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Friday, November 4, 2011


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OK, for some reason, blogger changed.  And didn't ask my permission.  Or maybe it did.  Maybe it was that one button that I pushed.  About trying the new blogger look.  Maybe I don't wanna try the new blogger...  It reminds me of Wordpress.  And I don't use Wordpress because i don't know how to use Wordpress.  And I don't have the patience to learn it.  Now, if someone were to sit down with me and show me, I'd learn it.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself...  So I took an Ambien last night when I went to bed.  And I woke up to the VERY faint sound of my alarm going off.  In the distance.  It had somehow fallen in the crack between the bed and the wall.  I had to pull the bed out to retrieve it.  LOL!  By the time I finally got the phone and turned it off, I was totally awake.  hehe.

I got Jake up, and we drove to Seminary.  It was only 39 degrees outside.  SUPER cold for me.  I've become climatized to El Paso.  And El Paso is supposed to be warm!  Oh well.  It's only a few months out of the year, and my car's heater works very well...

I have no idea why Jake thinks I'm strange...
So I bundled up, and off we went.  We listened to scriptures all the way to Seminary, then I went back to sleep.  And was startled awake by Jake when Seminary was over.  And we drove back to post.  We had family prayer before Tom went off to the bus, then I got Jim and Joe and Eme ready for the bus.  And the bus was SUPER early today!  My kids barely made it!  Dang!

Suzanne gave me a ride back from the bus stop, and I got Jake ready for school.  I laid on the couch for a few minutes (30 really), and then my hubby was on Skype.  Really, I could have napped for an hour.  But I was glad to chat with my man.

And he really did have some good points to bring up.  He was concerned with some security points.  About our families security.  And his security in the Army.  With his job.  And all that I blog.  And how much his name and information is out there.  

So, in order to protect his privacy, he will no longer be named.  I know that most of you know his name, so he will no longer go by that name, ok.  He will now be Captain America.  hehe.  It was gonna be Edward Cullen.  You are lucky, my dear.  Very lucky.  Very very lucky.  hehe :)  So, when referring to my sweetheart, please call him by his "new" name, Captain America.  Not his old name.  The name that will get him in trouble.  The name that might show up on Google searches.  

I'm "hiring" people to go back through old blog posts and such to change the names from XXXXXXXX to Captain America.  Will that work with Google search?  It should, right?  I'm not sure how such things work...

Anyway, we had quite the heated discussion a few times.  He suggested that I just stop blogging.  I suggested that he take a long walk off a short pier.  OK, so maybe we didn't say those exact words to each other.  hehe.  But you get the idea.  I'm hoping that the Captain America solution works.  We shall see...

So by the time I got off the computer with Captain America, I didn't have time to cook anything for the Pure Romance party I was going to at Amanda's house.  Crap!  I was gonna make Ginger Snaps.  I hate showing up with no food.  Oh well.  Next time.  

So I loaded up in the car, and headed over.  It was a fun party.  Kari was the consultant, and Amanda was the hostest.  Kim  D was there, and Kim U was there with her friend.  Liz from the Pool was there, and Veronica came late.  Terra was there, and Julia was there.  It was a fun group.

We had some yummy food, and a fun time socializing, and a fun time playing games and joking around and looking at products.  Here's me with my bag of "treasures"...

Me and my goodies  
I was trying to carry my soda AND 5 chairs to the vacant lot at the end of the block...  maybe I should have driven...

Jake gave Boxer a bath, and wanted a picture with him.  Cause he's nice and shiny.  Boxer, not Jake :)
Seriously, I don't know how to work this new  blogger.  It's giving me fits.  I'm just gonna leave all these pictures, and finish blogging.  I can't add comments, and junk.  Whatever.  So after the party, we all headed to the bus stop to get the kids.  We were supposed to go and take the kids to the ice rink to skate, but my kids hadn't gotten their rooms cleaned, so I wasn't gonna take them.  And I guess no one else wanted to go without me.  hehe.  Or maybe it had just been a long day for everyone else too.  hehe.  I bet that was it :P

Anyway, we all headed home, and I made my kids clean.  Tom's room was a major mess, so he had to go and clean it.  Jim and Joe were put to work cleaning theirs.  Eme went to work on hers.  Jake's was messy, but his is so small that it doesn't take long.  So he took Boxer on a walk when he first got home.
And I started in on loading my store when I first got home from the  bus.  Good to be ahead on the work, you know :)  Don't wanna put it off till the last second, you know - ha!

By around 6pm, my younger boys had cleaned about all they could handle.  Their room was still a bit messy, but was as cleaned as they were gonna get it.  So we grabbed some camp chairs, and headed down to the vacant lot at the end of the street to play.  We'd asked an MP the other day if kids could play down there.  And he'd said yes, as long as the kids were supervised.  

Kari and Julia met us down there.  And Kim ended up down there too.  It was a good time playing down there.  It's more like what we used to do as kids.  Just go and play.  And get dirty.  And make up games.    And play pretend.  And have "clubs" and such.  It's a great time for kids.  Except our parents didn't sit in lawn chairs and supervise us.  I don't know what our moms did.  hehe.  

We stayed until arouind 7:30pm, then we called it a night.  IT was super dark, and was starting to get a bit chilly.  We headed home, and made plans to meet the girls in the morning.  Friday is eat lunch with the kids day, and they were doing another Greet card give away day.  Should be a good time!  Plus, we get to hike again :)  Oh yeah!  I'm super excited!  I love me some hiking!

Also, I'm going with Amanda to the doctors in the morning. She found a lump the other day.  And needs to get it checked out.  Lumps are not good.  Not good at all :(  Wishing you luck, my dear...  Pray for my friend...  Send good thoughts her way!
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Oops, dropping the plate would TOTALLY be something that I'd do - hehe. Thanks for the layout, Sharon! Great one :)


PeeJay said...

Hi Bethany. I love your blog and have followed it daily for about 2 years or more now. Love the going's on in your household. Don't always agree with how you handle things but we all have to do what we're comfortable with and what suits us and our own family. None of us are perfect and who is to say what's right and wrong?

Just to set your mind at rest about internet searches for 'Captain America'. After reading your post I Googled him and everything that came up about him, for me, was from his own hand. Your blog didn't feature - well, at least not on the first Google page. It might have done somewhere down the line but it's not any of the first choices that come up. The most obvious one that came up was his Facebook page and I was a little surprised to find I could read everything on his Wall .... and I'm not a 'friend'. It seems his security settings are a little lax - lol!

Anyway, thought I'd let you know that your blog shouldn't be a worry to him but more the stuff he's put out there (I even found an email address without trying) :0)

Keep blogging and entertaining us.

StarSraps said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StarSraps said...


Love your blog! I have been following you for while now! Your the first blog I "click" on when I sign into my google reader! ;) BUT, (you knew it was coming...right?? LOL) You must be using some kind of new picture web hosting..B/C I can't see all your great photos anymore!! I'm sad! If you haven't changed, let me know, it might be me. But I can still see everyone else's blog pics! LUV UR BLOG!

Lady Laura said...

Hi Bethany, just writing to let you know I love your blog and have been following it for a couple of years now. I'm impressed how you post everyday! and about everything!. I can't even tell you how many scrapbook pages I've created with your word art--use it all the time!!
I'm having trouble with the new blogger format, too. I didn't realize I said OK either.
You are rather an open book in your blog--but that's your blog and how you choose to blog is your business. But as an "outsider" and someone you'll never meet I know your children's names, the names of their schools, their teacher's names, their after-school schedules, and where you shop and eat. Pretty funny, eh? Never once did I stop to consider that all that knowledge would somehow jeopardize your husband. Think the "Captain America" alternative is cute! I've seen other blogs where they take security too far (IMHO) and pixelate their children's photos!! Geez, if you don't want anyone to see them--don't post them! and have silly "nicknames" for the entire family. I, for one, would really miss you (personally) and your word art if you were to have to stop blogging.

JLS said...

I've been noticing lately that I can pick out your work on CreativeBusy Hands, which tells me that you have a very distinctive style......that's a compliment:)
I appreciate your freebies, I especially love the Months ones. I'm going to use them for my calendar next year.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [05 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria