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Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Calendar

Happy Birthday to Tom, Happy Birthday to Tom, Happy Birthday to Thomas, Happy Birthday to Tom!!! Wishing a Happy 12th Birthday to my #2 son, Thomas today!!! You are SUCH a great kid, my dear!!! Love you lots and lots and lots!!!

Hey there peeps :) Did you have a good Friday? Mine was pretty good. Busy, and good. But definitely busy.

Amanda had asked me last night if I'd come to her doctors appointment in the morning. She had found a lump on a self exam, and wanted it checked out. So this was the exam. And I was moral support. Cause we all need support, you know. And she said we needed to leave after the bus stop. At least that's what she'd told me on Facebook messenger last night.

I got up at normal time, and got Jake ready for Seminary, then headed out. I was almost out of gas, so when I dropped him off, I headed down the road a ways, and bought a few dollars worth. Cause if I bought my gas on post, I could get a free Butterfingers. So I didn't wanna fill up here. Sad, I know. LOL.

I was gonna go to Walmart and look for Trash cans, but decided against it. I went back to the church, and played on my phone for a bit, and rested my eyes for about 10 minutes. Then it was time for Jake to come out. They were about 10 minutes early.

We headed home, and I got the kids ready for school. We had family prayer, and got Tom off to the bus. And I got myself ready for Amandas doctor appointment. I picked out long socks, and a long denim skirt, and a long sweater, some gloves and scarf. Oh yeah, I was gonna be warm. hehe.

We got the kids on the bus, I left directions for Jake to get on the bus, and we headed out to Amanda's appointment early. We figured that if we were there a little early, they'd probably be able to get us in early. They have in the past :)

Because, you see, she didn't remember texting with me last night. Because she'd taking sleeping pills. ROFL! So she was texting under the influence. And her appointment wasn't until 8:45am. So, we DIDN'T have to leave right after the bus!

Check out how cool the gloves are. I called them my texting gloves. hehe. Cause you can't use a touch screen phone with gloves on. It just doesn't work, you know...
We didnt' wait too long before the nurse came out to take Amanda back. I went back to the little room with her too. And then the doctor came in. And yeah, of course, me being me, I noticed the little black bug (ant) crawling on the floor right away. hehe. I managed to snap a picture of it WITH the doctor. hehe. She never did notice it. LOL!
After the doctors appointment, we headed over to the Housing office. Amanda had to put in a 30 day notice. They're PCS'ing to FT Sill in Dec. There's a lot of paperwork thta goes along with an Army move, you know :) I'm taking notes for when we have to do it - heheh.

Anyway, we chatted with the ladies there, and found out that one of the housing lists had over 900 people on it. HOLY CRAP! That's a ridiculous amount of people on a waiting list!!! After filling out her papers, we swung by the PX for about 25 minutes.

We went inside and checked out the Miche stand. I need a brown shell to complete by purse collection. But the chickie doesn't have one. I'll keep looking :)

Then we went to the pX to look for a large metal trash can with lid, and yeah, they didn't have a large enough one. Cause we're trashy people. hehe. Just kidding :P Dang, I'm feeling super tired right now. I hope I can get though this post - hehe.

Focus. Just a tad bit longer. Oh dang! Looking at the clock, it's almost 11:30! THAT'S why I'm sleepy! It's WAY past my bedtime!!!

I also wanted to get some light bulbs at the PX, but they only had 71 watt bulbs. And I like 100 Watt ulbs. So I'd wait for Walmart or somewhere else. And soon, it was time to go and pick up the rest of the girls. Hallmark was doing another Greeting Cards give away. We were collecting the girls and going to Freedom Crossing to collect a bag of cards.

We went back to my house, and grabbed my suburban. Amanda and I went and picked up Kari, then Kim and her son, then Julia, and then Veronica. And off to the PX we went! We ended up with a WHOLE bag of greeting cards! Score it :)

We went into the Food Court after that, and a few of the girls got food to take home or to school. And then we headed up to the school. We were a few minutes in the Kinders lunch, but I still made it in time to eat with Jimmy. He seemed pleased that I was there to eat with him.

He finished up, and headed out to recess. Between the time that he went to play on the playground and Joe got there, I got in line and got myself a salad. And yeah, a little salad and a little baggie of grapes cost $4. Seriously? That's Highway robbery! I'll remember that for next time...

Here's a pic of Joe at lunch. He was starving. He ate all his food, plus 1/3 of Josephines and Leo's, plus some of Amanda's chinese, plus 1/2 of my grapes. And a few other things. Plus his pockets were stuffed with candy. ha! Silly kid! Sometimes that Kid is a bottomless pit :) Must be nice!
Joe headed out, and Eme came in. She had lunch, and soon she was headed out too. It was kinda a fast and furious lunch hour today. I don't know if that was us or the kids, but it seemed a little rushed today. Maybe it was just us? Who knows :)

We dropped a few people off at their cars, or to change clothes/get hiking shoes, and went hiking in the mountains. And that was a SUPER good time! Kim and her 4th grader and me and Kari and Julia all went Hiking. It was a GORGEOUS day!

The hike was very short, but very uphill all at once. so I think it was good. ha! Poor Kim's 4th grader. He's bi-polar, and had a melt down. Kari and I and Julia all have "special needs" kids at home. We know about melt downs. They come at random, unpredictible times. You can't control it. You can't always predict it. You just have to ride it out. And not make a big deal about it. And just let it pass on it's own.

And she did. It wasn't a big deal. We would have never even have known something had been wrong had she not told us. Kim's a real pro when it comes to handling meltdowns. hehe :) You are my hero, you know!

We loaded up after the hike, and headed back to post. But first, here's a few pics that we snapped on the trail.

We loaded up, and headed home. We dropped Kim off at her house, and parked at the but stop. And decided to just stay and chat and visit. Because we never see each other, you know... We never get enough social time in with each other. ROFL!

Tom got off the bus at 3:15pm, and I had him hurry home and get changed. He was going on a field trip with the 11 year old Boy Scouts. They were going shooting at the range. Sweet! They will totally love. I was supposed to have Tom at the church at 4pm.

So as soon as the kids get off at the 4pm, I load everyone up in the Suburban at 3:45pm, and drop Tom off. And just head right back home. I was totally gonna go to Walmart, but my head was SO killing me. I think it was a tension heachade. But I'm not sure.

I finally got home, took some Excederine Migraine, an Imitrex, and laid down for about an hour. And woke up sleepy, and still feeling a bit crappy. But a tad bit better. But just a tad. Hmpf!

I texted Tom, and he still wasn't done. He had said around 6pm, and that was still about 30 minutes away. We hung out around the house for another 30 minutes. Check out Eme and her funny face!

At a little after 6:30pm, I decided it was time to go and get Tom. And I asked his leader if he could drop Tom off at the Dollar Tree on Dyer. Cause if I was gonna have to wait, I might as well get some shopping in, right? hehe. And who doesn't like the Dollar Tree.

Check out the AWESOME photos that my friend, Misti, took of the boys' trip to the range!!! I found these on her Facebook page tonight :)

Jumping around a tad, sorry. Check it out. Joe wanted to go and play in the vacant lot. This is how he wanted to dress. LOL And then we had to go and pick up Tom. And I didn't feel comfortable leaving him at home with Jake. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. Today was a "don't". It just depends on the day and the temperament of all the kid. Today was definitely a don't. Anyway, I just had Joe and Jim hop in the truck, and we headed out to pick up Tom. Eme is big enough to stay by herself for a little bit. She's 10 now. And Jake is too. It's good having older kids, you know :)
We got to the Dollar Tree, and found some glow sticks. I found 6 packs. With connecter parts. That turned into bracelets. So I bought 5 packets. But looking back, I think they had 12 to a pack. Because I ended up with a buttload of bracelets. hehe.

And I bought flashlights. Little things, but they seemed the most sturdy of the Dollar Tree flashlights. They took 3 AAA batteries. Not too bad, for Dollar Tree.

And soon Tom was there. Woohoo! He'd had a TON of fun. We paid, and headed back home. We got to the vacant lot, parked, and started filling flashlights with batteries. Terra came to see what we were doing, but her girls were ready for bed. Amanda's Austin was already in bed ,but she came to hang with the girls.

Kari and Leo came to hang with us, but Josephine needed to clean her room. Kim was gonna come and hang, but couldn't find her 13 year old. He was supposed to call after school, but didn't. Middle schoolers... hehe. I know all about that age group. LOL. She had to go and track him down. Then she came over and hung with her Kindergardner and 4th grader. The boys were SUPER happy when they got there.

And then Julia came. She and her hubby and kids had gone out to dinner tonight. He was in the field this week, and had come home for the weekend. After dinner, he'd gone home to go straight to bed. So she'd come to play with us. Sounded good to us :) We sat and let the kids play whatever it was they were play until around 9:30pm. Or even later. I don't know how late it was. It was a great evening, though.

Not too cold, everyone was getting along for the most part (kids - ha!), and we were all having a blast! Here's a few silly photos of me.

See, I shouldn't be trusted with a camera AND a flashlight. hehe. Eventually, the party had to end. hehe. We gathered up our stuff and our kids, and headed home. Mine at home were watching Star Trek and playing on laptops.

Jim and I sat on my couch and watched an episode of Warehouse 13 while I blogged. It's now almost midnight. I'm SO tired. I need sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. hehe. We are going bowling for Cub Scouts in the morning. But I wanna sleep in first. And Joe has a pizza party, and Tom has a zoo field trip. Should be a good day :) And, the clocks get moved tomorrow. So we get more sleep on Sunday! Score it!!!! Oh yeah, baby!!!

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Cool Thanksgiving layout, Sharon! Loving it! You did a fantastic job on this one :)


sdwrdt said...

thank you so much for sharing your "November" wordart.

Want you to know: You make me tired just reading all the stuff you do in a day!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [06 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Angelika said...

Your freebie is awesome! Thank s so much for posting!
from Angelika from What is digital scrapbooking?

Kelley said...

The November word art is great. Thank you for sharing.