shower, because of the hair coloring from the Youth Center. And it was close to 10:30 before everyone was in bed. Sigh. Tomorrow is the Primary Program at church, and the kids are gonna be tired!

It's almost midnight now, and I'm exhausted. I still didn't shower. I'm gonna have to get up earlier than normal. I am glad that I got to chat with Captain America, though. I miss that boy :) Well, night, all! I'm off to sleep :) See ya in the morning!!!

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Great layout, Sharon! Loving the cute-sie little robots!!! They're awesome!


Shelly said...

You have found all sorts of fun things for the kids to do for Halloween, Bethany. I like the way that you let the kids enjoy their fun and then they can clean up when it's over. You're such a good mom. :)

Thanks for the terrific word art.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [31 Oct 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Cerise said...

Sounds like a fantastic time! I love the pictures of the wings at the zoo! So cute!
Thanks for the word art. My boys are dressing up as Max and Carol (The stripey Wild Thing) for Halloween. Can't wait to watch them trick or treat tonight and scrap the pictures!